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03-10-2018, 07:00 AM
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08-26-2018, 10:46 PM
Very nice oc guide :thumbsup:
I think your statement that most raven ridge can do [email protected] on stock cooling seem a little optimistic. I believe 2200G overclocks a little better than 2400G because it does'nt have SMT -So 4.0-4.1 might be realistic for the 2200G but it will run hot, and the stock wraith stealth cooler will have to run at high RPM, generating some noice.

I think first step should be to decide if you want best GPU performance (fast ram and GPU clocks), best performance for none 3D stuf (high CPU frequency), or a balance. From my personal experience max ram speed limits CPU clocks, and high clocks on both CPU and GPU will generate to much heat for the stock cooler, when both are loaded simultaneously. So if you wan't best performance in games start overclocking the RAM, then GPU. When RAM and GPU runs at max (or very close to max) overclock the CPU as much as the thermal headroom will permit. If you start the other way by oc'ing the CPU first you will probably end up with a higher CPU speed but lover RAM and GPU speed.
It's also worth to remember that both Vega 8 and 11 are starved for RAM bandwidth, but because vega 11 has more shaders and both share have same RAM bandwidth, the vega 11 is even more starved for RAM bandwidth than vega 8.