View Full Version : Leadtek A280 LE TD My Vivo ti4200

12-28-2002, 12:52 PM
OK guys another newbie here so take it easy on me plz LOL. I just purchased this card and for some reason I no longer get the AGP Texture Acceleration available in the DxDiag Display area. Do any of you know if this is common or is it possible I have something really screwed up on the install. I have loaded the latest drivers for the card, reinstalled DX 8.1, got the latest AGP driver for my mother board and all. This option was there with the MX440 card I had and also with the Arcade FX Ti4200 card, I took that one back to get this one but right now its nothing but trouble. Just wondering if its suppose to be like that or what. It hasnt affected my FPS in anything and bench mark scores are still there. I just thought that the Voodoo cards were the only ones that didnt allow this option in the Dxdiag deal. This is the 8X AGP Card but they are 4X and 2X compatable. Any help would be greatly appreciated guys. Thx in advance

12-29-2002, 12:46 PM
Come guys, any clue at all? its an awesome card just dont know whats going on with it. Leadtek is yet to reply to my emails