View Full Version : HP 9500 CDRW gives me problems

01-01-2003, 01:52 AM
ok to start off i recently got a Hp 9500 12x8x32x burner from a friend cause he got a new one. I thought it would be great to upgrade my HP 9100 8x4x32x. SO in windows 98se i uninstalled all the burning software, took it out of the registry, and then removed the drive from hadware devices. Then i booted up with the new drive installed nothing was detected and i was taken into windows... i thought wierd, so i installed the software that came with it, When it asked to reboot i said yes and the PC shut off (wierd), so i started up into windows and i get some error "while initilising device ISO Error: Real mode system momory allocation failed" so im sitting there saying o F&*#, so i booted up into safe mode and renamed 2 files rmm.pdr as well as smartdrv.exe, then PC started to work again, i tried reinstalling the 9500 drivers but it keeps shutting down each time so i just left them alone and installed easly CD platinum and nero 5.5. They work ok and i even burned 2 cds with the new drive. the thing that is bugging me is that sometimes i get random errors at starup and they are different each time, sometimes i even get none.... any way is there any way to fix thouse??? also i noticed that my -5V on my PSU seems to be a bit out of place under heavy load at about -5.5 so i get the Asus Probe going all nuts on me, so my other question with what should i replace my 300w PSU(dont know name it came with my server case) specs below

Asus P3V4X
Intel 1005mhz Cpu
Kingston 512mb ram
16x Pioneer DVD
9500+ HP CDRW
Visiontek GF4 4400Ti
Lynksys 100Tx network
SB Live 5.1
also the psu status under some load
1.7=1.69V (core)