View Full Version : any update bios for viper 770? help

01-11-2003, 11:47 AM
have a diamond viper 770 ( tnt2) any idea what ,if any
updated bios for this video card.

sandra says its old! only 1999 hehe
i have updated the driver.


Cloud Strife
01-20-2003, 09:51 PM
There's an update for that graphics card on:


The link to the actual bios download is:


The link to the NVidia bios flasher is:


All you have to do is get a floppy disk, goto format, format it as an MS-DOS disk and extract both the bios and the flasher onto the disk (Preferably in a diffrent folder like a:\NVIDIA).

All you have to do now is restart your computer with the disk still in, and wait for it to boot-up in MS-DOS mode, (make sure you note down the bios name) and access the folder on the disk that has the bios flashing utilities on.

If the folder is called 'NVIDIA', type:

cd nvidia

Now the bios should be called 'tnt2.bin' all you have to do is type the following.

nvflash tnt2.bin

And it should start flashing the bios of your computer, DO NOT turn off the power during the process, nore restart, as it can, if not will damage your TnT2's bios, thus it won't work.

Wait till it has made several bleeps, and when it stops the program should automatically restart itself, if not, wait for about 3-4 minutes before doing so manually.

Hope it workZ :thumb:

02-07-2003, 02:28 AM
to cloud strife,thanks for the help. i had to use ray adams
bios editor to use reference bios (tnt2) .
changed sub vendor id &sub device id to made it work.
it flash just find by using dflash from diamond .