View Full Version : why does my set up reboots on me ??

01-12-2003, 11:22 PM
hi all
im after a bit of help if poss so ill give me specs 1st ;)

xp pro sp1
gigabyte ga-7axp with raid agp x 8
512 ddr @ pc3200 OCZ
2 maxtors h/d @ 7200 1 @ 20g 1 @ 40g
radeon 9700
soundblaster live 5,1
cd r/w and a dvd drive
400 watt psu

i think the bus is set 2 133 .........the cpu muiltplyer is @ defaults ram is @ 400

ok well hear me prob ..........when i had a geforce 2 64 meg jobee it was a ok @ the above setting setting ...........all the benchmarking would loop .........video encoding rending it was stable as a rock
but then i put in my radeon 9700 and it would reboot when i got 2 the nature part in 3dmark .....
so i put me ram down 2 333 and it was a ok again .......

can any of u dudes out there with more experance then me give me any things 2 try so i can run my ram @ 400 not 333 please

ive had manny people say diff things but not sure if they know whats whats if u get me :)
some was saying disable cpu host clock control and enable spread spectrum modulater .............setting the agp aperture size to 256 mb and something about the cas latency and pre charge ......... now that just goes over my head

hope ive given enough info u lot need if not post what else u need
ooooooooo and 13 k on pcmark sound a bit low 2 me??
well thanks 4 any help u can offer peeps

01-14-2003, 12:02 AM

Please help me o wise's one's
any idears @ all ??

01-14-2003, 08:15 AM
Ok then if ya go Control Panel/Admin Tools/Event Viewer and have a good look around there and see what probs are happennin' at the times of these incidents plus whatever else maybe havin' a constant problem. ;)