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Emerald Dragon
01-27-2003, 08:19 AM
ooc: or "Out of Character" is used to express your views or something else before or after you post, it distinguishes the difference between being yourself and being your character. Just yeah, for you new RP-ers. This is the first time I've opened and RP, so if it's not so great, I'm sorry. I'm certainly trying my best. Just go hard...it's a lot of fun.

ic: (In character) The sun rose out above the horizon into the blood of new birth. The wind, her silent yet violent voice called and cuddled the little bar situated in the small volatile town of Sudridge. It was a town where raids were the norm, theft was not necessarily a crime and night was never a time to sleep.

Amongst all the wreckage and the slum, was just a small ounce of life, much different to the rest. She was an elaborate figure of all things. Yet she was the very essence of contradiction in this poverty-ridden corpse of a town. She had the youth of a teenager, yet her expression and demeanour belonged to that of someone beyond her years. Adele O'Darian, a wild child, an outcast and a hit with the locals, her profession in this ragged town lay within the bar. As a dancer slash entertainer, she was skilled in her 'talent' yet she was defensive to her own rights nevertheless to keep the roving hand away.


Adele stood out on the wide porch outside her home, her life or simple the bar itself. Staring out as the day begun slowly, that golden halo reaching up into the bleeding depths. With a cup of coffee in hand she watched in almost complacent boredom. She smiled to herself. What did the new day bring for her she didn't know. The cool breeze which came normally around this time rippled harmonious through the air and kissed at her sea-blue hair lightly bringing out floating. A voice called out to her from inside the building.

"'Dele, really. Do you think you should be hangin' out here every mornin'? You know the raids'll be startin' soon."

"Yes, Sammas, I know. But it's so nice out. It's the only break I get these days." She called back to him not taking her eyes away from the scene. "Sammas" was the name she gave to the owner Sam Wendel.

"Yes, I have to agree with ya darlin', but now isn't the time. It gets progressively worse over this time of year. 'Dele, I didn't tell you a strange little man came in askin' about you the other night. Seemed interested in your 'talent'...danger if you're askin' me." Sam answered with a cautious tone.

In the distance only a few metres away, sounds and the calls of animated bustle. Thieves actively roming the streets.

"I believe it has started, this should be interesting..." Adele grinned widely.

"Now 'Dele, control yourself. It's dangerous out there." The bar owner scorned her as if she was a child.

"Now Sam...I can take care of myself." She laughed, teasing him and flashing her daggers at him.

Edit: Hell, that was long, sorry. Be specific where you are and you'll be fine :thumb:

01-27-2003, 02:52 PM
A strong gust of wind blew up around the cliff edge while frothing waves broke themselves against the base of the shear, jagged rocks. At the top of the cliff edge, a hundred metres above the hungry sea, a lone figure stood, its stare transfixed on the endless horizon as the strong salt filled air tugged at the long black robe. The figure stood a daunting 8 feet from the ground, with slim wirily mussels pulled taunt, tangled about every limb. The deathly pale white skin contrasted strikingly with the deep black and the blood red of the figures cloaks as they rippled in the wind. Long white, dry hair stretched down over the high collar, down the long back, hiding the tell tale pointed ears of the Elvan race. The icy blue eyes closed as Giladril drew in a deep breath and turn towards the city stretching out behind him. It had been a long while since his last stop and his perpetual but wary limbs needed rest. A mental sigh passed through him as he looked forward to the much needed recuperation that this city would offer for the next few days.

With strong steady strides Giladril glided with elvan evenness until he arrived at the city gates, they would have been overwhelmingly intimidating with their shear size and strenght to any one who had actually cared.

The Creator
01-27-2003, 05:08 PM
Ogiratem sat cross legged out side a small café he had found in this quaint town, he looked from side to side slowly sipping the drink he held.....what did they call it again? Cowfee? Whatever it was, it was good stuff! He felt envigorated, not sleeping for a week probably wasn't such a good idea, but he needed to get here urgently....important business to take care of!

From his position he looked calmly around the street, where was this building supposed to be, usually a 'pub' stands out like a said animals said private's.....as he looked he felt his cheeks start to burn, damn! He looked up at the bright sun a hand darting to his collar to bring it up over his face, the tan-face paint he wore was starting to fry in the sun, that was never a good thing....he looked around at the surrounding 'audience' to make sure no-body had paid attention to his quick movements, and rose slowly and calmly from his chair and moved inside....he looked around and moved in to the bathroom.

He peered around the blank walls until he found the reflective surface he saught.....he moved up to the mirror and stuck his face so close that puffs of mist formed on the glass as he breathed. He reached into his pocket with one hand and removed a small tube squezzing out a generous amount and applying the substance to his face to cover his green skin that was starting to peek through the drying 'cover'....he then proceded to snarl into the mirror making sure his fangs weren't starting to show to the public...as he reached for a small file in his opposite pocket and started slowly file a round edge onto the hulking fangs that protruded from his bottom jaw he shook his head sadly, appearances so disgusting they have to be hidden! How pathetic! He shook his head and put both items back into his pocket...turned and left, pulling the black over-coat he wore tightly around him, re-adjusting the buttons, he took a quick look down at the coat as it hung tightly around his body right to the floor, he nodded with a smile and pushed the door open fast and strode out.

He sidled up beside a waitress, the maid who had tended to bringing him the cowfee...."Excuse me maam, where would the..." he reached inside his coat and with-drew a small piece of paper from one of the many pockets and read it slowly, "..the Sudridge Royal...inn be found? he said the words slowly, licking his lips delicately at the end of each word, the words coming out in perfect sylabbles in a light, 'soothing' tone, as he talked his deep blue eyes searched her face over the top of the reflective glasses he wore, a smile that appeared on his face only breifly, not even giving it enough time to get to his eyes when he finished talking.

She raised a slight, slender eye-brow at him when he finished talking....he put his hands behind his back and tilted his head to one side keeping his eyes locked on her.....she tryed to smile at him put failed, only a quirky, confused and worried look making its way to her face, " Well, er...uhmm, sir, its over....there?" she raised a hand and pointed in the direction of the corner and started to back away, her mouth was twitching....and she had no idea why....Ogiratem bowed his head with another fleeting smile and turned on his heel and walked out accros the road.

He turned to look over his shoulder as he walked, both hands clasped behind his back, he looked up to the direction he had arrived from last night....such large gates, must have taken hundreds, if not thousands to build...quite impressive! The frame shone in Black brillaince....that amount of Volcanic Glass would have taken years to move here! The frame was entirely made of it! He wasn't sure what the actual gate was made from, it seemed to change texture constantly, sometimes growing as clear the cleanest water, but others growing to the tendency of the hardest metal, Ogiratem smiled and shook his head, amazing stuff.....he would love to get his eyes on some of that stuff, it would go quite well in his apartment back home.

He turned the corner at a slow stride and looked around the city seemingly for the first time, from the rumours he had heard this town got run-down by riots and raids quite often, if this was the case the place must have some VERY good architects! It was built quite well....and surprisingly enough the people of the town although their apparent peril from all the attacks seemed rather happy? How strange.....

He looked around and noted that his desired location was finally nearing, the long sign that protruded from the edge of a building he was currently walking under proclaimed it to be 'The finest Inn in the lower quadrant'.....Ogiratem cared little for that, but he would beleive it from what he was sent to get, not too many common establishments would hold a book of this 'calibre'.

He came to the door and stooped as he came through the door to avoid knocking his hat off, once he was in however he reached up with one gloved (he had put them on as he walked here) hand and removed his hat, letting long locks of pure white hair fall down his back. He looked around the room he had entered, hidden behind his spectacles, apparently the item would be hidden behind a bookcase in one of the back-rooms....perhaps for now it would be better to bide one's time, he looked to his left and found a perfect table hidden in the shadows of the far corner, he made his way there....one small child screaming for some un-known reason when he looked up at the new-comer as he walked by, Ogiratem smiled at the reaction....youth were always so amusing.

He sidled into the booth and looked around, it seemed that a young waitor had followed him, "And what would sir...." The waitor seemed to break into a coughing fit when Ogiratem brought his face around to stare at the young man he had just placed his hat on the table and brought his glasses down the bridge of his nose so he could get a look at the boy,"uhmmm...would you, errr, like anything?". The 'disguised' orc tilted his head to one side and considered the boy's honest and jerking features on his face.

"Now I'm sure you aren't getting paid at this 'fine' establishment to be rude...now are you? Anyhow young man, I will be telling your superiors once i am finished my stay," the young man's face fell into grave sadness, "But for now you can get me a pot of cowfee....thats what it's called isn't it? Lovely stuff if i must say so myself.....And a clean cup, thankyou." The boy stood their shocked as Ogiratem slowly and deliberately sat at the table and moistened his lips, "What are you waiting for boy? Go..." The waitor scuttled off, Ogiratem watched him go shaking his head and leaning back into the cushioned seat, thinking about the job ahead.....


Klik 'n' Kill
01-28-2003, 07:52 AM
War drums echoed across the plain, reverberating off the jagged rocks that filled it and rolling over the inhabitants in the little town ahead. Araduun strode tall, a fearful and shadowy monster amongst the host of raiders, pillagers and typical no-good scum. He cast his eye disdainfully upon them, taking in the mismatched armour, pitiful weapons and rag-tag appearance of the little band. how had he got mixed up with the likes of these? He sighed, a long, soul-wrenching sigh. There must be better things than THIS.....
He turned his gaze forward to the weary town ahead. Heavy, imposing gates barred the way to a pathetic huddle of buildings. This wasn't a TOWN. It was a HOLE. What could be worth pillaging in a place like this? Once it may have been an impressive and powerful city, but the hand of Providence had long forsaken it. Again, Araduun sighed and shook his head. This was not a raid, this was a pack of dogs throwing itself on the scraps. It wasn't worth it.
With that thought, the skeletal figure arrived beneath the looming presence of the city perimeter. The walls stretched away on either side, but full of crevices and crags where the inhabitants could not be bothered to repair them. Looking up, he saw the only remains of the proud past - a massive gothic archway in which was set two enormous wooden doors. Heavy iron bars held them in place, barred in a hopeful attempt to keep at least SOMEONE out in the ensuing raid - the catches, though worn, were still strong. Araduun raised his gauntleted fists, his cloak billowing from his arms as he leaned his deathly strength against that sturdy portal. With a terrible, creaking roar of defiance the doors shuddered and gave way....

01-28-2003, 08:11 AM
With the wind whistling through his hair, Bhren still couldn't help but have a sense of unease. **THUD** .Bhren partially winded rolled around on the ground holding his buttocks. "OOOWWW my butt... oooooo how it hurts, owie owie owie. Screw fixing this roof with all these loose tiles, my uncle can do it his damn self!!" Picking up his injured bum and his pride along with it, Bhren stumbled to the front of his uncle decrepit old shack. In a raised voice Bhren probably talking to noone "Uncle, you can do the roof yourself, its too dangerous...." As Bhren stepped around the corner of the shanty he saw a little brown imp running from his uncles front door.

Bhren yelled out "Hey... what are you doi..." The imp stopped briefly and turned just enough for Bhren to see a bloodied knife in his hand. In horror Bhren ran to the front door to see his uncle laying slain on the kitchen table. Bhren's horror turned to angst as he turned his head in the direction of the fleeing imp. What Bhren didn't see was the alchemiac explosive beside his dead uncle. **SSHHHHHHHHHH....KRAKKKK.... BBBOOOOOOOOOOOMMM**

Like a rotten banana, pieces of Bhren's body was torn away as he was thrown through the air. The explosion annihilating the shack and many others around it. Pieces of debris landing all over town. Bhren's limp body sailed through the air crashing through the back wall of the local inn, shattering through a bookshelf into a hidden chamber. The human's body slid to a halt knocking some sacred book off its podium which landed on top his body.

Mysteriously the book glowed and came to life, flicking through page after page getting brighter and brighter with each turn. At the last page the book snapped shut. As Bhren's limp corpse lay there his soul slowly rose out of his body but at the same time the glow from the book also rose up. Bhren's Soul and the book's essence merged as one and with a roar of energy smashed back into the Bhren's corpse. The energy surged and the corpse slowly rendered back into its former shape. An unscaved Bhren shot up in a gasp of breathe...

01-28-2003, 08:30 AM
For years and years there has been little peace for poor Ham.

The night falls each day at the pace of a snail, slowly leading him towards the end of his shift at Friendly Jack's sushi bar and the beginning of his real work as a professional assasin

This day had been slow for him, only one customer remained in the natural-walled establishment this late afternoon, silently chewing on tree bark, waiting for his meal to be prepared - he had ordered "fugu".

In the kitchen, Ham was loudly lecturing his apprentice sushi-chef about the finer points of preparing "fugu"(blowfish).
"Seshi, my student, grasp the blowfish behind the gills if you don't wish to be pricked!", "Yes master Ham",... "Good.... Seshi! For the eighth and last time, you cannot cut the blowfish abdomen that way or you'll end up killing someone!... Again... Darn, I sure hope the customer didn't hear me say that."

Peering out from behind the beaded fly-screen curtain, Ham could clearly see the customer had left.

The day dragged on and Ham seemed to change moods every six minutes, his body would fade at times as he would periodically transcend to another dimension to quell his chronic boredom. This unnerved Seshi, but Ham didn't seem to notice.

"Master Ham, I don't think we will see many customers today.. Perhaps we should close up for the day?" suggested Seshi. Ham thought for a moment, his glowing green eyes narrowed and dimmed, he sat there for a few seconds until he finally said "Yes, we shall do that."

After closing, Ham wandered the quiet streets, wondering about the lack of bussiness. his mind wandered as he strolled along in the hot baking sun, pondering what could possibly have occured, this continued until he happened upon a large gathering of people, at the helm was a travelling circus, drawing great attention, drawing great amounts of bussiness, "so this competes with our sushi bar?!!?!?? THIS IS TO BLAME...." Anger built up inside ham, his eyes glowed brightly and left energy trails, he walked toward the travelling circus, turning aside crowds with an air of great power.

Seshi watched his master from a place in the crowd, he had seen his master this way before, this travelling circus had no idea, no chance, no way to stop Ham's BESRKER KILLING FRENZY...

(to be continued)

01-28-2003, 10:00 AM
ooc: balshazar is Malakai's pet tarantula

ic: Malakai sighed as he looked down at the empty sushi dish. They did such good sushi at friendly jacks, even balshazar liked it and balshazar usually preferred to eat birds. He had ben eating his sushi across the road from a travelling circus set up in a field, Malakai sighed again and leaned back against a wall, just then he saw the chef from friendly jacks, the one that had glowing green eyes and went see through every few minutes. Except now the chef, "ham" was his name Malakai thought, had glowing red eyes.

Malakai remembered last time he had seen hams eyes turn red, someone had complained that the fish in the sushi wasn't cooked, ham had replied in a voice that could raise the dead, "IT'S NOT MEANT TO BE COOKED YOU INFIDEL", the foolish patron had been thrown through a stone wall and Malakai had had to duck a thrown table.

Now Malakai could see hams trademark BESERKER KILLING FRENZY weapon, a plastic fork, being brought out. Malakai dived behind a barrel as the screams started, he cautiously looked up ten seconds later as the wailing ended and saw that many people had been thrown to the ground with plastic fork stabs.

Just then a heavy hand landed on Malakai's shoulder and the words "your money or your lifeeeee yyyahh" were spoken/screamed followed by a strange blubbing sound, as the hand slid off after being removed, permanently. Malakai looked down at the would be thief and said just one word, "naughty".

Malakai took the thiefs money and returned to the inn where he was staying. The beaten down old building had seen better days, but the beer was good and it was a hell of a lot more comfortable than sleeping on the streets. After a few beers Malakai went up to his room and watched the late afternoon slip into evening and then the evening slip into night. There would be no raids on this inn, at least not by the same hoodlums as last time, Malakai had left one alive to tell his friends that raiding this particular inn was not a good way to reduce insurance premiums.

crud this is long, sorry

Emerald Dragon
01-28-2003, 10:07 AM
ooc: (Who's idea was it for the sushi again? ...remind me never to accept Simon's characters again. *sighs*)

01-29-2003, 07:15 AM
Zanath wandered in through the shattered hulks of the city gates chewing on a dried up peice of shoe leather, being an immortal cursed to wander the earth had its ups and downs and Zanath currently was going through one of the downs.
ignoring the battle going on just inside the gates where the tatered remenants of circus tents blew in the brezee, Zanath headed up a side street to an old sushi joint he remembered, finding the door locked he thumped his head on the door and swore, then reached deep into his pouch and drew out a small yellow acorn, after staring at this in confusion for a moment he shrugged and threw it at the door. Which caused an explosion that blew him across the street.
after picking himslef up and extingushing several fires in his clothes and hair Zanath entered the resturant and ran into the kitchen where he proceeded to eat most of the remaining sushi and even the blowfish. feeling sated he then went to sleep on a counter.

Emerald Dragon
01-29-2003, 07:52 AM
ooc: Ah, don't know if immortal would be the right word to use there. Besides it's not fair to use an invincible character. *pouts* you're not going to have an advantage anyway. The imagination far outweighs the profile of a character. :cackle: Also, sorry about the change in avatar. -_-'

ic: Adele's amusement shifted quickly to concern as the well rusted town gates of Sudridge fell open with a loud clank and the movement of grinding metal.

"...the hell?" her voice incredulous, to the sudden event.

"You'd have to have a hell of a lot of strength to do that." She called back to Sam behind her.

Sam rushed to the young woman's side, peering over the side of the railings. "'Tis the start of the prophecy..." he said lower then a whisper, shaking his head in dismay.

Adele slowly turned to look at his face, he was no older then she was and it was obvious he still held a interest for her. She shook her head.

"I'm going out there." She said defiantly. Adele unsheathing her weapons, hushing the owner. "I'll be fine, really..." reassuring him.

"The start of the prophecy, what ...prophecy?" Her thoughts carrying the confusion shown on her creased facial expression. Running out to face the chaos head on, she deftly pushed herself against the flow of the crowd. Surprisingly, everyone made way for her as best as they could.

"Adele, where are you going?" A small girl looked up at her shyly, stopping dangerously within the stampede. Adele smiled down at her with a small grin.

"Going hunting..." Smiling widely to herself.

Reaching the town gates, as intriguing as they one were, they only beared the resemblence of an old powerful nation. A suspiscious figure stuck out above all. Stealthily creeping up against him, watching him almost ghostly in figure. Adele got up as close as she could and flicked her dagger out into his back.

"Don't flinch, the blade WILL hurt you. Who the hell ARE you?" She said with a determined stance, whispering into his ear.

ooc: I believe...I'm talking to Klik 'n' Kill's character, you're still at the gate right?

01-29-2003, 11:10 AM
Bhren sat up with a huge gasp and felt the object that lay on his chest, fall into his lap. Totally confused, Bhren sat there looked around the dank alcove where he sat. Directly in front of him a decent hole in the wall marked his entrance and just beyond that another hole with a little light creeping in barely lighting the alcove where he sat.

Trying to remember what happened, he stood up grabbing the book out of his lap. Putting his hand on his head, he last moments slowly came back to him, his uncle, the explosion and that IMP. "[I]So how am i still alive and so untouched or dead[\I]" Bhren looks down at the book he held in his hand. He flicked through the first few pages... there was nothing in it, he flick through the whole book and it was totally... empty.

Casting the book away "Lot of use this is to me...". As the book left his finger tip he felt a massive burn within his body, an energy that felt like his very soul was on fire. The surging energy soon overtook him, it felt like he was no long in control. A massive force dragged him through the floor boards and knee deep into the dirt below. Suddenly the energy leapt from his body in every direction.

The entire inn exploded... like a nuclear explosion within the inn shattered into trillions of pieces. Strangely it entire contents and inhabitants were left standing there mystified and totally unharmed. Sam the owner still looking down the street, felt a rush of air and pieces of wood and debris hitting him. He turned around to see his Inn gone. His jaw dropped, his eyes rolled into the back of his head as he promptly passed out.

Ogiratem now sitting in the middle of nowhere, looks around the shattered debris and bewildered people. Of everyone there he was probably the only one who knew the cause of this harmless destruction.

Bhren suddenly coming back in control of his body found the book back in his hand. "What the hell was THAT??? That really really hurt... i've never felt so much pain." Deciding that that was the last time he'd be throwing this book anywhere, he pulled his legs out of the dirt and dusted himself off. Looking around he caught eye of a hulking stranger getting out of his chair. The beast pointed directly at him... "YOU..."

01-29-2003, 02:29 PM
Ham quietly chuckled, he hadn't had so much fun for weeks, maybe even months...

The circus people ran around so quickly, it was greatly amusing to catch them or impale them upon thrown tent poles. Searching about for a souvenir, Ham found Seshi, cowering under a bench.

"Seshi my buddy! What are you doing here? Why are you hiding? Stand up now." Seshi stood up, "Master Ham, why did you have to do that? You do this every month... Like last month when that parade ca- " "DON'T MENTION that parade ever again, I gave ALL MY MONEY to that 'money for the animals' guy, but he refused to yield ownership of any animals, when all I wanted was an elephant...." Tears streamed down Ham's face as he began to reminisce... "Anyway Seshi, we must get back to the sushi bar, bussiness should pick up any minute now" "Master" Seshi interrupted, "There's blood upon thy cloak" "Oh?" Said Ham, he looked around for a minute, then replaced his dirty brown cloak with a bright pink circus cloak.

Ham and Seshi arrives back at Friendly Jack's to find the door blown open, "Oh I say, Seshi, didn't you mention your violent cousin would drop by?"
"No, I don't recall anything of the kind.."
Ham thought for a moment,.... "Oh well, Jack can always buy a new door." Ham put out the sign saying 'open' and strolled merrily towards the kitchen, upon arriving he lay his eyes upon empty, dirty plates and the smell of cinders.... "Even the blowfish bladders are gone... That stuff could kill any normal man, or severely sicken any abnormal man" he walked towards the fridge for more supplies, before getting there he sees a strange looking man, the man awoke, he couldn't stand up and his limbs were jittering, he could not speak, only bark, Seshi could clearly see the man was blowfish-poisoned and terribly sick.

The man stared up at Ham, Ham studied the curious creature, "wow,.. Seshi, let's keep him!", Seshi began to speak; "Sir, he's obviously poisoned.." "Oh nonsense!" replied Ham, "Any normal man would have died from the amount of bladders that are missing, this is obviously one of those 'monkey' creatures i've heard about! Just look at him!", Seshi looked at the man, then turned to Ham, whose eyes were glowing bright yellow, with happiness. "Sir, you're insane," Ham decided not to hear that and quickly fetched a collar that his dog used to wear, he put it around the 'monkey's' neck and attached a tag that said 'Fred', "Seshi, get a dish of water ready! I'm taking Fred for a walk!" Seshi sighed...

The Creator
01-29-2003, 04:00 PM
Ogiratem had just finished his first cup of cowfee and reaching for the pot when he the sounds of screaming and deaths of civilians floated through the door to his ears, he shot his eyes towards the doors and peered out to the road, he couldn't see much from his vantage point, except a few over-excited people dressed in strange clothing run past, he chuckled under his breath and finished pouring his cowfee, turning back to the table with a sigh and sipping at the mug, letting his still cold hands warm themselves on the toasty cup.

Moments later he heard another disturbing sound which made himself raise his tired limbs from the table, placing his hat firmly on his head and his glasses tightly over his eyes in one fluid motion, the sound of the explosion still ringing in his ears, he looked around, nothing had happened still in the inn that he was in, although he had heard a thump coming from behind the bar somewhere, the sound must have shocked someone back there as well, and made them fall. Ogiratem looked around quickly looked around bashfully making sure no one had noticed, he sat with traces of blush receeding from his cheeks.

Then something happened that just about made him roar in anger, the whole damn place exploded! Although he didn't move from his sitting position, the chair that he was sitting on disintergrated beneath him and fell to ashes at the ground, same with the table and the cowfee pot...at least he still held the mug in his hand and it seemed to be left un-scathed.

He rose, his knees cracking as he stood, argh! He hadn't had a good sleep in far too long! He looked around and saw what HAD to be the cause of the explosion.....not 15 metres away stood a young boy with quite a worried look on his face, looking from side to side totally astonished....but what set him apart from the rest of this motly group that surrounded him was, that he held the book of "Brigusitine".....Ogiratem raised an eyebrow and stepped over a crumbling piece of wood that lay on the ground in front, quietly sipping his Cowfee as he walked....this stuff tasted an awful lot like 'Coffee' back home, possibly that girl only pronounced it wrong? But no, this stuff had a different tint to its flavour, like something else had been mixed in....he nodded as he walked with a smile.

He nodded at the young man who stood bewildered...trying to remove a leg that was stuck in the ground, holding the book close to his chest, he licked his lips and bowed towards the boy, "You! Young man, whats your name, may i ask? And i'm sure you wouldn't mind telling me WHAT your doing with the book of Brigustine?"


01-29-2003, 04:27 PM
"HUH?? ME??? the book of what?" Looking the large figure up and down, Bhren could help but feel he was about to get in deep trouble.

"Look mister, I'm real sorry about your place, I swear... I'll.. I'll.. pay you back. The book well, I really don't want to put it down. Last time i did that it really hurt and then when it stopped, POOF, the inn was gone and the book was back in my hand." Hugging the book a little harder to his chest, "Please don't make me go through that again."

The Creator
01-29-2003, 05:06 PM
Ogiratem watched the snivelling creature and shook his head, "I have no intention of hurting you sir, I am merely here to take that book, but it certainly seems we have ourselves quite the problem here doesn't it? Please dissist your gawking if you will sir, i am no kind of monster, at least not the type that will hurt you, get that into your head!"

After that quick burst of anger he stood tall and straightened his collor, making sure no-body was watching still, he didn't want un-due attention! Next he bent down in front of the young man, nearly down onto all fours and raised one hand to his collar, pulling it down slightly showing a piece of his neck....and the green-ish-blue skin that covered his body, then leaning his head in further to the boys and re-covering his fright-ful skin, he whispered to the boys face "Yes, thats right little one....i'm an Orc, i'm not proud of it, it was a mistake, but i am stuck with it now, thats how i got my 'frightening' height if you want to state it that way."

He stood again quickly making sure his collar was covering his skin correctly and straightening his coat, he looked back down to the boy that was holding the book like grim death, he let forth another one of his quick smiles, surprised that this young man had no problem with 'communicating' him, most humans get nervous after the first few sylabbles, let alone a few sentences, this one was doing well....

"You can relax your grip sir, i have no intention of stealing your 'grimouire', quite different, seeing though you seem to be quite attached to it, you can come along WITH me." Not even waiting for an answer Ogiratem turned on his heel and started to walk back in the direction of an alley that ran down the side of the Inn they were situated in, he turned his head over his shoulder, "Come along little master, we have a long walk...."


01-30-2003, 06:57 AM
Zanath woke to find his stomach in blinding agony and a strange man putting a collar round his neck, a common stuation for him groaning he ignored the man for the moment and reached into his multidimesional pouch for something to quell his stoamch, and pulled out a rather long peice of twine. 'figures' he thought 'bloody perverse thing never gives me anything i want'.
He was about to try again when his stomach suddenly spasimed and he vomited. right on hams foot. feeling much better Zanath decided to deal with the other problem.
As ham was distracted by the vomit Zanath used a neat hand trick to flick the leash off his neck and around hams arm. he then flicked the twine around his legs and before Ham could react he was upside down hanging from the sushi resturant sign.
wiping his hands and grining up at the astonished chef Zanath walked off. and tripped over the twine that had ended up attached to his foot.
swearing profusely and even making the tied up ham blush Zanath reached into his pouch and drew out a feather, 2 peices of cake (which he ate) and a small stone. tickling ham with the feather to pass the time he said "blugger this" and cast a spell.
The spell proceeded to set fire to the twine and freed Zanath, but it also freed ham who amdist the smouldering remains of his bonds seemed mightily pissed and his eyes were starting to turn red.
Zanath smiled at him, kicked him in the groin and ran for the city gates, and into the crowd gathered around there.

01-30-2003, 07:15 AM
Malakai awoke suddenly to the sound of the city gates collapsing. He looked out his window and saw a rag-tag horde of bandits storming in through the breech. Some people never learned, he would have to teach these bandits the same hard lesson he taught the previous horde.

Fastening his swords and daggers to his back he set out at a run towards the south gate. He gasped as he rounded a corner to see the total devestation before him, someone or something had completely destroyed the gates and the poorly trained nd outnumbered guards were being slaughtered to a man. Malakai unsheathed his swords and roared with anger, they were destroying his favourite city gates.

Malakai started to run, building up speed and hitting the mob at a dead run. The first four to die never even saw what hit them, Malakai kept pushing forwards, giving them no quarter until he stood at the heart of the mob throwing the scum through the air like rag dolls.

Then a shadow fell upon him, he looked up, into the expressionless face of an undead warrior. He raised his sword to parry a mighty swing from the undead warriors huge sword, his sword shattered and his entire arm went numb. He fell to the ground and desperatley comcentrated on the forces of nature around him. Roots burst from the ground and ensnared the undeads feet, disrupting its sword swing just enough for him to roll out of the way.

Then, out of the tumultous maelstrom he heard a voice, it sounded like no more than a child "Don't flinch, the blade WILL hurt you. Who the hell ARE you?", he twisted to see a girl with blue? hair standing behind the necromantic abomination holding a knife to its back.

ooc: um, how the hell can you hurt an 8-foot tall undead zombie with a dagger?

Klik 'n' Kill
01-30-2003, 08:13 AM
OOC: zombie? ZOMBIE??!!??? I'll have you know I'm a SKELETON!!!!!! =P

Death lingered in the streets. Fallen raiders, villagers and the incompetently brave lay wounded or dying, victims of the swirling melee that centred around Araduun's mighty form. What once was a formidable barricade lay toppled behind him, opening the town for any who seized the oppurtunity and unleashing a horde that, though pitiful, wasted no time in battle. The latest heroic brave had thrown himself upon Araduun's sword arm, underestimating the power within it and now lay prone on the ground. Yet despite the battle erupting around him, and the villagers' fruitless attempts at assaulting the gothic figure, Araduun stood frozen in place. The naive child's voice hung in the air behind him, oddly out of place in such chaos.

He began to chuckle to himself, his armoured body shuddering with the deathly rumblings, startling the girl behind him. Araduun spun, the cloak whirling past his shoulder, revealing the deep, glossy black of his plate. In an instant the blue-haired girl had drove her dagger home, flicking out another and twirling it between the joins in the armour. With a clang the dagger disappeared, meeting no flesh as it penetrated. Heavy gauntlets grasped her arms, an iron grip clutching her against the dead creature's breastplate. Gasping, she flicked her head back, gazing into the darkness of a cowled hood, which was flung back with a sharp movement from her captor. The girl's face froze, a mask of terror and disbelief.

Pinpoints of light danced like flames in the depths of a skull's hollow eyes, bared and aged teeth grinning the smile of death back at it's captive. In a grating voice, Araduun replied to her abruptly cut off sentence: "no, I don't believe they will.....". To her credit, Araduun's prisoner regained her composure quickly.
"But you still haven't answered my question!" she retorted.
"If it means anything to you, I am Araduun, and threats have little hold over me. I go where I will, and do what I please, the details being no business of the likes of you."
In a flash he slid his arm around her neck, and continued: "But now it's your turn....."

Emerald Dragon
01-30-2003, 08:42 AM
Adele smiled smugly.

"Oh, Araduun, darling, I had no idea you liked to get intimate on the first meeting..." She said managing to escape his breath-depriving, tight-fisted grasp. She gave him a mock look of longing staring into his black hood, then laughed joyfully as he stood back.

"Well, I see you aren't one for feeling emotion." She said linking arms with him. "I see you're awfully strong. Make sense as to how you could open the gates. It's never been opened for a couple of centuries according to history, after the war and all. But I shouldn't know anything about that."

She loosened the grip on his arm and smiled broadly as she watched him relaxed and sigh with relief.

"What I wanted to know is why are you here...and what are you, to correct myself, you must be the ugliest thing I've seen come in. Even FROM the outer ranges of the Blacklands and beyond. Because I am a gutsy woman, Araduun, I prefer for myself to ask questions first, then it's your turn...see where I'm coming from now?"

She looked at him earnestly, she wished she had an indication of what he was feeling, it was hard to tell considering he shared no expression whatsoever even more so by the fruitless sound of his voice.

ooc: Waaaah! Peach! My character is 25, how can she sound like a child. I will dare to make a confrontation next time...again, because Adele has no idea who Araduun is, or WHAT he is, she would do the same regardless. It's just obvious here that she doesn't realise that he's undead, hence, she has asked. And who can tell what someone is if they attack from the back, especially with a dark hood (ugly dead guy's cliché) *scoffs* (What did you do to the bar/inn? ...I think. I was rather lenient on the rules after all. *goes off to her site*)

Edit: Because Sean is fussy...*whacks him*:hammer:

01-30-2003, 09:58 AM
Ham was rather bemused by what had happened,.. "Wow, I've heard that monkeys are cheeky... But it's rather amusing how they don't know quintessons have no genitals..."

Seshi was setting up tables when he heard Ham begin sobbing.
"Master, what happened?"
"Fred ran away" he replied,
"phew, at least that saves me embarrassment"
"NONSENSE SESHI! We must find him at once! The poor thing probably wouldn't survive a day in this town!"
Seshi looked at ham sideways, amused yet bemused yet annoyed. "Okay, I give, i'll watch the store while you 'find Fred'"
hearing this, Ham quickly shadow-walked around the entire town, it took him exactly six minutes, "I can't find Fred" said Ham.

Just then, the replacement chef arrived to work his shift. Seshi went home, Ham decided to wander the streets.

Ham went to 'The Mountain King' an upbeat open-all-night bar downtown full of interesting critters. "I'll have six shots of the hard stuff bartender!" Ham said, bursting through the door,
"ahh, Mister Ham. The hard stuff eh? what's the special occasion?"
"I'm sad" Ham replied, "My monkey ran away"
"Oh really? When I was seven, my monkey ran away, his name was Timmy... He liked peanuts, oh god did he love peanuts, he would just sit on my lap all day eating peanuts and when he wanted to poop he would tug on my moustache and I would take him outside and he would poop in our neighbour's winemaking tub, which was rather funny becaus-.... ... ... So,... the hard stuff is it?"
Ham sat there confused... How could a seven year old have a moustache?

Ham drank all night, six shots became twelve, twelve shots became ninety-nine, hard stuff became 'harder stuff' basically Ham was really drunk.
"Damn mister, if you weren't an engineered quintesson you'd be dead" said a young mage sitting beside him.
Ham smiled and began to slur, "How dho yohu know i'm an engineered quintesshon?"
"Because I was hired to kill you!" said the mage as he erupted into a deadly stream of fire, aimed directly at Ham's head,
"Um,.. Friehnd, you dho know magic doesn't hurt quintesshons don't you? Cllaassic rookiee mishhhhtaekk"
"Really?" inquired the assassin, "maybe this will be more effective" said he as he pulled out a flanged mace, double-headed and painted with the assassin's coat of arms,
"Oh no you don't!" Screamed the bartender as he smashed a chair on the mage's head, knocking him unconscious,
"Thanksh mannnn" said ham, right before falling into a liquor drunkened sleep.

ooc: please don't take advantage of me while i'm :drunk:

Emerald Dragon
01-30-2003, 10:07 AM
ooc: ...okay, well since no one really regards what I say in an email, since NO ONE seems to get them. Then I will lay two rules here. Um, taken directly from bakaneko, credits to Psi :) since he wrote them.

Spamming a thread: Any and all role-playing not in context, often taking place between only two members, and which ignores the original storyline. Usually this happens when the GC has abandoned the RP, or due to the great amount of off story posting/force-posting by a few characters, the RP itself is damaged beyond redemption.

Force-posting: Perhaps one of the most annoying traits in a player, force-posting happens when one person posts actions for another player's character, or alters the storyline in a way to best suit their needs, with little or no regard to the GC's instructions. Such offences may result in a warning from a moderator, and in extreme cases, expulsion from a RP or even the forum.

(Okay, *****ing start)
GC is game creator I'm assuming, no mods, but...well I guess I'm pretty much the mod and the game creator. Just to let you know. I feel this sushi bar thing is leaning toward thread spamming, only because it has no body or flavour to the storyline, apart from the fact that the chef is an erratic fool that attacks with a plastic fork, has a reluctant sidekick and is trying to take possession of other players.

Of course, open violence:

Originally posted by Wildwind
Zanath smiled at him, kicked him in the groin and ran for the city gates, and into the crowd gathered around there.
Should be expected when someone force posts. Force posting in my opinion isn't bad, but some people just get niggly about it and THAT annoys me. So, I just try to avoid it any way I can. Force posting usually only gets worse in time and leads to disgruntled members and uncommited players. Just be careful as it's getting a rough feel. I wont point players out directly, but well, you can understand where I'm coming from when you suddenly find yourself in a situation where you can't help but feel defeated as other players do things you don't approve of. Be watchful in the future.

One last thing. Details are important, if needs be I will make important things in bold to avoid confusion, to help, write so that you show not tell what it happening. Better results come from more descripitive writing, like a novel.

I am being restrictive now as I realise that being so lenient in my judgments has caused players to take advantage of me, despite warnings. Sorry for being long winded, but I need fair play, not a read where amusement ails me. Carry on, anything that troubles you or something you don't really agree with here, private message me instead of posting it here.
(*****ing over, carry on...)

01-30-2003, 04:33 PM
Giladril approached the gates and noticed someone had been kind enough to open them. Those gates had brought back memories, he could remember being here before, 150 years or so ago, he had had to open the gates himself on that occasion on his way out of the city. The hinges had seemed quite rusted up back then and had required quite an effort, and then there was that army that had flooded in passed him… ahh the memories.
As he stepped over a scattering of bodies inside the entrance he surveyed the town. The well built but heavily weathered houses, the scattered remains of an inn with an ork standing in the middle of it, a dead clown lying face down in a pool of blood with a fork protruding from his… rear… and a strange looking zombie standing arguing with a small blue haired girl. This might be quite a good place to rest for a while.
Deciding that the zombie and the girl held the most interest Giladril positioned himself for a good view, sitting a couple of meters away on a convenient body of plate armour.
As he studied the zombie close he noticed something… the elves blood began to boil, it wasn’t a zombie! It was a Skeleton!! Whats more a skeleton that looked like a zombie!!! Giladril hated skeletons with a vengeance, he considered destroying the thing right here and now, he had no doubt that his sword point could pick apart every contaminated bone in that decadent body before the owner felt a thing (from experience of no skeleton ever complaining). No he knew better ways of bringing agony to these filthy skeletons.
So Giladril sat and stared at the thing.

01-30-2003, 05:28 PM
Chasing after the large man, "Walk?!! walk to where? and LONG... i don't like the sounds of that" Bhren catching up to the mammoth, starts to tug on his clothes. "So where are we going, huh?" Continuing to walk, Ogiratem glanced down at the boy and in his silence continued to walk. Not getting the answers he wanted, Bhren stopped in a huff. "Come on, tell me where we're GOing!!"

At the end of his sentence, in a cross alley he saw a small creature in the distance. Squinting, trying to improve his focus Bhren finally made out the figure. THE IMP.

"YOU *******!!!" Bhren yelling at the top of his lungs. The imp going through his personal affects looks up to see Bhren running full steam right at him. Gathering up his stuff quickly into his sack, the Imp looks left then right in a panic. Bhren blocking off his only escape, the imp had no choice but to run straight back at him. The imp in a flurry closed his eyes just before his impact with Bhren. **KKRRRAAAAAAAKKKKKK**

Bhren with an almight kick, punted the imp across the alley floor. The imp totally stunned and barely conscious tried to get on his feet. Bhren still in a rage ran up to the imp and proceeded to beat him down with the very book the imp had essentially cursed him with. Suddenly Bhren felt a massive hand pick him off the ground by his shirt. "I don't want you hurting that book" says Ogiratem in a gruff voice.

"NOOO... put me down, PUT ME DOWN!!!!"
The imp gathering himself up, managed to run off with wobbly legs and most of his possessions.
"Damn it monster, let me GO!!!"

01-31-2003, 10:12 AM
dodging throught the fighting bandits and corpses of the city gaurd Zanath peaked backwards trying to see if that weirdo chef was following him. And cannoned into a large cloacked figure and a small girl knoking them all to the ground.
"oh sorry sir/ madam" he said in a recalitrant tone as he leaped nimbily back to his feet and began to help the big guy in the cloak back up, " wow you know youre really thin sir, you should probably eat more, I know this great sushi place just up the street but the chefs a little crazy and theres this great inn over there" he gestured to the now vacant site of the inn.
Zanath kept nattering on as Araduun stood up and glared at him as zanath patted him down and brushed the dust off his cloak "well sir i think your OK so if youll make nothing of this little incident Ill just be on my way" and before anybody could repy he slipped off into the crowd.
looking down at his hands Zanath swore, the guy hadint had much to pickpoket and what he had wasint worth much. Zanath had only gotten a human femur and some ribs, he already had plenty of those and didint need more.
standing up on a nearby body he heaved the bones into the air in the vauge direction of the cowled man and dissapeared into the crowd.

01-31-2003, 10:26 AM
ooc: ok, im sorry mel for saying that your character sounded like a child, malakai hasn't exactly had much contact with children, so he wouldn't really know one if he heard them. Secondly (sigh) Sean, i just figured that since your character was undead that he was a zombie (too many horror movies).

ic: Malakai rolled to the side and hid beneath a corpse while the blue haired woman TALKED!?! to the undead thing. Malakai hadn't heard anyone so eager to talk with the dead for a long time. Slowly picking himself up and punching one bandits, who went down and wisely stayed down, he cautiously stepped away from the armored SKELETON and faded into the shadows.

Malakai turned and headed for a nearby alley, when he noticed a strange figure sitting on a pile of armor. The new comer was tall and stared intently at the the woman and skeleton, his hand resting on his sword.

Realising that he had no chance of beating the undead fiend alone, Malakai decided to wait and see if the elf would do anything.

Emerald Dragon
01-31-2003, 11:01 AM
Originally posted by Holliss The well built but heavily weathered houses, the scattered remains of an inn with an ork standing in the middle of it, a dead clown lying face down in a pool of blood with a fork protruding from his… rear… and a strange looking zombie standing arguing with a small blue haired girl.

I literally laughed my tooshie off when I read that, good one :P

Klik 'n' Kill
01-31-2003, 01:27 PM
How quickly the world changed.....what a few moments ago had been a chaotic, yet well-meaning brawl had become a confused mess. In the background the fighting still raged on, although what hope the pitiful guard had of resisting such numbers was unimaginable to the skeletal figure who rose back to his towering height, somewhat bemused by the antics of the babbling fool a few moments earlier. His cloak, now soiled and torn, hung limply from his shoulders, no longer draped across his carapace. With the hood flung back it was easy to make out his features, the sun casting shadows from a bony brow and glistening from the hardened edges. But the deep black of the armour attracted all attention from a viewer, that inky nothingness that absorbed the vision and swam in front of the eyes. The wearer of this mystical plate stood still, unmoving as he contemplated the sights around him.....in the periphery of his un-seeing sight he made out the crawling figure of the would-be hero who had challenged him before with such immediate consequences...........whatever the incompetent fool that had tackled him before was, it had disappeared......and there, still waiting and watching with an eerie interest was the unusual, blue-haired girl.

Araduun studied her closer, noting the surreal nature of the flowing locks, blue as the ocean's depths - the deep brown eyes and thin, yet not emaciated features of her face. Yes, she might be considered beautiful, but such discernment had long since faded from the dead man's mind. He felt a faint amusement at her naive behaviour, for the unliving feel little, but she had peaked his curiousity, at least for the moment. Leaning his sword on its point, and mainting viligance on the conflict around him, he uttered one of the longest phrases he had in decades:
"My appearance should tell you what there is to know about me: I once lived, like you do, as a human..."
His tone grew sharp "but that was long ago. I am DEAD, bound to these bones and this armour, my soul torn, and now belongs to another. I come and go where I will, following fortune, whim or death....for I have much to give back..."
Deep in his empty sockets, flames of vengeance flared, then died, shadowed over again with desolation. The massive shoulders sagged, hunching his figure and shadowing his intent listener. Looking at the now rampant devastation that had beseiged the town, he continued, his voice coming out quieter and less fierce than before - "but I tire of this fight, pointless as it is...there is nothing left here but blood and death, of which I have had my share."
Amongst the destruction he caught sight of a tall, lordly figure, plae and thin yet strong, seated atop a fallen being. Its expression was creased with anger, hatred...but the elf had yet to make a move. Araduun, for his part, had lost all interest in conflict, and the great sword lay dormant in his mighty fist. He swiveled his skull back to fix upon the petite figure before him as he said "but I have talked too long already....now I believe you have your own explanation to give..."

01-31-2003, 02:23 PM
ooc : not sure i explained it correctly but the femur and ribs that Zanath grabbed were Araduuns actual femur and ribs so they are now lying on the ground and araduun should have some problems standing up

ic : after a short sprint away from the scean of the crime Zanath stopped. and looked around. and finally noticed he was missing out on a perfectly good battle. so reaching into his pouch, which cooperated for once and gave him a short sword and a rather nasty dagger.
Then with a loud battlecry of "SPOON" he lept onto the nearest fighter.

The Creator
01-31-2003, 02:38 PM
The young man quickly ran after Ogiratem, panting as he came, "Walk?!! walk to where? and LONG... i don't like the sounds of that! So where are we going, huh? Come on, tell me where we're GOing!!", Ogiratem turned his head and looked down at the young human and was preparing an explanation when he noticed that he was staring off into the distance....somewhere up the alley in front of them, Ogiratem turned back and noticed a small imp that sat in the middle of the road not 30 metres away, it seemed to be fiddling with some kind of blade....strange, now what could this boy be so interested in a mindless imp for?

Ogiratem turned to ask but as he opened his mouth the young man ran off at full speed screaming profanities at the top of his lungs, Ogiratem clasped both hands behind his back and shook his head following the boy, as he followed his path around a corner he noticed the human raise the book in anger and start to beat the imp with it (in-between kicks of course), with a raised eye-brow Ogiratem extended one hand and placed it firmly on the boys shoulder lifting him like feather off the ground, "Please young master i advise you NOT to do that! I don't want you hurting that book young one...." Ogiratem recevied a mighty kick in the shins as he started to place the young mortal on the ground as he yelled and struggled, behind his glasses his eyes flinched slightly...."I understand that you OBVIOUSLY have some sort of grudge against this little being, but you mustn't use THAT book as a bludgen weapon sir, remember the inn?" Ogiratem waited for the hesitant nod that the boy gave and then lowered his glasses and looked down at him, "Well THAT was simply the merest of warm-ups of what this book can do, now unless you want to be nothing more then ****oroach food, i suggest not using that book as you did..."

Straightening his back and raising his hands to his chest he proceeded to pat around his body, checking all the inner pockets of his coat, and with a nod he reached in through his collar and withdrew a small dagger to his large hand and passed it down to the young boy who held it like the heaviest of swords in both hands with the book clasped tightly under one arm-pit, Ogiratem shook his head a faced forwards, "Keep that close! If you ever have any more problems....do NOT keep it anywhere near your skin and don't even ATTEMPT to touch the steel....this is a warning, it will slice the limp that you 'attempt' to touch it with clean off...." With that grim warning he suddenly started to stride off with a motion of his hand for his 'companion' to follow him.

As they neared the end of the alley-way they were walking on they seemed to come to an opening that led to the gates....well where they HAD stood at least....now all that remained was a large dust pile that circled the fallen gates in about a 25 metre diametre at all points, Ogiratem tipped his head in appreciation, that HAD to be the work of either quite strong explosives or one of those new tanks that all the armies seemed to be 'acquiring'...amazing pieces of machinery! Ogiratem prepared to step out when the sound of talking arose to his right, he held himself firm and took a quick look around the corner...he was taken aback by the amount of corpses that lay strewn on the ground....some wore ridiculous clothing of hopeless seem-work, but others were wearing plain securi-corp uniforms....strange clothing to be worn by those on a battle field.

His eyes continued over the field, lined on both sides by elegant (but 'worn' houses of this city), a battle like this in a civilian place, how appaling! On top of the mayhem, which was even worse was that certain people were STILL fighting! He shook his head as he looked around at the running and screaming innocent's, and burly fools with ridiculous weapons running after them with manic smiles, how pathetic! In the midst of the mayhem there seemed to be a small group that didn't appear to be interested in the fighting what-so-ever, a girl...looked in her early 20's and tall being, wearing....expensive armour stood proudly beside her, one of the people from the group ran off hurriedly into the crowd, a moments later a few objects fell from the sky and bounced along the ground, rebounding from the girl with astounding blue hair, legs.

Wait a moment! Blue hair? In Sudridge? He reached through a gap in his coat on his chest and pulled out a crumpled piece of paper, and with an astonished sound escaping his lips he looked back over to where the young girl stood, "I certainly am puzzled as to why Ms. O'Darian is standing in the middle of a fight having a leisurely chat whilst her very own establishment has fallen to ruin behind her! Let alone the fact that a family heirloome just walked out right under her nose....the mission DID mention she was careless, but i didn't think it would extend as far as this! Wow....how immature of our young maiden." Ogiratem shook his head and turned to raise a hand to his young follower, but to his dismay he wasn't there!

Ogiratem sighed loudly and looked around, his boredom quickly turning to horror when he noticed the boy wandering out past the building right into the melee...Ogiratem gritted his teeth and growled rushing out after him....


Emerald Dragon
01-31-2003, 02:51 PM
The words as she tried to speak them, died upon her lips before they made a sound. Adele was bemused at this apparent soul-less figure which stood proudly before her. His voice icy, yet unfeeling...reminiscent of the dark armour clad upon him. She spoke simply when she managed to find her voice.

"Araduun, like history; the soul is never completely buried. For it always exists...how is it that someone as 'dead' as you say can live? In a place like this no one cares who you are, or what you do. But you, yourself never forget, nor is it possible to lose the gift of being yourself. Besides, you're being so very vague it's hard for me to understand you." She answered with a pretty smile.

"What can I say for myself? Hah, you wouldn't believe me if I told you. I'm a hell of a lot older then you are. Though, I still live..." Adele trailed off softly and refused to say more implying it with a cold shoulder.

She shifted away from the shady visitor and thought quickly upon her feet to change the subject. "There is an ancient prophecy, are you aware of it?"

Her question was rather distractedly asked, watching yet another figure sit watching the pair from afar. Before she could turn around again, she witnessed Araduun's body fall to pieces on the ground. An unknown raider ran off with a few of his bones laughing hideously then a cry.


Adele raised an eyebrow with a sarcastic glare. "...the hell?!"

Her curiousity suddenly cut off as the conversation she had tumbled down. (pardon the pun) It was hard to see amongst the calamity of the streets. Perhaps catching her off-guard was that the inn/bar previously holding her heart and her possessions lying in a sorry heap with rising dust which dispersed itself openly as if to dance.

The sight tore at her heart, she remained frozen for only a moment. Anger welled deep within her, feeling the heat rise from her stomach she yelled out reaching for the nearest person. Adele collapsed weakly under her guilt and cried upon their shoulder, not attempting to supress her shattered heart.

"Oh, what have I done?"

ooc: Enter "The Creator..."

The Creator
01-31-2003, 03:48 PM
ooc: Thank you for such an 'elegant' entrance my love, hahaha....

ic: As he attempted to chase the foolish young man he was quickly brought to a halt as someone draped themselves around his chest and started to sob slightly. Ogiratem brought himself to a quick halt, not wanting to drag someone off their feet, he brought his eyes down and looked at his newfound ‘friend’...she pushed her head deeply into his shoulder letting out in bursts in-between sobs, "Oh, what have I done?" ....He raised one eyebrow behind his glasses and looked down, why on earth would a human pick someone such as me to rest their tears on? He brought one hand to his front and hesitantly but softly patted her on the back....

Deciding it was best to act dumb on the subject he lowered the tone of his voice and purred over her, "I have no idea what you have done young miss or for that matter what problems you may be encompassing, but if you have any problems I could help you with, feel free to ask?" She looked up into the glasses that he wore, he nudged them forward with his free hand and winked down at her with a fleeting smile....


01-31-2003, 04:31 PM
Waking up from his drunkened sleep in "The Mountain King" Ham sat up and looked around at his surroundings, the atmosphere reeled heavily from the attempted assassination, 'King', the bartender greeted Ham with a warm glass of sobering goats' milk.

"Ham, someone tried to kill you, I don't think this should be taken lightly, the mage's weapon has his coat of arms on it, perhaps it could help you find some answers?"
Ham looked up and smiled, "King, my friend, last night you served me a hundred shots of 'the hard stuff', I am hung over and smelly, can't we talk about this in say, five hours time?"
"HAM! YOU SMELLY IDIOT! HIT THE STREETS RIGHT NOW! OR ELSE I'LL KILL YOU!" Came the reply followed by the would-be assassin's flanged mage being thrown into Ham's lap. It hurt.

So Ham hit the streets looking for answers, he wasn't happy about it, a chef of his calibur should not have degraded himself to regular legwork. It wasn't long until he stumbled upon conflict, a battle was happening at the moment, a melee consisting of ugly looking people, or at least he thought so, he had seen some of these people in the underground before, the perfect group to start asking questions.
So with a mighty yell, Ham held up and revealed the coat of arms on the weapon, "STOP!" the combatants turned to look, "WHOSE IS THIS?".
Ham eagerly awaited an answer.

ooc: The group of combatants are the aggressive characters currently trying to kill each other.

Klik 'n' Kill
02-01-2003, 11:09 AM
ooc: Fall to pieces??? WHAT THE HELL??? I think I'm lost =P

02-01-2003, 01:34 PM
"SPOON!" somebody yelled, Malakai turned to see a strange being throwing himself into the waining brawl. He was about to rejoin the fight (but carefully avoided the skeleton) when someone yelled "WHOSE IS THIS". Turning, he saw Ham standing near the edge of the battle wearing a pink? cloak similar to the dead clown nearby. Ham was groggily gesturing to a coat of arms on the sleeve of a shirt he was carrying.

Seeing as the elf hadn't done anything Malakai decided to let Balshazar get some exercise. Balshazar was energetic after being kept in his canister for several hours and immediatly ran towards Ham, Malakai didn't think that this was such a good idea. Balshazar began to climb up Ham's leg, Ham didn't notice until he felt a tickling sensation on his knee. SPLAT!

Malakai then said the more words than he had said for years, "you killed Balshazar!!" Malakai was mortified, nobody even looked funny at Balashazar without getting their faces rearranged and now Ham had killed him. Malakai withdrew his remaining sword and a dagger, then he charged directly at Ham. At the last moment he sheathed his weapons, decidng that Ham made too good a sushi to be dismembered and continued his charge, ready to throttle Ham's scrawny neck.

02-01-2003, 01:48 PM
Giladril watched with mounting disappointment as the colossal heap of bones of a skeleton felt apart in to… an unorganised heap of bones. How dare someone steal his entertainment! After that endless trudge across that dessert when things had started to get interesting, and the jolly skeleton fails apart. It was going to take hours for it to put its self back together. Giladril rose up from his dais and moved smoothly with the patience of the ever living towards the pile of bones and armor. All ready he could make out a hand searching for a wrist but the whole process would take a while to complete.

“I hope you know Skeleton I its your fault that happened!” the icy cold voice rang, slightly gruff from the long periods of silence.
“But there will be enjoyment in watching, I have not seen a skeleton have to rebuild itself for a many long years, after the first few times I took to carrying off vital parts with me…”
He had to pause for a second as he regathered his thoughts, speech could be so annoying sometimes.
“Ahh, I know, while you work I’ll give you something to ponder on.”
Giladril gyrated his level stare around the surrounding creatures, resting on the girl and “cute” ork for a moment.
“Of course by all means you are aloud to give it thought as well:

“In my forest there is a pool and in the pool there are three golden carp. One lists and swims in downward circles. Soon he lies weightless on the bottom sand, and he is relished by the water snails who also want to live as he did. On the surface and under an undulating lily pad, dart five golden babies protected by their mother carp and threatened by the hungry father carp. Two of these escape and grow to maturity and themselves make young. One of these lives to a grand old age because he has been clever in sneaking babies away from their mothers. “But”, he tells him self, “I have made the swift ones swifter.”
Now each day for many years, a boy has lain here looking into the depths of the pool and watching the countless generations. Knowing that none have left the water of the pool, he stares into the water and asks, “How many fish are in this pool!”

“Now the question is yours! How many fish are there in the forest pool!”

Giladril swivelled on one heel and entered a nearby bar with its sign hanging from one corner pronouncing it “A Bar”. Inside the dim lit interior the Elf selected one of the less tatter bar stools and waited until the bartender came out from hiding with a glass of water.


Klik 'n' Kill
02-01-2003, 04:05 PM
ooc: I'll have you guys know that was SAD =P How the hell am I gonna make my character destroyable if NOW I have to make him put himself back together again? I'm blaming you Mel... :D

ic: Nothingness ....Araduun's mind wondered whether the terrible machinations that bound him had failed at last, freeing his body and mind, releasing him...but no, he still felt the presence of the world around him. His body wasnt' destroyed, just...confused as to its present form. All he could feel was the dislocation with reality, and a strange voice uttering some madness about fish of all things...Araduun hadn't had anything to do with fish in YEARS. He focused, and felt the shifting parts of his mutilated form rearranging, an unnatural wind whipping over the enchanted armour, forming it into a tall cadavre of deep black plate.
The decaying bones lay where they had fallen, pulled apart as they had been when the singularly odd thief had damaged their fragile magical bonds. The flames burning in the skull flickered and died, the yellowed remains faltering in their vague pull towards each other. They seemed to fade away before the eyes, melting into the soil, as a figure more disturbing than before rose above - an empty shell of armour. A helm now floated above the shoulders of the suit, a terrifying visage sculpted upon it. Araduun's thoughts burst into emotion. He hadn't felt so good since he was last alive...and look! NO BODY!!

Scooping up his sword he ignored what pathetic fools were left in the mess and swept towards the nearby bar, following the traces of the mad stranger.
He had an answer about the FISH....

02-01-2003, 04:21 PM
Ham looked on as a blatantly unattractive combatant charged towards him, Ham was confused was this man friend or foe? "Who would be cruel enough to assault a drunken chef?" he thought, and decided this man was friend and was charging in order to give hugs.

"He won't hug me before I hug him" Ham said, launching into a fierce charge of his own, the two were meters apart before Ham phased out and reappeared behind the man and gave him a tight bear hug "hello friend!"
The man struggled and cursed Ham, at one point he called Ham a stupid ugly *******. Ham realised this man was not friend at all.
Ham sequentially released the man and ran and jumped onto the roof of a nearby building and yelled again; "WHOSE IS THIS!" holding the coat of arms high into the air. After a few seconds of silence, Ham threw up onto the street below, now he was feeling very sober.

Emerald Dragon
02-01-2003, 05:33 PM
ooc: I believe the correct spelling is "cadaver" :p Can't blame me, I'm being serious. :snip: to you all *evil look*

Adele in her sorry state straightened herself out to look into her victims face. It wasn't quite as she expected though he took an obvious keen interest in her. He looked out to her peering over his glasses winking flirtatiously.

Her eyes hardened staring into his, "You shouldn't take advantage of my feelings. My home has been destroyed and I am left with nothing...even my... I need to search for something. Before it was destroyed did you see anything?"

The look the half-orc, heavily disguised, gave her was foolishly over-acted as ignorance.

"...I suppose you do know what happened. I might be naive, but I am observant and I know bad acting when I see it. In fact, did you happen to see a book, it's very dear to my heart. I would be broken to see it taken or repossessed from me. It is the only thing I have left of home." She said pleading him.

Her look became crestfallen and she sobbed a little more. Holding the dumbfounded young man in the midst of the chaotic rage.

02-02-2003, 10:02 AM
ooc: hey I removed Araduuns Femur!! you know the thigh bone! and a couple of ribs how did you manage to collapse him from that????

Ic: Zanath wasint enjoying himself anymore, his charge into combat and the sudden reanimation of an empty suit of armour had scattered the remaining bandits into the alleys of the town.
He kicked halfheartedly at an unconcious fighter at his feet then looked up as someone yelled "WHOOSE IS THIS" from the top of a roof, hey it was that crazy chef and he was holding up what looked like a Molochean hand coat of arms.
Zanath wasint sure but he thought those guys owed him money... or was it they had a contract out on his life. He couldint remember exactly but it was bound to be interesting either way, so he wandered over and yelled "ITS THEIRS" and pointed at the forboding tower over on the other side of town.
Its sides enrusted with gargoyels and gothic arches it was as good a place as any to find the Hand, although come to think of it you might just as easily find hordes of the undead or bunny rabbits- Zanath had heard they liked to hide out in forboding towers to.

02-02-2003, 10:56 AM
ooc: Don't argue, everyone knows its just a habbit that Skeletons have, this collapsing and falling apart business. After all who really understands what goes on inside a skeletons head.

BTW please remember i'm gone until wednesday, hense the nice cup of cold water.

The Creator
02-02-2003, 11:55 AM
"Don't think yourself so highly little miss, look around you, do you think you are the only one that has suffered here today?" Ogiratem knelt down and picked up the corpse of a clown....a plastic fork sticking from the back of his neck, a smile hauntingly painted onto his face, Ogiratem held the body up to the tear stricken girl, "What do you think HE is feeling right now? How do you think his family will feel when THEY find out....be happy that you have lost no-one close to you in this little bout, material things can be re-built, lost items can be found. Secondly my little friend, don't look at me in such a way, that wink meant nothing....merely an act of friendship, don't take this the wrong way, but i have no interest in you." Ogiratem spat the truth out bluntly, he bowed his head to the girl, "But as i said, i will assist you in anyway i can for the moment all you need do is merely ask....a book you say? I may have, give me a breif description of this book and i'll see what i can do."

Ogiratem took a quick glance, hiding behind his glasses, off to the side, good....the boy was out of sight, hopefully he stayed there, the book and its REAL owner mustn't come back into contact!

Emerald Dragon
02-02-2003, 03:02 PM
Adele had a sudden urge to slap the man, however she refrained to keep her dignity. She eyes him suspiciously wonder why he tensed up at the mention of the book.

"...I know you have it. Just to let you know, you can't use it, you are incapable of it as it is only the pure of heart and spirit who can." She told him philosphically.

"It is the history of my people. And it is my life. People around here don't own anything like that, nor do they expect to live the week out, don't you dare tell me what it is be selfish. I have developed it from living her. I have seen it stare me an inch from my face." A sharp dagger whipped out in front of the young man's throat, the point lingering blood-lustily at the delicate flesh.

"So, Mr. Secretive, it'd be best to return it before it dismantles you, better you then I, I always say. No one ever says 'no' to Adele O'Darian, unless you feel like dying...would you like that, sweetie or should I just play nice and let you kill yourself?"

When he didn't respond she looked up at him with bright, sparkling eyes hinted with inner strength. "Suit yourself, honey, don't say I didn't warn you." She stalked off almost disappointed, but laughed happily, but not before winking back at him.

02-02-2003, 04:07 PM
Ham looked downward to see a strange monkey-man thing, was it Fred? Not sure - still a bit drunk I guess.
Sure enough, he was pointing towards a funky looking tower, "IT'S THERE'S!" he said.
Ham suddenly felt as if a cloud had been parted over his thoughts, for the information he'd just been given he felt as if he could never thank this man enough, so naturally - he didn't. However, out of a mixture of both grattitude and possibly kindness, Ham didn't have the heart to tell the man he was standing in a pool of vomit.

He simply head off to see his old friend, barkeep of "The Mountain King" to ask what he should do next, swiftly and surely, Ham jumped away leaving the monkeyman with three final words, 'Eat Friendly Jack's'.

ooc: Should we all agree that the only bar in the vicinity is "The Mountain King"?

02-02-2003, 04:53 PM
From all the mere excitment of this story, in only a second, every player halted on the scene.
slowly infront of them they percieved a figure slowly rising in the distant...
The sun had sunk into the stretch of mountains, their peaks no longer glowed with tints of red. No stars could be seen amongst the heavy viel of grey clouds.
All ambience faded...
The ominious figure continued to approach steadily, a dark shape against the shadows of the far off mountains.
Six heads were turned towards him, a manley figure clad in a long black cloak ever approaching. His hair was dark and long and they watched it glitter under the night sky, it floats freely in the breeze though as if by some scorcery they could feel no wind.
The man stopped at some distance, standing still, facing the six. All was silent...

The Creator
02-02-2003, 04:59 PM
The knife was dragged away....Ogiratem nodded slightly and slid his blade back up his sleeve, foolish girl, he watched her turn and start to walk off, she turned and winked at him. Ha! The cheek of her! After spouting such abuses she turns and winks! Orgiatem sighed and shook his head, he coughed and raised an arm to the girl, "The book of Brigusitine, family heirloom of the..." Ogiratem removed the crumpled piece of paper again, "O'Darian family, it has been with the family for at least 300 years now........it was written by one of your ancestors was it not? From what it says here..." A hurried finger was running its way over the page , "You are quite adept at using this book aren't you?"

Without a second glance Origatem turned and started walking off into the crowd, he soon found the boy being confronted by an overly large attacker... without a second thought he pressed a small button on his forearm and a blade threw itself into his palm, he stepped behind the burly attacker and drew the knife in a fluid movement across the attackers neck, he fell with a groan on the ground beside the boy, Origatem knelt down and grabbed the now screaming boy by the top of the head and picked him off the ground, carrying him back to the girl.

He placed him on the ground the book still held firmly between the boys hands as if it were a part of his body...Origatem pointed one large finger at the panicing boy, "Can you fix the problem? The book seems to have gotten 'stuck' to him...."


02-03-2003, 09:40 AM
Malakai cursed some more as the sushi chef bounded nimbly onto the rooftops and away towards the Molochean tower, a forbidding black edifice seemingly carved from night itself. The fighters were dispersing and the cries of the wounded filled the air. The Skeleton had crumbled to the ground, apparently beaten, but the black armor had raised itself as if the skeleton yet supported it.

Suddenly a stillness came over those still standing as a new figure approached. Malakai shrugged and turned away, he had seen enough dodgy people for one day and the balshazar-murdering sushi chef scum still roamed the streets. Then Malakai roared to the heavens and to the now distant figure that was Ham "I will hunt you to hell itself!!!". Malakai then headed towards the local blacksmith, he needed a new sword, but the new one would be... special.

02-03-2003, 09:57 AM
After Ham bounded off into the bar Zanath looked around. and found himself standing in a pile of vomit. lukily it didint seem to be acidic or venomous but it was still all over his nice new 10 year old boots.
Stepping out of it Zanath looked around for something to dry his feet on the corpses wouldint do their clothes were soaked in blood. Then he saw the guy walking up ominously in the black cape, that was perfet!
Zanath walked over to him and picked up the hem of his cloak, then used it to wipe the vomit off his shoes. The figure stared at him in amasement at his audacity while Zanath finshed up.
"Thanks mate" Zanath said "That vomit stuff is really hard to get off when it drys" then he skipped over to the nearby bar leaving a stunned silence behind.

ooc: I presume holliss, klik & kill and sicopath are all in the same bar cause thats were im going

02-04-2003, 05:58 AM
Kicking and squirming in the hands of the giant, Bhren was yelling trying to get free. "Come on Oggy, let me go... asking me wouldn't hurt you, you know!!"

Before he knew it he was dropped in front of a fair maiden, wait, he looked again, "ADELE!!". Bhren had seen Adele around his village a fair bit but she had always been a little out of his age bracket for them too associate. Though Bhren's uncle spent a fair bit of his time at the inn she worked at (or at least use to work at). "How do you know this beastly guy? He's been dragging me all over town... all i hear is come here, don't do that, blah blah..."
With that Bhren caught a glimpse of a high-speed imp... THE IMP!

Bhren turned around and bolted full-pace in the direction of the Imp but not before he was ripped off his feet by Ogiratem. Screaming with rage at the top off his lungs, Bhren again found himself trying to break free of the giant mans grip. In his rage, Bhren threw the first thing he could in the direction of the Imp. Bhren looked in horror as he realised what was flying through the air, the BOOK.

Bhren felt the intense burn from the depths of his soul surging through his body once again. The further the book seemed to fly the more the pain seemed to sear from within. Ogiratem looked at the flying book then back at the boy. Suddenly it donned on him what happened to the inn. Ogiratem raised both eyebrows "OH SHHHII...." Before he could let go, the once feather weight boy sudden turned massive slamming into the ground... once again buried to the knees.

The coat that Ogiratem wore seemed to explode off his back. Letting go instantly, Ogiratem looked on in shock, as did Adele. With fuming black eyes, the "new" Bhren looked outward toward the crumpled gate where the imp was running too. The earth around the possessed boy's feet suddenly seemed to suck in towards his sunken legs, like the very dirt had liquified. Smashing his hands down into the dirt, a black orb formed at his forehead.

The imp felt a surge of energy in the air and looked in Bhren's direction. In a flurry the imp ran across the gate debris. The dark ball of energy exploded from the boy firing down the street toward the imp. As the energy ball surged, the earth was torn toward it, as did any loose debris. Two beasts still in conflict stumbled too close to the ball and were sucked in like it was a vacuum cleaner. Missing the imp, the dark gravity ball hit the gate wreckage, imploding a five metre radius. A cyclonic wind followed as a void was left where the energy ball had dispersed.
For brief couple of seconds all was quiet but the thud of a massively dense ball of matter falling to the ground in the centre of the crater.

Bhren came to and he couldn't help but notice that he was stuck precariously in the ground. Pulling one hand from the dirt he looked at it puzzled, the book, though covered in dirt was in his hand "How the hell did this get in my..." Looking around for help,
"Hey Oggy, you just going to stand there, GET ME OUT!!"

02-04-2003, 10:02 AM
Malakai reached the blacksmith's workshop, upon entering he slammed a piece of parchment onto the work bench and said "can you make this". It was a demand, not a request and the tone implied dire consequences if it were not acted upon. The blacksmith set down his work and looked at the paper, "you know i can't make this, i'm not liscensed to make magical weapons." Malakai slammed a large pouch full of gold pieces down next to the drawing, "I wish it to be made from arcanite and i will collect it tomorrow", the blacksmith sighed and said to himself as Malakai left "does he have any idea what this sword would be capable of?".

Malakai left the smithy to his own thoughts and headed for the Mountain King, he knew exactly what the weapon would be capable of.

02-04-2003, 04:21 PM
Ham entered "The Mountain King" and immediately headed for his personal barstool and found an elvish man sitting there, he tought nothing of it and sat at the stool beside him.
"Barkeep! King! Buddy! I found out who tried to kill me! Perhaps a drink in celebration?"
"No Ham! You'd had enough last visit, and that was only a half hour ago!" Replied King,
"Oh come on, i'll be doing the entire town a favour and besides, it will be SCARY! THERE WILL BE BUNNY RABBITS AND ASSASSINS AND THE UNDEAD! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GIVE ME A DRINK TO CALM MY FREAKING NERVES OLD MAN!!!!!!!"
King conceded, "Okay, just one shot"
"Make it two"....

The elvish man turned to face Ham, "Undead you say?....."

02-05-2003, 11:20 AM
Zanath pushed open the doors of the mountain king and dramaticaly steped into the bar. The patrons ignored him. Then the door bounced of the walls and knocked into him.
He picked himself up and still grinning walked over to the bar were several others were already siting, including a bodyless suit of armour. Zanath wondered for a moment how that managed to keep any liquor down then ignored it. His eyes wandered to the bar tender who he waved at.
The barkeep wandered over wiping a glass with a rather dirty rag. then froze "oh gods no not you again!" he gasped.
"yep its me all right" Zanath was unperturbed he got this a lot "weres that great drink you had last time?"
" you know full well that wasint any drink i keep on tap. somehow you managed to spike a whole barrel of my finest brew" he grimaced "had to throw the lot".
Zanaths face fell "Oh, well in that case ill have your finest brew".
The bartender made a face but served him making very sure Zanaths hands went no where near the barrels.
Zanath smiled as he was served then turned away sureptiously reaching into his pouch for a small pinch of dust. which he sprinkled on the drink. "bottoms up!" he said and chugged the glass.

Klik 'n' Kill
02-05-2003, 11:44 AM
Noisy drunkeness filled the air, the confined space filled with the stench of unclean bodies and the reak of alcoholic beverages that hadn't quite made their way to the victims' mouth. The murky and rather debatable atmosphere hid shady, fuzzy figures in its interior, but crept away from three shapes occupying stools at the bar. One was a tall elegant elf, with flowing white hair; the central one a smaller figure fiddling with a plastic fork; and sitting to the right, a strange motionless character dressed in deep black gothic armour, covering his figure from head to toe.

Araduun gazed at the...man sitting next to him, who it appeared had drunk so much alcohol that it was almost oozing from his skin. He was screaming unintelligable things at the bartender, (who had just grudgingly slid him another drink) while the elf seemed surprisingly interested in the phrase UNDEAD that had slipped from his lips........."undead, you say?"
That voice!! It was the same that had gloated over Araduun's fallen bones, and posed such a ridiculous riddle about fish. He seemed to have a grudge against the undead, or at least skeletons like Araduun's former incarnation. Well, there was no need to be shapist about it! This was the MODERN world after all...But there WAS something that the post-skeleton had to tell him...what was it? His memory seemed to be slipping.....oh well, time for a drink.

"BARKEEP!!" he bellowed in his best coffin-wrenching voice. The Bartender floated over to him automatically at the summons, the phrase "Your pleasure, sir?" dying on his lips as he surveyed his patron. "ummm..." he stammered, trying for some words to describe what he saw - "you're, ahh.....umm....are u sure u want....wait...you don't have any......neck......face......body......"
He trailed off beneath the animated suit of armour's horridly non-existant gaze.

"Just gimme a drink" it rumbled.

02-05-2003, 12:22 PM
Malakai entered the bar and immediatly noticed the antogonists from the earlier brawl. There was the elven guy who asked the stupid riddle, the empty suit of armor, HAM, and the spoon... thing (Malakai wasn't sure what race that dude was), other life forms of surprising variety filled the tables. Malakai strode through the crowd to sit as far away as possible from ham, which happened to be rather close to the former skeleton.

As he sat down next to the suit he took a casual glance towards ham and the skeleton, to his amazement the former skeleton was, for lack of a better word, DRINKING? Ham, as usual had several glass of "the hard stuff" in front of him, mainly empty. Malakai simply spoke in a quiet voice "the usual", seconds later the barkeep had slid a tumbler of clear liquid in front of Malakai, it fizzed violently as it corroded the sides of the tumbler. Malakai simply downed it in one swallow.

Malakai liked his drinks strong.

He decided to at least try and be sociable to the armor next to him (the fight was over after all), "now why'd you have to go and knock down the gates like that?", he asked.

02-05-2003, 12:48 PM
dammit forgot my profile hadint been posted, since mellissa seems disinclined to put it on her website ill post it here

name: Zanath (male)

race: seems human- kinda hard to be sure

apperance: A thin wiry boy with spiky red hair and tanned skin. has various missmatched peices of armor and ragged and frayed clothes. large puch around his waist and a sword scabard on his back( usually empty he loses his sword a lot)

age: unknown he lost track a couple of centuries ago but he looks like a 16 year old

class: zanath has been most classes at one point or another in his life but rarely remains in one class for more than a fortnight and forgets most of what he learned after a month- thus he can learn news skills faster but losses older ones in the process

alignment: chaotic neutral zanaths actions are completly random and are not motiveated by anything other than childish curiosity although he prefers the underdog side this is not extremely consistent

ablities: zanath knew alot of abalites but has forgoten most of them currently he knows, burning fists (spell) axe throwing, and a rather noisy woppey cusion type spell

possesions: Zanath has a lot of possesions gained over centuries of traveling however all of these are in a pouch he wears at his waist that leads to a small poket dimesion, the pouch however has become semi sentient and resentful over the years and never gives zanath anything he wants or need.

personality: like that of a child zanath is full of curiosity and interest in the world around him but has no sense of self preservation what so ever - if you hear him say oops its probably a good idea to start running

background: Zanath was a adventursome kid who found his way in to the lair of a rather powerful wizard and upset some experiments, the wizard was pissed and 'cursed' him to wander the world unchanging and not growing up zanath rather liked the idea of this and thanked the wizard profusly before wandering off to begin his adventures

If At First You Don't Succeed...Blame Someone Else And Seek Counseling.

02-05-2003, 01:20 PM
Giladril sat with mounting frustration as more and more people entered the bar. he could see that he was going to have to move else where to finish his glass of water in peace.
Suddenly a word leaped out of the air, "UNDEAD".
The deep lined face of the elf turned sharply towards the figure that had just uttered the filthy word.
"Undead you say..."
"I seem to be having incredible luck with running into those disgusting creatures in this town"
"Where can i find these undead, I would very much like to... level a dispute with them..."

Before the fork endowed figure could reply Giladril swivelled in on his stool gazing through the refigured armour. "You there! I'm still waiting for an answer, do not try my patience."

The elfs attention refocussed on the fork.

The Creator
02-05-2003, 01:42 PM
Origatem received another sturdy kick in the shins as he put the young man on the ground in front of the girl, Origatem was preparing a hard backhand for the dis-respectful fool when he noticed that the boy was having the same looks pass over his face as before, Orgiatem was prepared this time, when the little one ran off screaming prophentities at the small imp that stood innocently across the square........Origatem whipped out a large hand and clamped it on the boys shoulder, lifting him off the ground, the boy thrashed madly, and then something happened that made Origatem nearly loose control, he raised both eyebrows as he watched the book fly out of the boy's hand, "SHIIIIII...."

Origatem wasn't quick enough to drop the young one and his arms were nearly pulled from their sockets as the boys weight at least increased tenfold, Origatem watched as the boy's eye's glowed a dark crimson and he let out a roar that seemed to old to be coming from his mouth, both hands raised and a ball comprised of the blackest material Origatem had ever seen appeared there, it grew and grew, without stop, Orgiatem calmly turned and walked to the corner of a nearby house and sunk his claws in deep into the brick work and crouched to hold himself in place, there was a deafening hiss that seemed to erupt all at once from the ball in the boys hands and Origatems legs were ripped from the ground and he screamed as he was pulled and tore, his coat ripping to shreds, his fingers cracking against the hard concrete.

The boy let the energy fly, it flew into the sky, sucking everything in its path into its dark body, destroying and crushing anything that entered its surface, it flew and crushed iteself into the plate that was the previous gate of the strong citythe gate was pulled from the ground in its entirerity, there was a slow crush quickly followed by a greating explosion as the hard material gave way and it shattered into a thousand pieces, and then there was nothing.....the ball that had once been there faded into nothing, the explosion of the gate throwing the book far into the air and landing in the out stretched hand of the boy.

Origatem looked around quickly, pulling his hands from the masonary, and looking down at his dishevled coat,.....he patted a patch of material that was still there on his shoulder, whispering something under his breath in a rolling tongue, the wind around him formed a quietly sighing vortex and when the dust had cleared from around his body, he looked down with a quick smirk, this fabric was amazing stuff.....he heard the small croaking voice of the boy roll over him as he finished looking at his 'new' coat, "Hey Oggy, you just going to stand there, GET ME OUT!!".

Origatem glared across at the boy that was by now knee deep in the ground and stomped over to where he was stuck, reaching down and grabbing a roll of his clothing in a fist pressed to his chest, "You stupid fool! How could you do something so stupid? Have you learnt nothing from what i told you before?" Origatem raised a hand and struck the boy hard across the hard of the face, and then pushed him backwards through the hard ground, no matter what he said and then pulled him upwards, holding him in one strong hand far up in the air, "If you do anything to endanger that book, or me ever again....i will kill you, understand me?" Origatem lowered the boy slightly and hit him again (not so hard this time) and then threw him to the ground, letting him slide along the ground in a hump.

Origatem paid no heed to the boy as he started to sob quietly to himself, he merely pointed one finger down at him and growled at the girl, "Well can you fix our problem?"


02-05-2003, 04:17 PM
Ham, giggling drunk, propped himself up against the bar and talked intently as if the entire bar was listening, "Oh yeshhhh,. Undead.. I heeer they likes to live in big scary towershhh and I haf to go to the big tower.... So I don't get killed anymoresh, I mean so the men won't try to kills me anymore..." Ham showed the elf the assassin's weapon, "Wanna come???"
Ham waited for an answer,...
"Hold on..." Ham interrupted, with a great heave, Ham threw up into a spitoon next to him,
"Hey,.. I found some treasure!" Ham reached into the spitoon and pulled out a silver coin, "wow, it's my lucky day!, King! Get me another drink!" Ham tossed the putrid coin onto the bar counter,.. King arrived with another drink,.. He looked carefully at the slimy coin and thought carefully,.... "Erm,. Keep it."

Ham turned back towards the elf, "So, you were shayinggg?"

02-05-2003, 04:36 PM
Ten gargantuan ogres lined up on a tiny dark elven woman, slowly waving their solid greatclubs through the air. They sneered down and gave off grunts of confusion as to why the young miss was daring to challenge them with her bizzare garb and tiny foil, but not being too discriminating in who they killed, the foul men advanced. The forest around them began to buzz with excitement as it's overlords thundered to the fight, the earth shaking with each step and wind gusting with each breath. As they closed the distance to 30 metres ahead of her, the stranger made her move. Whipping her blade to her side, he leaned forward and made a deadly dash towards the center brute. Hoping to flatten her with a quick swipe downward, the ponderous giant brought down his cudgel with terrific force, but the girl was to quick, for she had already darted between his legs and readied herself for the kicker. While the huge beast was yanking out his club from the ground, she had made a magnificent leap into the burning skies, quickly drew out her vorpal blade, and dropped on top of the beast, blade first. The silvery metal of the foil radiated a dark blue and released reckless tendrils of glowing electric energy through the body of the corpulent titan. Black smoke arose from the chasm the blade had left in the brute's skull and it's eyes had begun to dribble from their sockets, onto the charred flesh below. It's balance began to falter and tipped forwards. The other ogres, who were only now beginning to realize the death of their friend, tried to keep his cadavre aloft, all the while trying to swat the ruthless assassin. But her agility was too great, and she merrily danced across the length of her ride's broad shoulders and jumped onto the next ogre. The giant was terrified of facing a similar fate to his comrade and frantically tried to shake of his attacker, but keeping well entreched in the loops of the beast's ring mail, the dark elf made a lazy sweep of her blade. This time, the glowing red razor tip spat out a column of thin white flame that cleanly severed the second ogre's head from his neck, and made melted the faces of the adjacent row of ogres. As the now-dead monster made his fall to terra firma, the nimble warrior made a neat flip back down to the ground and sheathed her weapon. Turning back to the remaining bandits, she beckoned to them with her palm. However, the foul creature's had lost their appetite for battle and quickly fled back into the dark forest whence they came. The day had been won and the dark elf was victorious. She was a mighty fighter and now the world could see how she...OWW!

Vespertine awoke with a start, a large rock landing on her head as if from nowhere. With a pained expression affixed to her face, the dark elf slowly brushed her stark white hair away from her face and took a look at the sky.
"Where the hell did that rock come from?" she spat out in rage. Quickly gazing around, she added "And where the hell did my room go?" The hotel room she had taken the day before had miraculously exploded around her while she slept. Looking around the floor, she saw the large bone that had awoken her before. Picking it up, she hurled it into the air, but was soon nursing her head again, as the bone fell back from the sky, on to her bruised head. In a daze she crawled out of bed and began scrabbling at the rubble around her.
"Vector? Vector, where the hell are you? From underneath a nearby scrapheap, a finat murmuring could be heard. Shuffling over to the pile, Vespertine began shovelling the broken debris and found who she was looking for.
"What took you so long?" chided the angry sword. It was a fine duelist's blade, a deadly foil fit for the king, if not for the unfortunate frays on the blade. It also was the young woman's friend and travel companion. "I've been buried under that mound o' crap for ages now. Look at me! I've got more chips than a blind beaver!"
"Sorry, I was dreaming again" she stammered. "It was a good dream too, I think you were in it."
"I don't care about that. Look here, I think something is wrong. I first gathered that when the house blew up. It looks like the chance we've been waiting for, your chance to be a hero!"
"Yeah! You're right. But first I need a drink to shake off this splitting headache I have. I'm going to the bar. And since when have you cared about damge. You're a shapeshifter! You can repair yourself." Embarrassed, the sword, glew a slight pink and slowly returned itself to it's former glory. "I swear Vector, you're thinking more and more like a sword with each passing day." she chuckled to herself.

Quickly belting Vector to her back, Vespertine quickly made her way to the 'Mountain King' bar, it was the only familiar building left standing. As she walked, she noticed the devastated scenery, it looked like the scene of a great, great battle. It also looked like the scene of a carnival. She quickly rushed past the fanning flames and arrived at the bar. She stood at the entrance and stared at the sorry collection of would-be adventurers, drunkards and other weirdos. This looked like the perfect crowd to hang around. Licking her lips, she strode through the door. Looking around for a spare table at the back, she found a wooden rectangle waiting for her and she seated herself. Quickly waving to the tavern wench, she ordered a glass of water and cradled her head in her arms.

02-06-2003, 05:29 AM
Giladril pondered a second and then began his reply again.
"I will follow you to this tower. Do not misunderstand my words, I am going for the undead and will i no way assist you in any quest of your own except where these decadent undead creatures are involved."

Giladril finished the glass and stood up, stretching his aging muscles. "I will wait outside for only so long" He warned as he slid his way though the mangle of bodies occupying the bar.
Gliding pass the floating armour one long white finger shot out and flicked the helmet. As the elf approached the door and stepped out side he could still hear the resounding gong as it rang through the building. Amazing resonance.

Brushing pass a tall hurried figure entering the bar, Giladril stood outside and took a deep breath of fresh air. Subconsciously his mind registered that it had been a dark elf that had just passed by but this fact did not contain any importance for further thought. Finding another place to stand and wait did, the place was starting to fill up with flies attracted to the sprawling dead bodies. So as the darkness of night began to descend upon the aging afternoon, Giladril moved to a spot across the square to wait.

Emerald Dragon
02-08-2003, 10:18 AM
ooc: Nice you could join us Wes, I was beginning to miss that "unconventional" style of writing you have.

And Paul Alexander Grimmer, I needn't have to scream at you...It's hardly fair to kind of abuse me even though I am technically banned from the computer. I pulled a lot of strings for this. I'll post your profile when I've got a bit more time. But I'm not exactly as lazy as I used to be. School comes first now, sadly. (And again it's spelt M-e-l-i-s-s-a.)

ic:Adele heard the small distant cry. It was familiar, but still unknown to her until she faced its owner.

"...Bhren..." She whispered under her breath as the man plucked him from the crowd and pushed him in front of her. The young boys wirey hair was just as much since the last time she saw him.

"What do you mean 'can I fix your problem'? It is your problem alone! If you had not taken what didn't belong to you, then you shall suffer with it. The boy is now in debt to me. But YOU shall take responsibility. The book has chosen HIM, might be a part of this prophecy Sam so forcibly drummed into my head."

"Answer me this child, what happened to you? The book wouldn't...stop squirming...dammit, leave him alone!" She screamed at Ogiratem. She quickly drew her knife to his throat for the second time, edging a little closer drawing blood.

"I'm warning you, back...holy hell, who are you?" Noticing his abnormal blood.

She quickly shoved the young man out of the way before attending to the boy. The dirt smudged along his youthful features was almost adorable, she wiped at them carefully revealing his normal skin tone.

She shook him severely then looked to his face, then the book stuck to his arm. "Bhren, it is important you must tell me what happened!" Her voice urgent.

Klik 'n' Kill
02-09-2003, 12:04 PM
The floating helmet began to spin eerily as it rang across the gloomy bar, the expressionless emptiness that passed for Araduun's face rotating slowly until it finally came to rest facing the man who had dared to strike up "small talk". Recognition registered faintly in Araduun's mind - this was the same "heroic" fighter he had knocked flat in the battle outside. He took a sip from his mug, just for effect, and savoured his acquaintance's confusion as the drink disappeared into his non-existant form. By now the whole bar was staring at the abomination, attracted by the ringing caused by that wretched elf......Araduun made a mental note to have a few words with him (after he explained about the fish, of course). Ignoring the incredulous stares, Araduun struck up conversation offhandedly:
"I am Araduun, and the last time I walked this world with living steps has almost faded from memory. I came to plunder and pillage this place, and the gates were in the way" - he eyed the shady figure on his left, which had just jumped atop the bar - "but I see little point in following through with that now: there's little here but mud, madness, and two bit heroes."
His listener was obviously offended at this, but the dead have little in the way of tact, and Araduun barreled on: "in fact..."
However, at that moment he was interrupted by the alcohol-saturated....man....standing on the bar screaming out "who wants to help me kill the m***** *** f******* b**** *** *** ******* that this belongs to?????" swinging a mace embossed with a family coat of arms and effortlessly pronouncing row after row of asterisks. Araduun considered this for a moment then swiveled his "head" back to his conversational partner.

"Well?" he asked.

02-09-2003, 12:51 PM
Ham, sat down on his barstool and immediately slipped off, he realised he must've vomited on the stool as well. As usual, King rode up from across the bar with a sobering serving of goatsmilk, only this time it was a few gallons, King funneled the yellow liquid into Ham's mouth, picked him up and gave him a pat on the back; "Go get 'em."

Ham strode proudly, feeling more sober than he had been all week, walked out the bar, over to the elf accross the square and saying "let's go"; the elf seem quite bothered by Ham's mixed odour of alcohol, vomit and goat's milk. "perhaps you should clean yourself up and change your cloak, don't want to be waking up more dead people we can handle."

And so Ham removed his cloak and vomitted onto it, he wiped his face with a clean portion before burying the garment in a hole he dug with his bare hands; "that'll grow an interesting tree methinks" Ham replaces the pink cloak with one from an acrobat lying on the ground, a dark red cloak.

"You coming?" Says the elf.
"Might as well help save my own life, let's go" replied Ham.

Emerald Dragon
02-09-2003, 04:00 PM
ooc: Sean, no matter how much you censor those words, we all knew you had it in you... :D

The Creator
02-09-2003, 05:36 PM
The knife pressed itself against Ogiratem's throat again as he glared down at the boy, without even a second thought Ogiratem stood tall again, his hand whipping out, a long thumb flicking backwards a brushing a button further back on his arm, a slender dagger was thrown into his hand, and he held it close to the girls neck. He held it limply in his hand, and let the sharp point glide of the skin on her neck, not cutting her, but leaving a red mark in the blades wake.

He looked down at her, his face void of emotion, "Me, little one? I am Ogiratem Turos, i am a tradesman of sorts. I know of your name Ms. O'Darian from my current employer, and i sourly suggest to you little miss that if you value your life, you will remove the blade from my neck," his grip strengthened on the knife and it pressed deeper into her throat, "And as for your little friend here...." Ogiratem's free hand darted out and picked the boy up by the shoulder, dangling him in front of the girl, "If you value HIS life, you won't let me take him back to my employer still attached to this damn book! Have you got my drift my friend?"


02-10-2003, 04:56 PM
A cloudy glass of what could very well be water slid in front of the dark elf. Raising her head from her hands, she took a quick swig from the glass and turned to thank the serving lady, but was shocked by the hateful glare that she recieved. Breaking her stare, Vespertine quickly and quietly downed her cup of liquid and placed Vector on the table. He glowed a faint blue for a moment, a trick that always impressed his companion, and then returned to his original silver sheen.
"This place looks like a good place to start a grand quest!" smiled the eager adventurer. "It has everything: weird people, unsavoury looking freaks, nightmarish undead, and it's certain to have someone in need of my skill!"
"Well I dunno." murmered the sword, it's blade twisting and straightening with uncanny deftness. "I mean, sure. This place has it's...charms, but do you really want to hang around with these losers?" His last line came out a bit louder than usual, alerting the ogre sitting behind him.

"You 'ave a problem wit us puny lady?" the meaty hulk grunted as it casually tossed it's chair across the room. Vespertine's eyes flicked up to the beast, her crimson eyes attempting to diffuse the situation with fear. However, the ogre, who was many times her height, was safe in the knowledge that nothing smaller than him could possibly hurt him. He pounded his slab of a hand on to the table she was perched at and stared down at her.
"I says, do you ave a problem, wit us, puny longear?" The ogre spat out tiny droplets of green drool and exhuded the foetid stench of centuries old cheese. The dimunitive woman slowly pegged her nose and gave a sly smile.
"Well I didn't before, but it must be said, your mere presence at this table is insulting. Leave me alone." Vespertine was not one to think of conclusions and before she knew it, the ogre had raised her several metres from the floor with two fingers on his left hand. With a sickly grin twisted onto it's distorted face, the misshapen giant strode to the door and carelessly tossed the girl outside, leaving her a crumpled heap on the foul muck outside.

The ogre laughed his way back to his seat to try and find the pretty looking sword. In his ignorance however, he had not noticed a large blue rat race out the front door alongside him. The scurrying vermin swiftly ran up beside his fallen companion and shifted back into a familiar duellist's foil.
"Sorry about that mess I got you into, but I think you might need to chooses your words better. You can't start a fight with everyone, you know." The blue shimmer ran down the blade's edge as it spoke. Vespertine raised her head onto one arm, the weight of her unorthodox plated armour keeping her down in the soft ground. It was like tar on her armour.
"He was asking for it, he can't call me names and get away with it. I'll show him, when I can pull myself up from this filth."

02-11-2003, 10:07 AM
Zanath glanced blerily around the bar. that dust packed a wallop. He got unstedily back to his feet and looked around the bar. The floating armour and a cloaked human were talking at the bar but everybody else interesting seemed to have left the bar. And they had just got there!
He wandered unsteadily over to the two at the bar and dinged the armour. it made a rather peircing sound that made Zanath groan, the hangover was setting in allready, well at least the stuff passed quickly.
"hello" he said to the 2 "either of you two seen anything interesting to do around this town?"

Emerald Dragon
02-11-2003, 01:32 PM
"I value no one's life but my own Mr. Turos. But the sheer delight of understanding your ignorance brings a wonderful shine to the whole situation, don't you think?" She smiled somewhat seductively, removing the dagger from his hand.

It was obvious to her that he had no idea what he was up against. His subterfuge was damaged due to a bad disguise, that was clear. Not to him, so to speak. Adele looked at the half-orc almost in fearful contempt, she played with her hair a little and flicked it out of her face, before turning back to the boy. She heard the man grunt from behind her, but made no indication that she was going to apologise. She gave him a defiant glare and turning to the boy she said watching over him with a gentle hand.

"The book has preserved his life. To remove it would be death to him. I care not for you mission, but if you kill the boy, then I have no choice but to kill you too. He is the one, I know it. We should venture to a library to find how we can exorcise the book from him but still be able to keep his life. I will not let him die under your control, do you hear me?" Her voice came out like the daggers she possessed herself, of course it was her pride that stopped her from letting him see her weakness.

02-11-2003, 02:09 PM
"well next time knock down the _south_ gates", retorted Malakai.

Just then Ham decided to leap up onto the bar and yell something barely coherent about killing the owner of a certain mace. Malakai shifted his gaze back to the suit as Ham staggered out, "i have ... business to finish with the drunk one, and as for you, at least i control my own soul".

As he turned back to his next drink Malakai heard someone ask "either of you seen anything interesting to do in this town?". Malakai downed his last shot and said "No" as he turned and left in pursuit of ham.

Malakai deftly broke the arm of a foolish mugger as he left. It was time to pay the blacksmith a visit about a certain sword.

02-12-2003, 10:42 AM
A fleeting thought passed through Giladril's mind as he wondered what sort of creature he was about to follow on this "quest". Then it vanished, it didn't matter, there were undead out there to destroy.
His elfish ears picked up a distant ring coming from the bar causing the elf to chuckle under his breath as he imagined that poor floating armour being hit again. Eventually he would have to destroy that one as well but for now he was content to let it suffer.

Meanwhile, that pink cape was getting really annoying, it wasn't like the century aged Giladril to ever feel self conscious in public,
but that pink cape...

"Lead the way... thing... with... fork..., no that doesn't work, what are you? Don't stop, explain as we go to find this filth that must be destroyed."

02-12-2003, 01:31 PM
Ham fought the urge to slay those who dared ask unneccesary questions, but at this very moment, he thought it would pay to be nice.

"I am an engineered specimen, my parent specimens were both Quintesson, one with near-perfect resistance to magical energy and the other, an accomplished mercenary leader. All Quintessons have an extent of trans-dimensional ability, which made us perfect for assassination. After extensive macro-engineering I was deemed a near-perfect specimen, and having that, nobody dared stand in my way when i chose to leave the order i was created to serve."

That last part was a lie, up until the fall of the August meteor upon the stronghold, the Order's stronghold was a graveyard for Ham's former comrades.
The two neared the tower, bunnies danced about their feet and hummingbirds sang in their wake, a refreshing mist filled the air, clouds seemed not to exist in the clear blue sky and trees lined the edges of the golden footpath, SAUSAGE TREES!

Suddenly, a rock hit Ham square in the face... Followed a fireball which burned the surrounding area, the grass, the bunnies, the SAUSAGE TREES! It was a mage, standing at the top balcony of the tower, another assassin, the sentry turned and ran back inside the tower, fun was to be had...

02-13-2003, 09:48 AM
Zanath turned to watch the human leave the bar then turned back to the armour. Which seemed to be ignoring him. reaching into his pouch his hand grasped a pot, withdrawing his find Zanath found that he had got a pot of pink paint.
Zanath grined evilily and upended it on top of the animated armour. As it stood up spluttering with rage he turned tail and ran out of the bar, past a dark elf lying in the mud and down a side street.
After a sutible amount of time (and lifting several items from store fronts) he wandered back onto a main street and followed the faint voice of Ham up to the base of the tower.
Seeing a battle about to commence Zanath found a nice rock and sat down to wait and look for an inopertune time to barg in on the wrong side.

02-13-2003, 11:16 AM
Bhren holding his jaw looked on as the two squabbled, then suddenly he felt Ogiratem's hand reef him off the ground. Shaking him like a rag doll, the large man barks -
"If you value HIS life, you won't let me take him back to my employer still attached to this damn book! Have you got my drift my friend?"

Dropping back to the ground Bhren tried to protest but his just clicked and he got nothing more than a sigh out, a painful one. Adele started her retorts and Bhren couldn't do anything more than stand there in silence. Again looking at the two, seeing them glare at each other with angst, Bhren couldn't help but feel uneasy with both of them.

"The book has preserved his life. To remove it would be death to him. I care not for you mission, but if you kill the boy, then I have no choice but to kill you too. He is the one, I know it. We should venture to a library to find how we can exorcise the book from him but still be able to keep his life. I will not let him die under your control, do you hear me?"

Looking at Adele glaring back at Ogiratem, Bhren still wasn't overly convinced. Neither of the two had the same intentions for the book and that would only lead to a lot of turmoil for Bhren considering he was the one in the middle. Forgeting his jaw, Bhren thrust his mouth open to say something and with a painful crunch it popped back into place. They both looked at him wincing in pain... "I don't suppose 'I' have a say in this at all..."

Ogiratem booming over the top of the small boy... "NO!!!". Bhren cowered back covering his face fearing another backhand from the giant. Adele stabbed the half-orc with her eyes, "Don't speak to him like that!!" And the two started to argue once more.

Bhren decided to take the opportunity to get away from them both. With the two arguing loudly, he peeped "i'm just going... to... the toilet, yes the toilet!" With little attention paid to him, Bhren made his way into a nearby establishment, ran past a whole bunch of drunken people and straight out the back door. Running down some back passages he made his way over the remaining rubble of the gate and out into the wasteland in search for the imp that plagued his past.

The Creator
02-13-2003, 02:03 PM
He felt the dagger yanked from his hand, he watched the girl turn her back and flick her hair over her shoulder with a smirk, Ogiratem's fist curled as he prepared to take the girls head from her shoulders in one clean blow, but as he prepared his strike, his sense came back to him, What am I doing? What has this girl done to make me so mad? his hand fell back to his side quickly with an embarrsed look spreading over his face. Ogiratems hand flew out and grabbed the girls elbow and he dug his long fingers in between the joints with precision, she screamed and her arm flew out straight, Ogiratem's other hand grabbing the dagger out gently, fluently the blade slided up his sleeve, and with that he put both hands behind his back and glanced down at the girl with another wink over the crest of his glasses.

"Removing this book from the boy? You think we can do it without loosing little sir's life?" Ogiratem looked down with a releived sigh to where the boy had stood to let him know the good news, his head tilted in confusion when he saw nothing more then blank ground, "Where did he get to now?" Ogriatem turned looking over his shoulder and then back to the girl, "Now look what you've done! Did you see where he went? It seems we are working for equal goals, we might as well look for him together......."


Emerald Dragon
02-13-2003, 05:12 PM
ooc: Just occured to me that Vespertine and her sword are reminiscent of Viconia and the sword Lilacor...is it just me, or have I been playing too much BGII?

Her elbow buckled under the pain it received from her assailant.

"You *******..." She slapped him forcefully with her free hand bringing it up openly to his cheek with sharp contact.

"The boy has run away can't you see. I don't blame you or myself. He has done it on his own accord. For you to openly blame me shows your immaturity, leave me be and let the boy die, you'll never get that book back in one piece." She flinched still feeling the beating pain rise up into her arm. Giving him a dark glare which was reflected back to her in the very same way she left him alone to find Sam.

"Poor Sammas...he must be heartbroken." She thought to herself sadly shaking her head while gently cradling her injured elbow.

The Creator
02-13-2003, 06:12 PM
Ogiratem watched as the girl stomped off rubbing at her elbow, he shook his head, silly girl! Patting around on his person he started to walk slowly forward, pulling a small object from a pocket to his side, he rubbed a hatch on the side and the object he held sprang into action, growing to at least twice the size that it was before, growing to fit exactly into the 'mans' hand, with that Ogiratem lightly thumbed a few patches on the device and placed it to his ear.

"Hello sir.....sorry sir, i know you are busy, it won't happen again......yes i know sir, i am most sorry.........I am calling to let you know that this book is proving more difficult to acquire then thought..........yes it is her, but there is something else...........a young boy has become fused to........yes that’s right sir.......sorry sir..........What sir?...........no I’m sure that’s not necessary........ok then sir if you insist.........45 minutes sir? Certainly, I’ll be expecting you.........thank you si....."

There was a gentle sigh from Ogiratems clenched lips as he continued to walk after the retreating girl. Taking a double look around at his surroundings, making sure the girl wasn't leading him to a trap, he looked into a bar that he was passing and had to suck in his stomach and bend his back as a projectile flew threw the door, his eyes followed it as it hit the ground a slid for many meters, it turned out to be another small girl, wow! Girls in this city were certainly obsessed with fighting! "Weak people shouldn't fight little one...." He called over to the sliding figure.

Turning back to Adele he started to walk quicker, stretching his long legs out and quickly catching up to her, as he walked, he had reached into one of the many pockets and withdrew a small blue packet and pressed hard into a button on its underside, there was a long hiss and a cloud of white smoke, as he walked to the girls side she threw him a venomous look, nearly throwing some sort of insult obviously, but before she could Ogiratem reached down and grabbed the arm he had 'hurt' before and stuck the ice pack to it, "Be calm little miss, i didn't MEAN to hurt you or offend you, but i would appreciate your assistance."


02-13-2003, 06:32 PM
"The NERVE of that guy!" Vespertine was spluttering, she had now drawn herself onto her feet. She stared at the shapeless mass of a human as he proceeded to catch up with the victim of his attention. She couldn't even be sure he was even a human, but she knew a two things: people who harass women and their children should be taught some manners, and that it was a BIG mistake to call her weak!
"How dare he call me a weakling! Vector, you know what to do!" she shouted to her weapon. Instantly, the foil changed into a small rock, big enough to fit in the lithe lady's hand. She hefted it in her throwing arm, and with a good whiff, sent it sailing into the back of the rude man's head. The rock changed back into a duelling blade and floated back to his companion. She snatched him up and locked him into her gauntlet. She slowly trudged forward and made some clumsy slashes with her blade.
"OI! You there, yeah. You heard me! Get back here and tell me that to my face!" Her face was boiling with rage, her eyes were nearly churning with crimson flames. She had bared her teeth like those of a wild animal, one that paid close attention to dental hygiene and regularly flossed. She was ignoring the visible restrictions that her wall of armour afforded her, imbued with some sort of astonishing strength. She strode right up to the ugly humanoid and stared up into it's eyes, her own searching for an answer.
"Well? Who do you think you are?" the dark elf spat out like poison.
"Yeah, your head is really hard, like a brick! I should know because I was one once!" butted the master sword.
Vespertine shot off her nasty gaze, you could've thought she was trying to turn him to stone with the intensity of it.
"I'm waiting..."

Emerald Dragon
02-13-2003, 06:35 PM
Adele felt the sudden released coolness against her and calmed the inflamed skin at her elbow. She stepped back hastily.

"Don't touch me..." She whispered coldly, refusing to keep eye contact. The orc was definitely offended, but stood his ground. She looked up to see a dark skinned-elf talking to her ...sword?

Her response to the heavily cloaked man was cut short. "...I should...ah!!" She grit her teeth in pain as she quickly drew a dart from the back of her neck. Adele looked at it helplessly before falling back into to the orcs arms defenceless.

ooc: Not poisoned, but unconscious. Why me, damn helpless females.

02-14-2003, 01:37 PM
Malakai walked into the smiths workshop and stepped in front of a man talking to the smithy and said "you know what i want". The smithy began to glance round nervously as he walked over to a cubboard and pulled out a two-handed sword. The sword was metallic green in colour and had many intricate runes inscribed upon it, the smithy handed it to Malakai "you didn't get this from me" he murmured.

Malakai held the sword out and examined the craftsmanship, well made and the runes were done properly as well, a very good sword indeed. He sheathed it amd left, he had some sushi chef to hunt.

02-14-2003, 05:00 PM
Bhren stumbling over the huge pieces of gate wreckage climbed down into the sand of the outland. Looking around, he caught sight of small imprints in the sand, gritting his teeth Bhren ran off in the direction of the footprints.

After twenty minutes, the footprints started to fade as the winds gently blew them from the ground. "DAMN IT... damn that thing, I'll get you you little *******!!!" His cursive words echoing off the rocks and across the outland. In frustration, Bhren collapsed in the shade of a large rock formation and started to sob. Placing his book by his side, Bhren cupped his face in his hands and continued to cry openly.

Three nomadic bandits refuging in a nearby cave heard the weeping echo of the boy. The men emerged from their dwelling and jumped down from the rocks surrounding the boy. The leader of the trio spoke, "Pick him up and see what he's got on him boys." With that the two pleb bandits grabbed Bhren under the armpits lifting him off his feet. Going through his pockets one the bandits replied, "Hey boss, nothing but lint and this book 'ere" and with that he threw the leader the book.

The head nomad caught the book in time to see his friends' clothes explode from their back and their arms torn from their sockets. The two naked and armless men stumbled back and passed out in shock. The remaining bandit looked on in horror as the small boy lifted his head to reveal dark burning eyes.

"W...W..W..What in the HELL are you?!?!"

The boy opened his mouth and like a vacuum a cyclonic force wind rushed into his lungs ... his name came forth...


The intense rush ripped the bandit off his feet and briefly dragged him towards G-Bhren. The semi-submerged boy walked towards the man like the earth around him was water. The distrorted nomad scrambled to his feet and started to run off. The emotionless G-Bhren started to eminated a darkened glow, within seconds a massive surge of energy was released.

An enormous implosion ripped all matter towards G-Bhren from fifty metres away in all directions. The implosion was followed by a sound equalled by a nuclear explosion as air cracked in to fill the void. Surrounding rock formation crumbled under the force of the shockwave produced. A two metre sphere of dense matter surrounded G-Bhren, dropped and smashed into the crater floor. It slowly cracked in half and a smoking Bhren emerged as if from an egg... with book in hand.

"WHOA... that was cool!!" Suddenly it occurred to him that his transformation didn't cause him pain. Wiping some left over tears from his eyes, he crawled out of the crater. A light wind blew across his face as he looked back at the silouhette of his town on the horizon. Taking a deep breathe, Bhren started to trek back to his home town with his new found confidence.

The Creator
02-14-2003, 06:19 PM
Ogiratem gasped as Adele fell backwards into his arms, he raised an eyebrow as he heard a quiet snoring arise from the girls mouth, quickly followed by a snort, Ogiratem's eye's travelled down to her hand, and noticed a long dart that she held, putting two and two together, Ogriatem reached up with his free hand and turned her head slowly, moving the smooth hair away from her neck, and surely enough, there was a small, slowly bleeding prick in the back of her neck.

Ogiratems eyes gravitated up from the small wound, not moving his head though, looking at the other girl from beforel, she was holding a long sword in her grasp, and she seemed to be........talking to it? Then her eyes glared up into Ogiratem's, he flicked a smile breifly at her, she started screaming profanities at him, Ogiratem raised an eyebrow, "Say your weak? Well little one I must admit...you didn't SEEM to be winning that fight back there, and the UN-weak usually don't get thrown 50 meters across a field..." before Ogiratem had a chance to ask about the conversation with the sword the young Dark Elf grunted at him, and her glare got more furious.

He bodily hefted the girl higher up his arm so he could carry the girl easier, with this, Ogiratem took a step forwards, getting closer to the 'aggresive' little girl, Ogiratem studied her face breifly, wow! She was one of those Dark Elves from over the mountains, they're supposed to be pretty rare, although they aren't exactly known for their 'swordsman' skills....more of a theif then a warrior, so either this girl is a merit to her race.....or she is ignorant.

Ogiratem took another step with the neutral look, and was VERY shocked when the young Elf took a jab at him with the sword, missing him by mere centimetres, as he tryed to spin Adele out of the way as well....yep, as i thought....just ignorant.....the Dark Elf took a few more very 'loose' jabs at Ogriatem, the orc bending of moving to the side easily as the sword cut nothing more then air as it moved.

Ogiratem shook his head with disappointed, and with a fluid spin he stood calmly beside the now stunned girl that looked up at him, this time he pulled his glasses down his nose slightly with his free hand, and as he lowered it to his side, "Now little miss, what did i say about the weak fighting?" the hand at his side flew to the girls cheek like lightning, giving her a sturdy backhand, she fell to the ground, "If i ever catch you hurting anyone with out just-cause again, trust me little one, your punishment will be worse...."

As the small Dark Elf crumpled, Ogiratem turned and put Adele on the ground as gently as he could, as he looked down, he nearly left her there, standing and preparing to walk away, but as he looked down at her, he raised an eyebrow, such a strange, stubborn young creature she was! He patted his pockets and nodded, reaching down inside his collor, after a bit of rummaging in the recesses of the many pockets, his mouth twitched a smile, and he drew out a vial.

He un-wound the lid, making sure to keep it away from his face, and then knelt again beside the girl and waved the container warily under her nose and then brought it away quickly, putting the lid on and slipping it back down his coat. As his hand came back out, the girl's eye's sprung open and she sat bolt upright with a sneeze and rubbed at her nose.

"Good morning little one, how was your sleep?"


02-14-2003, 07:29 PM
Vespertine was sent flailing to the ground with the shock of a broad slap across her face. Several tears welled upon her eyes from the impact, and she vigourously brushed them away before anyone could notice. She was aware that she would probably have a nasty bruise on her cheek and held her palm against it in comfort.
As she sat rubbing her cheek, Vector decided it was time to take matters into his own hands.
"Don't worry girl, I can handle this." Removing himself from his handler's grasp, he slowly floated over to the bloated hulk and raised his point to it's back. He steadied his aim for a bit and, as quick as an eye blink, hurtled toward the unguarded hide. Just as he was about to tear flesh, he made a sharp 90 degree turn skywards and began changing shape. He had quickly turned into a dark and heavy anvil that wavered as it's flight ability faltered. He lost his hold and fell with all the grace of a brick, directly onto the man-hulk's head. The beast lurched backwards and fell in a heap, not dead but merely sleeping. The anvil fell beside it's head and returned back to it's favoured form. The dark elf watched with glee as her sword returned to her hands, defeating the monster with little ease. Her tears were gone and she removed her hand from the purple mark on her face. She stood back up and approached the young lady who was snoozing beside the giant. With one foot heavily planted on the creature's chest, she looked down upon it's victim. She looked to be a fighter herself, with a nice set of daggers lying by her side. She was beginning to stir now, but didn't look particularly comfortable in her position.
"Are you alright? Did this brute get you too?" she calmly queried.
"You don't need to worry," proclaimed her sword. "He won't be hurting anyone for awhile." Vespertine gave off a slight chuckle upon hearing his words. She extended her arm out as a gesture of goodwill, with a smile beaming across her face.
"Need a hand?"

Klik 'n' Kill
02-15-2003, 11:19 AM
That was the LAST straw!!! Some might think that the patience of the dead is infinite, but Araduun had just reached the end of his. PINK paint slid from his inky black armour, unable to find a purchase on its surreal form, pooling beneath his massive boots. In one fluid motion his barstool shot out from beneath him, his immense height rising above the bar as 7 feet of tempered black steel splintered the reflected light from a dozen lamps. With one solid swing the bar disintegrated, wood shards filling the air as chaos erupted. The barman had already vanished, forewarned of what was to come by that unusual prescience bartender's everywhere. And he was not wrong.

Weapons flashed in the murky air as furniture, limbs and the living all fell victim to the brawl that had erupted, the foolish and the brave charging wildly at the monster before them while others merely claimed the time to settle old disputes. None, however, could match the strength of the 9 foot abomination, as he tore the lives from men, ogres and other beats with equal ease.

From its hidden sheath down the flank of Araduun's hide emerged a massive two-handed Lochaber axe, gruesome in description and terrifying in execution. Its gigantic blade curved wickedly in grotesque arcs, with barbed hooks and sickly twisted spikes biting into the enemy from every angle. The black, floating armour swung it high, and with massive overhand strokes dismembered his closest attackers limb from limb. Its horrific shape seemed out of place amidst its graceful flight, but for the crowd inside the bar it was too much. Screams abounded in the confined room as all its occupants fled, hurtling through windows and diving out the main entrance. Patrons flooded from any exit, filling the street outside before dispersing quickly into the night.
And there strode Araduun himself, the sea of people parting before him as he too emerged into the cool air, seeking more victims for his thirsty vengeance.

As he moved, three nearby figures struck him: a large man was sprawled on the ground and a lithe young female - dark elven by her figure - stood triumphant atop him, with another figure rising from the ground. There was something about them that drew Araduun's attention......
It was Her!!! He noted the blue locks of her that fell over her face as she rose. It was definitely the same girl that had waylaid him earlier in the day, although now something else was amiss...
But now he was behind them, and two heavy gauntlets descended apon the two females. A gasp of surprise sprung from the dark elf's lips as a single hand lifted her clean off the ground while the blue-haired creature was still limp. The fully awake girl's sword seemed to move of its own accord, dragging her arm around as it slid clean through the neck of her assailant.
This raised a deep chuckle from Araduun, lightening his mood further with his victim's shocked expression. There was....NOTHING between his helmet and his shoulders!!!!!!
Araduun's voice thundered out, "My mood is improving, lucky for you. What is going on here??"

02-15-2003, 12:39 PM
The sound of fighting surrounded the Molchean tower as Malakai approached it in search of that spider murdering ham. Malakai had sworn to avenge the death of his friend, and ham would pay dearly for his crime.

He reconsidered the sushi aspect, no ham could be replaced by another sushi chef, Malakai would have his sushi. Then he stopped, if Balshazar was a living creature then he could be reanimated. Malakai decided to face off against ham and find out if he actually meant to kill Balshazar, in the meantime however, the figth could be enjoyed.

He rounded a bend and saw ham, the elf that told the stupid fish riddle and the spoon fighter and ham in amoungst the sausage trees. Malakai walked over to them and waited to see what would happen.

Emerald Dragon
02-16-2003, 03:20 AM
:hammer: ooc: Haha, someone's going to get pounded...

ic: "Aw...hellish damn riots! If I wasn't so... ....well, slap me me silly!" Adele sat up precariously as the young elf came to her aid. She was abruptly dropped to the ground as Vespertine's free arm forcefully pushed out towards a monstrous figure that seemed vaguely familiar.

The sword, as Adele took it had a mind of it's own and Vespertine tried almost desperately to keep in time with it's rugged pace. The result of the short-lived rage of the victim was an oversized helmet, which came off with an inward pop. It then proceeded to fall to the ground with a clang. Of course, the poor girl did nothing except stare with awe.

Adele looking down upon it blew out her cheeks and frantically tried to stifle the laugh that tried to edge it's way from her lips. Her efforts were for naught, as she let out a whimsical and equally loud laugh which reverberated despite the current war which broke out on the inside of the building. Her jovial, yet attractive laughter was again amplified at the sight of Ogiratem's body hanging limp against a broken rafter which had fallen previous to his defeat.

The blue haired maiden stared once again to the disembodied helm, she looked at the floating armour with a disdained interest.

"Araduun...darling! It is you, isn't it? We meet again. I suppose it wouldn't be the best of times to ask for a favour then? One question, what the hell happened to you?" She laughed again then examining the dark elf which had removed the helmet from bare air, otherwise known as Araduun, now nothing more then a floating piece of body armour.

"My dear..." She hugged the elf in a rushed embrace. "I should thank you for getting rid of HIM. He could easily be the bane of my existence. I feel I should need your help, both of you. Are...you interested?" Looking contemptuously at Ogiratem then she gestured to Vespertine, then Araduun.

ooc: Paul, you devious SOB. ...: party ha
Sean, so, now you're a floating piece of armour, now without a head? ...mental. So, I have now just said it comes off. Stupid invisible dead. That would render you invincible. Sorry about that. Put yourself together. ...Better yet, find someone to suck the life out of and possess their body :D

02-16-2003, 06:35 AM
As Ham and the Elf rushed in to combat with the assasins Zanath sat and watched beside a burning sausage tree. Footsteps sounded behind him and he glanced around to see on of the fighters from the gates walking up with a rather shiny sword. Zanath made a note of that sword it looked kinda cool.
Just as he was about to go over and say hi (and see about "aquiring" the sword) there was a loud grating noise and the sewer grate in the middle of the road was pushed aside and out jumped a horde of molochean hand assasins and their zombie slaves. Who proceeded to charge into Ham and the elf.
Well thats more like it thought zanath and whipping out several swords from around his person charged into the back of the mob.

Klik 'n' Kill
02-17-2003, 01:15 PM
ooc: Hmm....considering technically i just lifted u two off the ground? =P Why do people keep having to do funny things to the 9 foot dead walking suit of armour who likes to slaughter people?? Wasn't the bar a lesson enuf? :flames:

The Creator
02-17-2003, 02:17 PM
ooc: :no: Nobody is friendly to Ogiratem, EVEN when he has already been knocked out! In the process of helping someone!! ARGH!! Who exactly hit me? I THOUGHT Wes droped an anvil on my head? When did this helmet come into it? Oh well....'someone' is going to get hurt when he wakes up:flames:

IC: As Ogiratem bent down to try and help the girl to her feet he heard from behind him some kind of manic laughter, just as he was going to turn, something clubbed down heavily on his head, forcing him to the ground with a quickly rising, ringing headache.

He pushed himself onto his elbow's, but as he got one hand to his head and prepared to rub the place where the strike had fallen on the rear of his head, he groaned and fell into darkness as he heard footsteps rush up to him quickly, another blow coming down on his hard skull before he was engulfed by the darkness of un-conciousness a ringing 'dong' fell to his ears.

Ogiratem fell backwards in the darkness, what the hell hit me? A lot of good being 'nice' does! These pathetic humans will pay when Sir get's here! Eternity seemed to stretch out in front of him and behind him, he lay lazily on his back, the pain of his head bringing him back, when the light of day seeped back through his eye-lids, his first reaction was to quickly roll onto his side, and the contents of his stomach emptied themselves on the foot-path beside him, the pain was amazing!

A large hand made its way to the back of his head and he checked for damage, there was a small hole, that was bleeding slowly, but apart from that, the blow had caused no bone damage. Wiping his mouth hurriedly with the sleeve of his coat and spitting onto the ground into disgust, his eyes immediately made themselves off the ground and looked around at the people surrounding him.....some tall ******* with a cloak, and some kind of fancy shoulder armour was standing just about right on top of him......the young Elf from before stood valiantly above the body of some 'former' attacker, that strange sword still in hand........and more abusive then anything else, the little one Adele stood to the side, having a good laugh at something.

Ogiratem pushed himself up into a 'push up position', shaking his head angrily, blood spattered on the ground where his head had lain, and with this, he brought his legs under him, the headache fading as he continued to move...letting the blood flow back into his head, whilst the hole in his head, the blood flow being brought to a quick halt, and already, the blood was drying, and closing the gap between the torn flesh.

With breifly shaking legs, Ogiratem gave himself a quick check over when he stood, and then waved all his limps from side to side, loosening up the tightened muscles. By now the elf had already noticed that the orc had risen, and looked at him with a shocked expression, the tall man before him started to turn to see what the girl was peering at. Ogiratem had to think quickly, with this kind of armour, this guy had to be some kind of warrior, and although strong, Ogiratem couldn't fight succesfully with a REAL warrior, with a glance up and down of the warrior in front of him, Ogiratem raised one strong hand, placing it on the warriors shoulder, his hand closing like a vice, with his second hand he punched deeply into the warriors back, grabbing a huge handful of what he thought was flesh mixed with armour, he easily lifted the giant of the ground.

The monstrosity let out a furious scream down at his 'attacker' before Ogiratem smiled over at the elf, "Another lesson in battle little miss.....never attack from behind without finishing the job, because, when they wake up, they're REALLY angry...." Ogiratem made a snarl at the girl and then changed his grip on the 'warrior' he held so he gripped him by the heavy boots that he wore, Ogiratem charged, ploughing the ground as he ran at the girl, and with one fluid upward swing from the ground with his unorthadox weapon he clubbed the young elf heavily in the chest, lifting her off her feet, making a neat trajectory through the air before hittting the ground hard and bouncing, she landed again and finished with a slide, crumpling into a pile.

Ogiratem thought breifly as he finished his swipe...This guy is gonna be REAL pissed when i let him go.....so instead of letting him go, Ogiratem started to spin slowly on the ground, still holding the warrior by his boots, the pair became nothing more then a blur on the ground before Ogiratem threw the man high into the air over the large crowd that had appeared and begun fighting once again from somewhere......

With a quick paniced look he heard the body screaming profanities as he fell.....this wasn't going to turn out well.......but still he turned and looked at Adele with a slightly dis-appointed look, he began to walk, looking behind her to the alley that she stood in front of, grabbing her by the throat as he walked past her, he shoes leaving tracks in the ground as he pushed her backwards unrelentlessly, "Now for you....I am in no mood for games any longer Miss O'Darian, you will help me now, or i will kill you...."

Ogiratem kept his grip on her throat as he walked further around the corner getting as far away as possible from the warrior that had surely landed by now....He didn't notice in the position where he had laid not long ago. lightening arced from a clear sky, striking the ground, the strike for some reason created no sound what-so-ever and all around the site where it had struck, a cold air blew out-wards as if from a strong office air-conditioner.

There was a flourish of paper and a burst of what sounded like numerous voices talking at once, it was cut off when through the mess a man that was flailing his arms wildly stepped out, he was dressed in what seemed like no more then 3/4 pants and a singlet, but in his left hand he held a long staff that stood well above his other-wise short appearance, he looked both ways and then down at the ground at which he stood, "Where has that incompitant fool Ogiratem got to?" He looked around slowly at the fight that surrounded him and scoffed....."Knowing that brainless Orc....he's probably run into that and got himself killed...."

The first person he saw wander out of the Meleé was some big tall lookin' fella, not even the height of his staff could clamber to equal this one's height, the young man looked up at the tall guy, "Oi You!....have you seen an orc around here? He'd probably be wearing a stupid lookin' black coat......reflective glasses as well, most likely...."


Emerald Dragon
02-17-2003, 03:21 PM
Adele writhed in agony as Ogiratem's grip upon her neck constricted further.

"Ah!! ...I'd much rather die then help you, ...you son-of-a..." He put more force against it, she almost feel into deep delirium screaming.

"Damn *******, the Gods shall surely smite you!" She groaned again, her voice passing merely as a breath. "You shall have to kill me, I won't conform, I won't! Do you hear me? Kill a woman and they will catch you. Then your mission fails. I will then laugh ominously as the Gods shall forever banish you to hell. Kill me, as I request it! You heartless wretch, do it!!"

She finally relaxed, with the little strength she had left, Adele pulled out a nasty looking dagger from her garter and thrust it towards his torso. The result of whether she hit him or not was unknown as she feel into unconsciousness.

ooc: She's stubborn. Simply the best trait, you can choose to dodge the dagger and kill her.

02-18-2003, 09:58 AM
Jumping down off the last boulder of rubble, Bhren looks around from the foot of the broken gate. Some distance down the street he could make out four figures, one was was definitely Ogiratem throwing his weight around pummelling the others. Bhren stood there and shook his head, "Oggy is at again, slap a person here, throw a person waaaaaay over there."

Seeing the large man drag what seemed to be Adele into a side alley, Bhren started to run up the street to where the two had disappeared. On his run up the street, Bhren slid to a stop as a crack of lightning struck the ground releasing a roar of chilled wind. His eyes widen as saw men emerge from nowhere, "Mmmmm... i think i'll take the long way around" and with that he shot up the closest alley near him.

After a quick jog, Bhren came to the end of the alley where Ogiratem stood.

"Hey Oggy, miss me?.... Hey what are you doing to Adele..?"

02-18-2003, 10:00 AM
Zanath danced a storm of death amoung the assasins and zombies flipping left and right his sword failing aroung in seeming disharmony but always finding their mark. Of course it was a different matter if they could be withdrawn from their mark and Zanath had already changed swords several times and was now weilding a small dirk and a flaming torch which he was waving wildly at the Zombies.
But then out of the blue the combatants surrounding him stepped back suddenly. Zanath straightened up and was about to start taunting them back when he noticed the shadow that had started to grow around him... he looked down... and then up. and was struck down by a large suite of armour that fell from the sky.
As Zanath pushed himself up from under the pile of armour he noticed that it was a rather familiar set, one that had been moving around on its own last time he saw it.
But as he always said dont take candy from strangers .... or was it dont look a gift horse in the mouth? anyway there was perfectly good armour lying stunned in the street. So Zanath reached down and grabbed one of the bracers and put it on his arm.
Suddenly the rest of the armour stood up and began glaring at him. Zanath looked down at his arm. and then back up at the armour. This was probably going to be unpleasant.

ooc : sorry sean but its just sooo easy!

02-18-2003, 11:06 AM
Malakai saw the familair suit of armor fall out of the sky into the fight, he also saw the spoon fighter start to put it on, then the rest of the armor started to get up. Malakai decided that it was a good time to join the fight.

Unsheathing his new sword he ran at the zombies and assassins, the first few stood firm in the face of him then sanity prevailed and they began to run as their comrades began to fall like wheat before a scythe. One particular zombie annoyed him, it had a sword imbedded in it's shoulder, the mighty weapon Malakai held refused to pass smoothly through the offending blade.

He decided to solve the matter another way. At a word the sinewy roots of the sausage trees burst from the ground and brought down most of the assassins and undead around him, leaving a clear path towards ham.

Malakai's saw red as his anger rose uncontrollably, he would have his revenged if it cost him everything he had. With a roar that even gave pause to the undead he charged at ham and swung the sword with every scrap of strength he could summon...

ooc: um sean you have to admit it WAS funny when araduun got disassembled :D

02-18-2003, 04:35 PM
OOC: Poor little seany

IC: Giladril's sword muscles had just been getting in the mood of the slaughter when suddenly the onslaught ceased with the explosion of sausage trees from the ground. it was then that the elf spotted the ball of cloth and fury bearing down on his... Ham...

With lighting reflexes Giladril side stepped, spun, launched forwards and flicked the strangers legs out from under him using the flat of his sword.

As the form fell Giladril was surprised by the speed that it was able to twist to see him standing behind, before hitting the ground on his back. Not that this mattered, reflex had taken over the elf and what the brain processed had very little relevance.
The sword swung in an arch with the point pinning down the attackers own glowing blade. And positioning a well placed foot to pin what could now be made out as a man, Giladril began, "It would be appreciated if the fork guy wasn't harmed, you see i need him to lead me to the rest of the undead. Of course i'm not an unfair person, i don't care what you do after he has shown me the way."

The blue eyes dug deep as a reply was awaited.

OOC: Hey sean you are technically pink now arn't you?? from the paint??

Emerald Dragon
02-18-2003, 05:09 PM
ooc: Poor Seanie darling... boneless, helmetless and now bracerless. Seems like he's the perfect character to pick on.

H-ey...new smilies w00t! :woot: Groovy baby, feel the burn...:flames:

02-19-2003, 12:02 PM
Malakai was pissed. The stupid elf with the stupid sword and the stupid stupid stupid fish riddle had knocked him down.

Now was the time to take assertive action, stretching his over utilised powers to their limits he foresaw the elfs next move. He twisted sideways as he knocked the elfs foot away then threw himself into the air. He landed cat-like and dived forwards, sheathing his arcane blade and withdrawing his poisoned blades in that instant.

Then his surroundings finally caught up with his mind, he stopped and said "Undead?", he said it agian "Undead?", then he yelled "thats it!!!". He didn't need to kill ham after all, he could re-animate Balshazaar. He turned to see the elf staring at him stonily, he spoke again "um, sorry?".

Whatever, the elf could wait, Balshazaar's spirit beckoned. With a final cry both ham and the spoon fighter converged on the last standing assassin, he wasn't standing for long. They all turned and faced one another, "now what?" Malakai asked.

ooc:ben did that riddle even have an answer?

02-19-2003, 12:02 PM
Vespertine lay sprawled out over the soft mud, flecked with small bits of loose dirt. She was drooling out a small puddle of violet blood, stopped over a minute ago. Her sword arm was still tightly gripping Vector, as he shaked vigourously to get free from his unconscious companion. Success! He managed to wriggle loose and slowly hovered the tattered form. He observed the battle that was raging behind him and started glowing a light red.
"Too bad you aren't awake for this, you would have loved it." he sadly grated. He wheeled around in the air making some fancy cartwheels and bobs as though handled by an expert.

"I'm gonna get things a bit safer for now." With that, he shimmered with a radiant glint and molded his form to match that of an adult Black Dragon, his intimidating appearance matched his
formidable size. Towering over the scant contents of the whole town, he gave off a sharp hiss at the brawling crowds.
"Hey! Shut up! The lady is trying to sleep here!" At the mere sight of the swamp lizard, most of the attackers fled in terror. At his stern warning the rest got confused, but ran off all the same. To make sure his presence was known, he outstretched his great wings and made a dark shadow flutter across the moon, like some great bat. The beast flashed for a few moments, and shifted into a heavily armoured humanoid, decked in black-laquered full plate mail. He was a titan of metal, his face enclosed in a full helm, complete with red eye sockets and wispy smoke coming from the grill. He strode over to the young dark elf and hefted her on his shoulder.

Looking around, he noticed that there were a few scant fighters who were stuck in awe at the shapeshifting phasm. It was not every day a sword would change into a dragon, into an adamantite golem. As he walked past the ragged bunch, he noticed the brutish ogre from the bar. Raising his left arm, he balled his fist and jerked his middle finger at him. Passing by, he decided it would be best to find a place of shelter. The streets weren't very busy, so it was interesting to find a young man staring into a darkened alleyway. Curious, he made a little distance behind him and had a look too. The alleyway contained that idiot of an orc and he had once again dragged the blue-haired woman into it. The boy looked like he meant business with that big book of his. Why, he could clout the big freak on the nose. Vector wasn't looking to abandon his master, but couldn't bring himself to leave the boy alone with jerkface, so he decided to wait and see what would unfold.

02-19-2003, 12:38 PM
OOC: Hey um Mathew, could you explain what just happened in you last post. My interpretation is a bit fuzzy (ie I have no idea what happened, especially in that last paragraph) Just a quick explanation would help quite a bit.

BTW If i knew the answer to the riddle I wouldn't have to ask everyone what the answer was, would i.

Emerald Dragon
02-19-2003, 02:20 PM
ooc: Paul's character and Simon's character are on a killing spree? ...I think Mathew's character is trying to find a way to revive Balshazaar. Poor thing.

The Creator
02-19-2003, 03:02 PM
The knife glanced harmlessly off Ogiratems coat, and then young Adele fell totally unconcious, her head falling onto his hand, eyes rolled upwards, Ogiratem's upper lip curled up and he threw her to the ground, weak humans! Adele bounced on the ground, as Ogiratem knelt down beside the girl, reaching back into his coat with a tight lipped face splattered on his face.....that side of his personality was awful, damn un-couth orcish, macho foolish-ness!

He was pulling the vial from a pocket when he heard a quiet voice beside him, "Hey Oggy, miss me?.... Hey what are you doing to Adele..?", Ogiratem turned his reflective glare over to the young man that stood with a goofy smile, the book held snuggly under one arm, "You! Where did you run off to? Little fool, don't you realise how dangerous these parts are?" The young man had walked a little closer to hover an inquistive eye over the sleeping form of Adele....Ogriatems spare hand flew out breifly, lifting the boy off the ground and carried him a bit closer to where Ogiratem kneeled..."Never leave my side again, you don't want to be caught by yourself in this city....there are some strange folk around," With a glance over the boys shoulder, Ogiratem noticed a large soilder in heavy armour standing at the end of the alley, down the direction the boy had come from, Ogiratem nodded his head towards the man, "Folk like THAT guy could prove to be quite a bother if you got on their bad side........trust me!"

Ogiratem turned back to the girl and finished with-drawing the veil from his coat, he was leaning in to put the veil under the girls nose again when a strong sizzling noise arose from his other side, it quickly erupted into a roar and a bolt of strong electricity ploughed into his hand, blowing him backward off his feet and into the opposite wall of the alley, where he slid to the ground, shaking his head painfully. "Ogiratem, dear friend......did your mother never tell that it is quite rude to strike a woman, let alone to strike a fellow warrior whilst they are down...." 'Sir' stepped from the dust at the other end of the alley, waving a hand to where Ogiratem laid on the ground, he made a heli-copter motion in the air with one perfectly manicured finger and then waved his hand towards his face.

A look of pleading terror crossed Ogiratem's face before he shook his head and screamed as he lifted off the ground, his arms pressed tightly to his side, he floated as if he were nothing more then a feather in the air to 'Sir's' side. 'Sir' pointed one finger down at the girl, "Now what did you do? You choked her into unconciousness did you?" If you were watching under the high collar of Ogiratem's coat, you would have seen his throat compress to nothing more then a large coin in diameter, a long scream echoed from Ogiratem's condensed throat as his 'attacker' continued talking calmly, "Now....how long did you do this for? Hmmmm....it was about...." Ogiratem's throat compressed a little more annd a fresh burst of screaming rose even louder, "10 steps shall we say? And i would say for you....that would be about now? Wouldn't you?" a struggled nod forced itself along Ogiratem's neck, 'Sir' raised an eye-brow at the orc that was floating in mid air.

"Am i not mistaken that you ALSO threw this poor girl to the ground....with quite a bit of force as soon as she had passed out? Wouldn't you call that a little rude?" Holding the staff in one arm while he leaned on it...he raised his other hand and pointed at one wall of the alley and then pointed at the opposite one...Ogiratems eye's followed the finger with fear locked into them, his throat although un-compressed, he had just enough time to suck in a lung-full of air before he moved, Ogiratem closed his eyes and clenched his teeth when he hit the wall, but he couldn't hold back the groan when he pummeled face first into the opposite wall.....his captor now brought his long finger downwards to the bottom of the wall, Ogiratem seemed to disappear when the acceleration hit, the bottom of the wall exploded and as the rubble and dust settled a groaning form of Ogiratem showed itself, mangled and ripped in the midst of a pile of rubble.

With a shake of his head 'Sir' turned to face where the sleeping form of Adele, with little thought he changed hands on his staff and brought it down and rested the gem on the end of it on the forehead of the girl, her eyes flicked open as her body glowed a brillaint white color. As she sat up and looked around 'Sir' held out a hand to her to help her to her feet, "Sorry my dear Adele, did that brute hurt you? I must apologise....."


02-20-2003, 07:16 AM
"You! Where did you run off to? Little fool, don't you realise how dangerous these parts are?" Origatem starting on his lecture, "Never leave my side again, you don't want to be caught by yourself in this city....there are some strange folk around". Under his breath Bhren said "Der, this is my home... I never needed you before" Ogiratem completely ignoring him, looked over his shoulder at a strange form at the end of the alley,
"Folk like THAT guy could prove to be quite a bother if you got on their bad side........trust me!"

Bhren looked at Ogiratem with raise eyebrow then at the lone figure at the end of the alley. Thinking to himself "Trust you Oggy, I don't think so. And that guy doesn't look like a bother, maybe a little omnious but an inqusitive omnious" Looking at the armour clad being, he seemed harmless with his head on a slight tilt observing them like a small child. If not for Ogiratem's overprotective nature Bhren had an urge to approach the knight.

Turning back to Ogiratem, he looked strange, staring wide-eyed at his hand. **CRRAAACK** Ogiratem was thrown across the ground, Bhren being knocked into the alley wall by the flying man. Bhren stumbling back to his feet, looked straight at the strange figure at the end of the alley who was still just standing there observing motionless. Suddenly he heard talking from the opposite direction, turning his head, another omnious figure stood muttering things to Ogiratem.

In wizard like fashion, the Staved man waving his hand throwing his hands around and Ogiratem in his entirity followed, being thrown from ground to wall and back again. In the poor man-orc's defense Bhren prepared to frisbee his book but in a brief pause he remembered his clicking jaw. Tucking his book back under his arm, Bhren stood back and watched on with a slight grin.

With Ogiratem laying out cold in a heap, the staved stranger attended to Adele. Bhren looked around in amazement, "WOW!! that was cool." The new stranger seemed to be oblivious to him, so stepping on and over Ogiratem's limp body, Bhren approached the original armoured stranger... "Hey!... Whats your name?"

02-20-2003, 10:10 AM
As the huge half-orc crashed a few scant metres in front of Vector, he flicked his hidden eyes up at the weird mage who had mysteriously appeared before the blue-haired girl. He was about to inspect, but he noticed he had something else to deal with first.
He watched as the little man walked before him, his huge tome firmly slung under his arm.
He quizzically asked ."Hey...What's your name?"
Vector lowered his head to get a better view of the awe-struck fellow. Some light steam puffed out of his visor as he maintained his grasp on Vespertine.
"My name is Vector, and this here is Vespertine." he replied in his normal voice, which hardly suited the appearance he had taken. He pointed to the limp body of the dark elf, she was beginning to fall out of her massive armour. She began burbling some incoherent gibberish in her sleep as Vector lowered her to the ground, laying her down next to the wall he stood against.
"You said that you live in this town. We haven't been here for long and already we have run into a bit of trouble. Vespertine doesn't appear to be faring well after her encounter with ogre here." His eyes went back to the mysterious stranger who was now addressing the woman from before. There was something he did not trust in the situation, but he decided not to interfere just yet. He returned his gaze to the boy, his eyes a soft glowing green.
"This town appears to be swarming with unsavouries. It would be best to move quickly." Vespertine tilted her head in apparent acknowledgement, her eyes were closed tightly.
"Would you happen to know where we can find medical aid in this town? We'd greatly appreciate your help."

02-20-2003, 10:39 AM
That was Ham's first battle against undead, it was also rather embarrassing as it took several neck jabs to realise undead have no jugular veins.
Confusion lingered in the air, as his slight drunkened eyes began to make the form of four figures surrounding him at the settling of his exhilirating beserker killing frenzy, one... two looked angry.

Still battle ready, Ham charged towards the tower door, yelling a battle cry he had not completely thought of yet;
Trying to look impressive, Ham leapt into the air towards the entrance, after falling face first into the ground, Ham realised he could not fly.

Ham raised his face, stained with the blood of a corpse, he decided to rush again towards the tower;

The doves and hummingbirds followed him inside.

A confused bystander shouted "BOOOO!" and threw a sausage at him.

Emerald Dragon
02-20-2003, 04:46 PM
Adele's eyes fluttered open gently as if butterflies graced her eyelids. Her vision was excessively blurred; venting out a strange purple hue, which distorted everything. But 'he', he was something different. She peered dismally at young man who held out a compassionate hand to her. His voice almost equalled that of a harmonious choir singing against the wind. Damn, it was exhilirating! She couldn't help but feel compelled to know more about him.

She took his hand in her own, which he grasped tenderly pulling her up against him. Her body groaned and protested in weakness as she fell into him.

"No, he didn't hurt me. Who are you?"

She shook her head against his chest which she rested upon. "Don't answer that...I don't care...just...don't...let me...go."

With that she slept soundly, Ogiratem staring at her from a distance in contemptuous awe.

02-21-2003, 10:32 AM
"Well hey there Vector ... and Vespertine" Bhren taking step sideways and tilting his head, trying to get a better look at the limp elf. "Well theres a nice doctor who lives down street from where I live, he runs his business from home and he's fairly nice." Standing back up straight and turning his head back at the mysterious stranger with the staff, "Though before you go anywhere, I'd ask that guy if he can do anything cos he helped Adele over there with his flashy lights and that was quicker than any doctor." Turning back to Vector with a big grin on his face, "I'm gonna go ask him for help, cos Oggy, that rag doll you saw getting thrown around, he hurt my jaw too. He was doing the whirly thing with Oggy cos he hurt Adele, so if I tell him what he did to me maybe Oggy will get a round 2. Hey... i don't suppose Oggy hurt you too, maybe Oggy's in for lots of punishment" Bhren letting out an evil chuckle.

Turning around, Bhren started to walk towards the new stranger. Stopping, he turns back to Vector, "Come on Vector, don't be shy... what do you think, should we?"

02-21-2003, 11:00 AM
Vector took a moment to react, he was still attempting to discern the strange man's intentions. He only turned up a blank however, deciding that it shouldn't hurt to talk, especially if the game was magic. He hauled Vespertine from the ground and cradled her in his arms. Her silver locks lazily fluttered over his jet-black armour. Vector stared at her face for a moment before he signalled to the boy to go forwards.
"Agreed. Let's see what this man can do for us." The steam engine follwed the boy down the alley, around the bewildered half-orc, and approached the little man. He was not particularly tall, the staff he weilded was easily his taller. He noticed that the blue-haired girl had fallen asleep, though he couldn't be sure whether it was from the before events or the old mage. He couldn't shake off his suspicions of this strage man, but he let it slip for now.
"Excuse me sir, but we are in a bit of trouble. My friends here have been injured by your 'associate' over there and need the skills of a healer. Can you help us?" He lay Vespertine down in front of him, she still had a pained expression on her face. Vector stared down at the little man and waited for an answer.

02-21-2003, 11:28 AM
ooc: ok ben, Malakai is going to reincarnate his pet spider sometime soon and it wasn't meant to make sense to anyone except Malakai (he was thinking out loud)

Malakai watched ham leap into the air, then fall flat on his face, he stood up again and ran into the tower screaming something incomprehensible. Malakai shook his head, it was going to be an interesting day, he looked round at the remains of the fight. Bodies lay beaten, bruised and torn all about the courtyard, several undead had slices missing from their necks. One assassin was still moving, half hidden under a now dead? zombie, Malakai lifted him off the ground by his collar and said "tell your master that he has guests".

The frightened man hit the ground running as Malakai dropped him, the man ran towards the main door, only to hear screams coming from inside as ham ran into some guards. He wisely ducked into a side entrance.

Malakai turned back towards the others...

The Creator
02-21-2003, 05:13 PM
Mehigan chuckled when the young girl fell forwards onto his chest, her eye's closing once again, falling back into sleep once more. His chuckle was cut short as he had reached up to run a hand through her smooth hair when he noticed the color of it....blue? That definetly wasn't a 'popular' color for hair was it? Wait....blue....that rings a bell....Mehigan leaned backwards and looked at the girls face, ahhhh! Ms. O'Darian, i knew that your face was familar.....that could have been the reason for Ogiratem's anger....oh well...he deserves a bit of a boot-strap occasionaly anyway.

"Excuse me sir, but we are in a bit of trouble. My friends here have been injured by your 'associate' over there and need the skills of a healer. Can you help us?"

The mage leapt as a heavy finger tapped him on the shoulder and he turned with a shocked expression on his face, his staff lashing out....the sudden movement had awoken the girl again, and she tossed her head with a grunt.......Mehigan's staff stopped mere milli-metres from the forehead of a quite tall warrior, decked in shining black armour. Mehigan watched with interest as the man put an un-conscious girl on the ground at his feet. "What prey tell inspires you to think that i am the local chemist, dear man? Leaping at any fallen fool along the way you asssume? But what DOES strike my attention was that you seem to have come into contact with my associate as well...." Mehigans hand absently waved to the side and beckoned to the body of the half-orc, buried in the rubble to his side.....rubble exploded in all directions, a rather large chunk flying directly at the calm figure of Mehigan, the speeding rock flew at mehigans head, but when it had reached around 10 centi-metres to striking him, it came to a complete stop in mid air, and seemed to 'slide' slowly to the ground.....Mehigan had never flinched or even taken his eyes of the Orc once.

A moment later, the groaning gargantuan orc was floating in the air beside the stable, statue of Mehigan, "You say he hurt THIS one as well? Tisk tisk tisk, you surely have been a stupid one today haven't you?" Ogiratem growled, his top lip curling up, showing his filed off tusk's, his eyes showing through his shattered glasses, showed a look of pure hatred to the mocking mage, Mehigan let out a quite laugh and tilted his head to one side, "That wouldn't be a bit of 'singular' thinking your showing there would it Ogiratem?" Mehigan took a step towards the floating Orc, beckoning his hand downwards as the Orc's face was equal to the wizard's face, his hand came up and gripped him by the side of the jaw, forcing the orcs mouth fully open, with a throw of his hand, the orc floated back up to his previous height.

"Haven't i told you before Ogiratem that filing those tusks off looked absolutely stupid? And here i come to supervise some of your work, and i see you acting like nothing more then a cheap bully.....and a cheap bully to female's which is even worse! Now i regret having to do this, you are one of my best employee's, but as a wise man once said, 'Even the best require retrebution...', just think of it this way Ogiratem....I am doing you a favor...." Mehigan held out two finger's toward Ogiratem's mouth, and then a crooked grin covered his face, showing strangely pointed teeth through his gapped lip's, he clenched his fist and pulled his arm into his side.

He turned his back as a screaming form of Ogiratem fell to the ground holding his mouth as two stumps of teeth fell to the ground, blood gushing like a water-fall from his mouth. Again Mehigan took his staff by the end and placed it on the forehead of the still elf on the ground, even before the glowing lights had died down on the girls body he had turned with a comical look on his face, an expression that was strange for one that had just performed such a 'malicous' act of violence.

As he opened his mouth to talk to the tall warrior as the screams of Ogiratem sung out behind him, his eyes graviatated downwards to around waist height of the warrior, there peeked a young man with a nervous smile plastered on his face, but as Mehigan prepared to say something, the boy stepped out and Mehigan's eyes instantly struck down and stuck to the book that the boy held under his arm, the comic smile that Mehigan showed instantly widened, and he took a step forward..."Young man, would you mind coming here....i must have a talk to you...."


Emerald Dragon
02-21-2003, 07:45 PM
Adele was rudely awakened, by screams and cursory calls of obscenity ringing through the small area, resounding off the walls. She stared up into the elfin looks of her saviour, but was ultimately digusted at the way he forced himself into position.

"I don't appreciate what you're doing. I am grateful, yes, but you needn't push your way to get to the top. Mr. Turos simply followed orders, you...accuse him of being disruptive and cruel, yet you are no better! You are only here in spite of me, you will get nothing from me!" She shouted defiantly staring harshly into his cool grey eyes. The woman quickly glanced away at her attempt to force him into guilt.

Exhausted as she was, she was in no position to be there. Getting up uneasily up on to her feet, her legs wavered under the weight and she fell again. Adele grunted heavily under her breath and forced herself up again. Staggering with her body out of synchrony to the rest she gruffly pushed her way past Mehigan and spoke to Bhren directly.

"Bhren...darling, help me. I should speak to you about the book."

02-22-2003, 03:36 AM
Zanath stared at Araduun. Araduun stared back. This tableu stood stock still for a few minutes, then a few minutes more. finally Zanath leaned forward and waved his hand in front of Araduuns visor, there was no response.
Zanath leaned back to ponder this development but finding that he couldint think of an appropriate response, did what he always did when he was stumped. He reached into his pouch and fished around.
After a minute of searching he pulled his hand out and triumphantly brandished a folded piece of paper. Seeing no one around him was impressed by this fact Zanath decided to investigated his find.
He opened up the paper and lo and behold, it was covered in writing. the top of the page bore the legend Nahls reckless dweomer! Still ignoring the silent Araduun Zanath set about reading the writing, after a while his head snaped back up with a very evil grin.
Zanath stood back and began waving his hands wildly and speaking in a strange tounge "....Actoriol nerfry bankazana.... " suddenly with a flash of purple sparks the spell was completed. and all was still. Then suddenly there was a chittering sound from amoung the corpses.
A great horde of rabid squirrels suddenly appeared out of nowhere and jumped onto Araduun knawing and biting at the joints of his armour. Araduun did react to this and proceeded to angryly brush the squirrels off, but to no avail, they nimbily dodged his attampts and went on knawing.
Zanath turned away almost choking with laughter. And grinned down at the peice of paper, this was going to come in useful, very useful.

OOC: you didint reply for quite a while sean so i got a bit bored waiting for you :)

02-22-2003, 01:31 PM
"Young man, would you mind coming here....i must have a talk to you...."

Bhren looked at him with a raised eyebrow, then lowered it to a squinting stare. He was about to reply before Adele pushed by Mehigan,"Bhren...darling, help me. I should speak to you about the book."

Bhren stepped in to give Adele a shoulder for support. "YOU can speak to me about the book but i think we should do it in private." Turning to Vector, "Vector, its obvious we're not getting help from this guy, I'll take you to the doctor... I think we all need a little medical attention."

Nearing the end of the alley, Adele looked at the boy under her armpit "Thanks for the help, Bhren, say you never did tell me how you got stuck with the book." With a slight welling of tears in his eyes, Bhren went on to tell Adele the story of his uncle and the imp and the explosion. Next thing, he woke up, book on his chest... inn exploded etc etc. "About the Inn Adele... I'm real sorry, I mean... it wasn't my faul... i didn't mean to... i'm sorry"

Sniffling a little, Bhren continued "Anyway, the book, its empty... i don't understand. It's strange, I just know if it leaves my presence, big and bad things happen. I sort of take a back seat to my own body and wammo, things... compress?!? Best explaination I can give it. Adele, you seem to be in the middle, somehow, you tell me..."

Klik 'n' Kill
02-24-2003, 11:41 AM
Araduun finally snapped out of his trance as squirrels blossomed in front of him and began tearing at the edges of his armour. Frantically he tried to brush them away, but he could not shake them loose until finally they fell to the ground with chipped and broken teeth, unable to dent the mystical carapace. Looking up he noted an odd young man standing before him, grinning manically and clutching a piece of paper. With a start Araduun recognised him and, seeing one of his OWN over-sized bracers hanging ludicrously from the fool's arm, stepped forward angrily. The object of his anger was so absorbed in his piece of crumpled paper that he almost failed to dodge the almighty swing of Araduun's fist. Unfortunately for him, he completely failed to notice the armless LEFT fist arcing through the air as he dodged......

Four inky black knuckles struck home like a sledgehammer, a resounding crack echoing out as his jaw split in two. The pitiable young man rode through the air on the immense strength of the giant, plummeting through the wall of a nearby building. His assailant strode forward and, gripping him by the collar, prepared a fatal blow with his glistening gauntlet. However, the semi-concious creature chose that moment to reach into a pouch and pull out a pink hankerchief, attached to another bright piece of cloth, and another........he frantically kept pulling as more and more hankerchiefs were released from the pouch into his hand, only to reveal yet more. Araduun burst out laughing as his poor victim tangled himself up entirely in brightly coloured hankerchiefs, the end of which was still no where in sight. The bodiless suit of armour placed him back on the ground, still shaking with laughter, and returned his bracer back to its proper location as the squirrels pounced again, this time on the ball of human and hankerchief rolling on the ground.
Araduun merely walked off towards a nearby looming tower, saying "come on, it looks like there's a good battle about to start..."
As he went, he scooped from the ground his helmet, which had somehow found its way back to him, and replaced it above his shoulders. He would have been grinning, if that was possible. It was time to have some fun....

ooc: can we pleas go kill stuff now? : peace:

02-24-2003, 12:47 PM
Zanath was all twisted up tring to klick his jaw back into place at the same time as pulling on the chain of hankercheifs and shooing off the squirrels. Luckily his jaw clicked back with only a small amount of pain and a large majikal band aid that he found in his other pocket. And the squirrels started to disapear in poofs of smoke as the spell wore off. He then swore at Araduun as he walked off and got back to dealing with the rather interesting peices of cloth.
Suddenly he noticed a change in the colour of the hankercheifs coming out of his pouch .... wait a minute he thought wasint this chain looking a little familiar. He seemed to remember something about a demon attached to it, Zanath kept pulling on the Hankercheifs.
All of a sudden a spiky tail tip popped out of the pouch attached to the last hankercheif, and Zanath remembered what the thing was! It was the greater demon Nagalash, he had put him in the pouch for safekeeping and attached the hankercheifs so he didint lose him. Of course 5 minutes later he had lost the hankercheifs and all sign of the demon. As he remember the cultists he had been holding the demon for had been rather angry at this. And of course 300 years wouldint have done anything to the demons demenor.
so of course Zanath started pulling on the demons tail. Gradually the spiky snot green 3 story length of the demon was revealed. In the end he had to up end the pouch and as the 6 armed beast sprawled out onto the ground its knobbled head began to twitch as it came out of the sorcerous spell it had been under. Zanath kicked it to help it along and yelled into its ear " hey Naggy you owe me 300 years rent..." he was going to add more but the demon suddenly snapped awake and flicked out an arm in his direction.
Zanath sailed through the air uttering a loud woop (it was fun!) and smashed into someones window. He picked himself up and turned to see the Demon rise to his full hight and roar. The wall of sound blew out all the windows in the city and everybody within several miles had to cover their ears.
Zanath grinned. the demon looked relly pissed and would probably attack everybody in town. This may not have been a good idea but he was not known for his good ideas and it sure would be fun!

OOC ok sean you wanted a battle! PS no killing it instantly please

Klik 'n' Kill
02-24-2003, 03:40 PM

The Creator
02-24-2003, 05:36 PM
Mehigan watched as the girl turned away abruptly, letting go of his chest and going to the young man that was hiding behind the soldier. He smiled when the large soldier picked up the girl he had just healed and started to walk off when the young man siad something along the lines of, 'She's not healed......'

"Excuse me young man? What do you mean? I did heal her...." Mehigan gestured into the air and spun his finger and then pointed back at the ground. The young man drifted off the ground slowly and then turned in the air smoothly, and he fell back to the ground, Mehigan took a step to the side, there was a quick rushing of air, and his arm seemed to disappear, along with the rest of his body, as if something was deleting his body from the side.....almost instantly his arm appeared in the air directly in front of the boy, followed by the rest of his body....

"So you think i am un-reliable do you? What are your grounds for these comment's little one? I'm sure i could be just as reliable as the next man....why don't you just give me a chance?" Mehigan clicked his fingers as he looked deeply into the boy's eyes raising an eyebrow slightly, then with a smile he straightened his back and looked to his 'friends' as the boy turned with a somewhat puzzled smile on his face...."Why don't we give him a chance? He doesn't seem THAT bad...."

Mehigan tilted his head to the side with a smile as Ogiratem raised off the ground behind him, still moaning and gripping at his mouth, "We have ourselves a 'compotent', at the very least, bodygaurd....i think i would be a 'worthy' member of your little group?" Mehigan glanced down at the book again and moistened his lips........


02-25-2003, 10:25 AM
ooc: is there anything you CAN'T fit in that pouch

ic:Malakai watched the armor and dimunitive human stare at each other for several minutes. He also watched the human summon rabid squirrels that gnawed franticaly at the floating suit. Then there was a blur and the human was flying through the air, and through a wall, a rather thick, stone wall. The suit then walked off, leaving the now tangled human on the ground, saying "come on, it looks like there's a good battle about to start..." saying was the wrong word, it implied that the words had actually been spoken, with the suit it was more like the words smashed their way into your skull and yelled at you.

Malakai turned to follow the suit into the tower, if there was anything he had learnt, it was that wherever the suit went violence followed. Seconds later he was knocked off his feet by a roar that made the araduun's voice sound like a pin dropping. Turning once again he saw a huge green daemonic figure towering mightily over the courtyard.

Now THIS was a chance for a real battle, summoning the obedient roots of the sausage trees once more he directed them to form an augmenting suit around him. The roots rose obediently from the shattered earth, lifting him off the ground, flowing over his armor, cloaking him in green. When the process finished he was a 9 foot tall figure swathed in a myriad sinewy roots, glowing an incandescent green from within. He stalked towards the demon, sword drawn, leaping into the air in a blinding burst of speed and light he swung his mighty sword at the daemonic figure's upper arm, the blow never connected, instead he was thrown asunder by a spiked tail, into the tower. The tower shook with the impact as he slammed into it, groping blindly for a hand hold, he rose from the crumbled masonery like a phoenix rising from the flames, he shouted to the daemon "You'll have to do a LOT better than that!!".

02-26-2003, 10:12 AM
As Ham began to look about the tower, it shook and produced dusty grey rubble; a large piece fell square on his face.


Ham summoned up all his strength, distinguished training and superhuman talents and leapt straight upwards screaming the hallowed words, "YOU SUCK!!!!"

He continued surging through the air, breaking floorboards with his face, when he eventually reached the roof of the tower, he grabbed the chandelier tightly at the brim, looking about, he spied assassins, not just any old assassins, they looked like professionals, their suits were pressed and their blades were polished, excitement lingered in the air.

But then Ham heard a confused bystander outside yell "boooo!" and a sausage flew through the window, striking him in the face.

He looked to the nearby window, where the sausage originated from and saw the most wonderous thing he had ever seen in his life; right where he buried his old cloak and vomit, a gigantic tree had grown in his likeness,... Ham felt proud.

All throughout this daydreaming, the assassins had tied him up.

Another sausage flew through the window...

Emerald Dragon
02-28-2003, 07:01 PM
Adele looked sympathetically into Bhren's weepy eyes. From her dress pocket she pulled a small handkerchief, looking down to equal his eye level, she dabbed at his tear-soaked face gently. She did not enquire into his story as he told her willingly. Minus the dramatics, Bhren was a natural storyteller; due to the bizzareness of the situation and his story, it was hard not to believe him. After many-an-hour, she too had fallen victim to his sotry. Tears welled into the corners of her eyes. She gruffly blinked them back into non-existence.

Bhren apologised for the destruction of the inn, which tore at her heart. Forcing herself out of being the cold-hearted personality, she planted him into a comforting hug, running her hands through his hair and softly caressing his face in a motherly way. Adele broke away from him, slightly embarrassed, but she masked it expertly by making conversation, long since overdue.

"Bhren, the inn is...replacable, but you...you are not. I think it would be the right time to reveal all of this to you, but give me a moment. Argh...that fiend would do anything for the book. Strangling me was the last straw."

She sat down, falling heavily on an old, ragged staircase leading to the entrance of an abandoned out-house. Bhren eyed her strangely and Adele was compelled to exchange it, but she refrained, taking in a deep breath instead.

"Darling, understand when I say this. The book before you saw it, opened, it was in fact full. I don't remember what it was about as I was told never to read it myself, should a curse be put upon me. I was told that it would eventually read to me by the one who's ife would be spared by it. So in conclusion it grants eternal life. My pursuers are looking for immortality and it is all due to prophecy. I, myself know nothing of the "prophecy", but regardless, you shall stay close to me. For years, people like Ogiratem Turos have sought me for it, they know of the prophecy. I must admit that even Sam knows it's very story. Though, you must know that I am older then I look. The prophecy I am guessing has been diluted. Only you and I can know its real meaning, its story, its beginning... My ignorance shall now be unveiled by you, young one. I can teach you how to use it; as I was trained to show you, but we must make haste, you cannot stay here, should you want to risk the world's destruction, letting the book go into the wrong hands."

She paused tapping the side of her face. "You cannot remove the book directly. If you do, your body becomes uncontrollable and will only cease if the book is replaced, it is a defensive measure. The book can only be removed through exorcism. The ceremony can only be performed by one person...me."

She hesistated and fell silent for a brief moment. "Come! Quickly now! We should leave before we are caught. We must go by stealth, I have no weapon."

ooc: Longest dialogue speech I've ever made. Stupid book.

03-01-2003, 04:50 AM
Zanath flipped himself back out through the window and watched Malakai unsuccessfully attack the demon. He heard loud bangs and yelling from inside the tower, It seemed Ham had not noticed the appearance of Nagalash. And of course Araduun was unresponsive so it fell to him, the great Zanath! to stop the evil demon. Of course he ignored the fact he had summoned it in the first place.
Zanath whipped out the Nahls reckless dweomer spell and read it again. A gaint explosion then ripped through the square and everybody ducked or jumped away, Zanath stood there and felt nothing bloody hell he thought the damn explosion was a fake! He looked down at the paper he held and threw it away in disgust thing was no damn use here.
He then groped around in his pockets and managed to scrounge up a long sword and a small butter knife. And then his arms blurring as he ran forward, he charged the demon, which was busy eating a passerby.
Zanath filped about dodging this way and that, slashing and whipping his sword around like a maniac. After a particulaly nasty cut Nagalash decided to deal with the small gnat attacking his foot. His foot whipped out, connected with Zanath then Nagalsh ignored him again to concentrated on more important things.
But Zanath was not sent flying, the spikes and ridges of Nagalshes foot had caught in his clothes and Zanath was held pinioned. He wriggled about trying to free himself but there were a lot of spikes. This was going to take a while to get out of he thought.

03-01-2003, 07:17 AM
Arggggh! Giladril was torn by indecision. Cleanse the rotting tower in front of him of its foul undead, or spaghettify the green pock-a-dotted demon behind. As his mind processed pro's and con's of these two options he spied the sausage man. Arugh, he couldn't stand sausage, so many bits of suspicious origins. Besides it looked like the demon was intending on staying around for a while. Tower it is then, as he speed up to a gliding sprint.
He decided that finding Ham would be his best option, the creature seemed to have a magnetic attraction to undead, they seemed to... pool... around him. His sword slid through the necks of two zombies, followed nearly instantly by their feet, as he took the stairs up the tower three at a time. Damn zombies, they could still bit without heads, but feet... well that caused a bit of trouble. Suddenly he was at the top and flew into a crowded room.
Necromancer assassins!! And they had poor little HAM tied up as weel!
Giladrils blood swelled and the sword began its rapid skip across the room.

03-01-2003, 07:59 AM
Vector turned to see the boy slowly totter over to the evil-eye magician. It wasn't of his own free will, he had seen the wiley mage's thought trick, confirmation that this man wasn't all he see. Raising a hand next to Bhren's ear, he made a simple click with two trunk-like fingers, the sound they gave off was more like two swords breaking against one another. At once, the small boy snapped upright, unaware of what was happening.
"You're right, I don't think this man will help us. I think it would be best if we saw this healer friend of yours." He shot off a quick glare at the witch doctor, he wasn't to be trusted. The blue-haired girl, Adele was now pointing to the exit of the alley way, signalling the way. Vector hauled Vespertine up from the ground and proceeded to follow, but quickly let go, for she wasn't asleep anymore.

Vespertine held her ground, looking heavily fatigued with the effort. Beads of moisture rolled off her forehead and made small pools in the mud below.
"W..where am I, and where's Vector?" She darted her eyes around the alleyway, before buckling and falling to her knees.
"I'm here." grated the baleful voice from deep within the smoke-spouting helmet. At that moment, the black machine walked to her side and, with a brilliant flash of white light, turned back to her familiar sword. The dark elf carefully picked it up and dug his blade into the ground.
"I...i'm so tired...Take me home..." she mumbled, before falling into torpor again.

03-01-2003, 12:57 PM
Malakai watched the stupidly brave human become entangled in the daemon's toenails. He laughed, and jumped down from the tower, now was the time to slay the daemonic abomination. Right now the creature was busy eating yet another bystander, this one was holding a sasauge in each hand and frantically shouting "Boo!" at it. Remember, sasauge throwing never pays. Malakai began to gather another burst of energy, he didn't need to kill the daemon, he would just inhibit it's ability to cause havoc except where it was useful.

He prepared his weapon for the task, silently mouthing the words for the spell of binding. Leaping into the air, this time behind the daemon he fervently hoped that the blacksmith hadn't skimped on the quality of his sword. Focusing his energy at the point of the sword he plunged towards the creature. His sword struck with a thunderous roar and a searing burst of light, massive lightning bolts sparked and writhed from his sword as the blade was driven deeper into the monster.

The huge daemon roared in fury and pain as Malakai's arcane spells took effect, then in a burst of light so bright that the sun dimmed the daemon was gone. Malakai landed heavily and staggered slightly as he regained his balance. Raising his sword he saw that it had changed, it was now black and bound in blisters of green, the sword swayed slighlty in his hand as Nagalash fought unsuccessfully wthin its new prison.

In his minds eye Malakai examined the sword from within, Nagalash was sulking and, oops!, the foolish human was in there as well. Malakai gave his new sword a good shake and with a loud pop Zanath reappeared and hit the ground, blinking in the bright sunlight and holding one of the daemons toenails.

Releasing the roots that supported him from their enchantment he turned to finally follow the elf and ham into the tower.

03-06-2003, 10:54 AM
Bhren suddenly coming to his senses still had a dull tone ringing in his ears. Shaking his head, he looked at Mehigan with distain. He turned to Vector with a serious look and nodded his head, "Thanks Vector." Making his way quickly back to Adele's side, Adele told Bhren of the book and its heritage.

"mmmm... i think we should leave this "wizards" presence quickly before he starts doing more tricks." Adele concurred as Vector picked up Vespertine. The four turned there back on Mehigan and Ogiratem and made there way out onto the street. "The doctor's place is a fair walk from here... about eight blocks over that way," Bhren pointing in the direction.

As they walked Bhren kept looking back to see if Mehigan was in toe. He knew that this warlock creature hadn't given up by any means. At no time could Bhren see him but he knew he following them. Adele looked at Bhren and knew his concern, she felt something nasty was going to happen soon... Mehigan wasn't just going to lay down and submit.

They arrived finally at "Ulsen's Pharmacy and Practise", a quaint little shop which doubled as a GP's office. "You guys go in and tell Doc Ulsen you know me... He'll help you out for sure. I'm just going to be up the road visiting my old crater for a home and..."
Adele cutting Bhren off, "No, you go nowhere without us... its not safe" Bhren hanging his head "OK... maybe later?" Adele looked at the sorrowful boy and gave him a semi-scornful look and turned into the surgery after the large knight carrying its downed master.

Bhren slumped down on the step at the door of the surgery. Somewhat bored, he started to think about all the things Adele had told him. He stared long and hard at the tome that he held in both hands, thinking to himself "Who would have thought an empty book could bring so much interest." Flipping through the mass of bound paper, his mouth dropped and his eyes widen... "WHAT THE FU..." The front couple of pages had inscriptions on them, some form of foreword or introduction maybe. Bhren's reading ability was poor but he could make out various words and symbols.

Bhren went on to read of the dark and light matter and its existance in everything at the sub-atomic level. These concepts were lost to Bhren as he continued to struggle through the text. Something about three elementals and the books that contained their power. **...Adele never mentioned anything about other books...**

The Elemental Books of Matter

Elemental Of Dark Matter - Gravigon -
Power of gravity,mass and compression

Elemental Of Light Matter - Luminix -
Power of anti-gravity,movement and repulsion

Elemental of Neutral Matter - Nullifica -
Power of supression and amplification

The book goes on to say something about the unification of all three elementals and the words seem to just stop. Bhren flipping through the book page after page could see no more writing. With a huge grin on his face all Bhren could squeeze out was a "WHOA!!" Jumping to his feet, he ran into the surgery without looking running straight into the back of Vector knocking himself out cold. The book landing in his lap...

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The Creator
03-12-2003, 11:07 AM
Mehigan watched as the group strolled away, nobody paying any attention to him except for the small boy and the groaning figure of Ogiratem groaning behind him, he was gently pawing at his masters ankle, Mehigan smirked and shook his head watching the group walk away.....they would pay for this. The young man who kept on throwing nervous glances back at the smirking wizard, Mehigan raised a well manicured hand and clicked two long fingers together, immediately his body disappeared, being replaced a breath later by another copy of himself, the copy was perfect, except that it wavered slightly when it first appeared.

Mehigan peered down into the alleyway from the roof with an appreciative nod down at his creation. He brought his staff around and pointed the but of it down at Ogiratem and then pointed at the roof space that stood beside him. Ogiratem floated off the ground simply, as if he were nothing more then a grain of dust and landed with a soft thump on the tiled roof. Ogiratem went on moaning and holding at his mouth, Mehigan looked down at his employee with disgust, "Stop complaining you wimp, you deserved everything you received!"

Mehigans staff came around hard and sharp and collected the large orc under the chin...as the staff came into contact with the orc's flesh, there was a brilliant flash off shining silver / blue light, Ogiratem was blown backwards and he slid for a brief distance, but when he stopped he stood as if nothing had happened and straightened his coat, "Thankyou master, that was nice, i am under your loyal command."

"You better bloody hope so you hopeless fool...now follow me." Mehigans feet left the ground in a small puff of dust and grime billowing out around his heels, and he floated about 15 cm above the roof and moved slowly with his hands behind his back, Ogiratem followed him at a respectful distance, hands planted firmly in the pockets of his coat. As Mehigan levitated over the tiles of a shop they had just past onto, he let himself back down and he turned with a manic smile to his accomplice, "There in here...lets pay them a visit shall we?"

He gestured towards Ogiratem to come closer, and suddenly with a look of shock on his face he slid with alarming speed over the slick tiles towards his master, when he was within arms reach he came to an abrupt stop and Mehigan clutched him swiftly by the shoulder and in a small thunderclap they both disappeared.

In the back storeroom of the medical establishment below there was a partnering thunderclap and a strong gust of wind, out of which Ogiratem and Mehigan stepped out of. Not wasting any time Mehigan took long strides towards the door and threw it open, and pointed Ogiratem through before him, Mehigan waited for the Orc to slide himself through the door, his head was brushing on the rooftop.....then Mehigan walked in with the same large smile, he noted that the small boy was lying un-conscious on the floor, Mehigan smirked and looked down..." Hey, the doctor here mustn't be too flash! Look at this, people laying un-conscious on his floor, how un-sanitary!" Mehigan turned his nose up with the same smile on his face, "Now who missed me..."

Mehigan looked around the room, the cheery grin that he had when he walked in quickly changed to a malicious smirk, deep within his eyes there appeared thick strands of lightning that quickly made its way out and licked his eyebrow's, he blinked and when he re-opened his eyes, the silver pupils that were in his eyes were replaced by a deep black that didn't seem to stop.......he took a step forwards and raised a hand....

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Emerald Dragon
03-13-2003, 06:02 PM
ooc: I wrote this in the library at school during study...I hope they don't snap me for inappropriate material...

ic: Adele watched the young boy fall after colliding into the door. She was almost compelled to laugh at Bhren's ridiculous state as he knocked himself unconscious. The book fell limply to his side and Adele noticed that it let out a strange air. It wasn't anything similar to wind, but it felt heavy under her grasp as she picked it up. She was careful not to let it extend too face from him. The woman looked at it obliquely, with a slightly curious stare. Revealing the contents of its pages, the perplexity imminent upon her feminine features grew as she searched further into the old, crumbled tome. What she saw confused her enough and the frustration painted against her face grew with every second. The pages revealed...nothing and she had wondered why the boy made an outburst before falling ill to the wooden planks harbouring then entry into the doctors' surgery. Adele picked up his limp body in her arms and almost cradled him in, bringing Vespertine and Vector in tow.

Inside the building was not better then the outside. Debris was scattered in all corners, plaster shook unstably from the age old ceiling and there were the incessant moans of the inhabitants within, poking and prodding at their injuries. Adele walked up confidently without hesistation into the doctor's office, dragging the drow elf and Bhren, who was now situated upon her shoulders. The doctor was a man not yet in his thirties with a pair of keen green eyes and a somewhat boyish face. He stopped in midsentence and stared at her in incredulous awe.

"Adele, what brings you here? Now's not exactly a great time for me to be giving you free handouts." He said to her brashly, peering out of his dark rimmed glasses.

"Doctor, please...I need your help. The boy is terribly ill. You must save him at all costs! He is 'The One'." She said fawning over him, with her eyes flitting over him dangerously.

The doctor sighed helplessly screening his eys over her. "Do you really expect me to believe such a thing? I expected 'The One' to be a little more...spectacular in the least." His scepticism helped her to become enraged.

"Do your doubt my judgment?" She inquired with a tone of dark intent.

The handsome doctor stared at her in unemotional indifference. "No, but I know you're here for something else. What can I do for you? I have about 25 patients waiting outside and you want to flirt with me? Adele, I have better things to do. You wouldn't mind just taking a seat outside, would you? I'll come back to you soon." He said aside to the patient sitting weakly int the seat below Adele. He moved out slowly, grumbling something close to 'damn *****s...'

The woman was suddenly unfazed by the doctors' change in heart. "He's getting to smart for me, I feel. Hmm, no matter." She stalked up to him in such a way that made him feel a little uncomfortable. Pushing up against him to bring him into a passionate embrace, she smiled sweetly into his fragrant eyes and pushed out his dark brown tresses away from his face.

"Now doctor, it's not healthy to be pulling frowns. Remember that it takes 45 muscles to frown and only 14 to smile. Show me a little happiness, darling." Her face, lighting up with his feelings. With that she drew him in a little closer and brushed her lips against his. Before she was able to lean in upon her, she chuckled softly under her breath, looking down from his gaze.

"I was wondering if, first of all, that you might have 'confiscated' anything for me and if you can tend to the wounds of the young boy and the woman over there." She said looking at Bhren's delicate frame draped, lifeless over a chair.

The doctor looked at Adele ardently, running his hand through her hair. "Yes I have. And I will, but...the young woman might pose a problem." He said grimacing.

Adele still embarrassed at the scene she was making, pulled away and shook him angrily by the shoulders. "Ares, I'm not going to allow you to keep your prejudices in my presence, she is a friend and I am asking for your assistance."

"Very well. Here, I believe you need these. You were without them when you came into the office. Managed to swipe them from a devious fellow." He grinned as he reached into a drawer, pulling out a pair of fine daggers with near-new blades; both adorned with precious stones at the hilt and gifted them to her.

"They're beautiful..." She marvelled at them for a time. "We...should however, work fast as there is little time. If an orc or a strange elf comd looking for me, you must re-direct them after I leave."

His eyes fell and his voice wavered minutely, "Will you come back?" He asked.

Adele smiled wanly, "I hope to... Please help us, we need everything we can get."

ooc: Sorry, bit long. But okay, darlings, Dr. Ares Castle is an NPC. Use him as you wish. I'm not going to tell you their relationship, as it's really up to you how you how you interpret it. Don't really know if he can fight, but he's a doctor ^_^;; Then again...no, I want to use him. Yeah, NPC's are SO versatile. :woot:

03-13-2003, 09:08 PM
Mehigan raised his extended arm lifting up the unconcious boy with his gift of thought. As he manipulated the boy in mid-air, the other crippled and sick "waitee's" looked on with open-mouthed gazes. Mehigan dragged the boy closer to his now sinister looking face and as the unconscious boy's head rolled back, Mehigan clenched his teeth in anger. The boy was just another mere peasant looking for aid. With great angst Mehigan slammed the limp boy into the opposite wall. All the patients got up running in a panic for the exit.

Down the corridor, in Ares surgery a large thud with a crash could be heard followed by multiple panicked screams. All the inhabitant of the surgery snapped their head to the door...
Adele rasping under her breathe "Damn it... he's here already"

Bhren groaned a little as he came too. As his eyes flickered, the chair he was slumped over slowly slid from underneath him as he lost his balance in his groggy state. The large tome coincidently slid from his lap and did a couple of cartwheels towards the other side of the surgery. Adele bringing her attention back to Bhren, noticed in disbelief as the book slowly edged its way away from its small guardian. As she let out an "Oh CRAP", she could see Bhren eyes start to roll and darken. The floor below Bhrens feet started to moan under his feet as his increasing mass began to set in.

With what seemed to be reflex, Adele dived across the room snatching the book off the floor and flicking it at Bhren. With awesome precision the book found its mark, smacking Bhren in the head. "Frickin OOOWWWWWW... what was that for" Bhren, at the top of his lungs. Picking the book up from his feet, Bhren rubbed his now very sore head, furiously. In mocking tone Bhren started "Geee... nice to see your alright BHREN, are you ok BHREN, let me help you by throwing this oversized book at your head BHREN!!! gggrrrrrrrrr"

Shaking her head at him, Adele knew they had to move, "We need to go and quick" Bhren staring at her with a stern but pouty look, "What?!? My head is killing me, i dont wanna go anywhere. Anyway you should hear about the book fir.."
"No time Bhren darling, we have problems to tend to first, two very large problems"

Emerald Dragon
03-19-2003, 04:28 PM
"Oh hell...why? Wait! Ares!"

"Adele, you should leave..."

She bit her lip tightly, still gripping onto Bhren's hand. "I can't...promise me that you wont fall ill before I get back."

He nodded solemnly, "I'll try, goodbye."

"Ares..." She trailed off suddenly pulling him into a tight embrace and kissed him firmly upon his lips before running out with the three others.

Out in the waiting room the tall figure of the elf made a grandoise entrance and chaos ran a-brew through the entire space, screaming. The piercing shrill was interrupted with arrogant laughter.

"Now who missed me..."

"Frankly, my dear, I wished that you didn't come at all. You shan't re-possess it from him! If you want it you shall have to catch me for it. Think you're quick enough, lightning-boy? Would of thought that it'd shocked you when it had the chance, considering how washed out you are. Fight me, catch me, however you can, but you wont get what you're looking for."

The Creator
03-19-2003, 05:02 PM
Mehigan raised an eyebrow at the young girl as she proudly marched out of the 'doctor's office' and seemed to challenge him to a race of some kind? She then turned with a cheeky smile taking off out the door, Mehigan shook his head and took a step forward as the girl made a hasty retreat out the door, his body disappeared in a flourish of his fingers and he appeared directly in front of Adele. She looked up at him just in time to see him nod at her, she was picked up off the ground as if a feather in the wind and was thrown along the ground, but mere millimetres before she crashed heavily into the ground, Mehigan tipped his head again and she shot up high into the sky, her body slowly turning back towards the doctors office.

Mehigan screamed out over the hubbub that had flown out from the medicine man's shop after his arrival, "Ogiratem get your lard-ass out here now!" Nearly instantly the large Orc poked his head from the, "Fool! Look Up! And catch!" Mehigan screamed his orders at the sad-looking Orc, as he dashed out and caught the falling girl as softly as possible.

Mehigan appeared next to the orc, "Put her down..." the orc grudgingly put her on the ground and Mehigan bent down and smiled at her, "My dear, my dear, my dear, what makes you think i am going to let you go just when we were starting to get aquainted. Now follow me..." saying it as if it was just a pure fact Mehigan walked in through the door, Adele rising off the ground with a look of shock on her face floated after Mehigan.

Mehigan strided into the office of the doctors practice and looked around until he saw what he searched for, the young boy sat in the corner with his hands around his knees, he looked up at Mehigan with a look of fear, Mehigan bowed down at him. "Hello my little friend, well it seems that you don't wish to be my travel-mate....how rude of all of you! But how would you just like to give me that nice little book that you've got? Now..." Mehigan raised a well peticured hand to his chin and started to scratch it industriously with two long fingers, "I think it may be MY turn to make a deal, no more running away, and no more complaining, AND the good thing is! Your going to tell me exactly how to get this nice little book off the fine young body of our mutual friend here...."

"Yeah good luck you fool! What honestly makes you think we would tell you?

Mehigan laughed bringing the floating body around to his front, and smiled happily into the face of Adele, "This is why!" There was a vicious howl of pain from the foyer of the office and the still, floating figure of Ares came into the room...."You will tell me, or i will remove one limb from this nice man here for every minute you don't tell me? How is that? Is that acceptable to you my dear?" Mehigan raised a hand and spun one finger around in a tight circle, soon after a small circle of mist started to spin around the doctor's feet, before swiftly growing and spreading over his entire body. Instantly his body went into a throu of pain and he let out a loud, long scream of pain, "It burns! Help me!" , Mehigan laughed again happily, his face showig every sign of merriment.


03-21-2003, 03:55 PM
Bhren quivered from the screams of Doc Ares... the pain he felt through the screams was intense. Holding his ears Bhren tried to yell over the top of the bloodcurling screams... "wait.... WAIT!!... WWAAAAAAAIIITTTTT!!!" Ares dropped to the ground and huddled into a fetal position moaning in agony. Mehigan turned to the boy with a curious frown.

"Is there something you wanted to say my little friend?"

"Y..y..yes there is" Bhren raised to his feet slowly. "The book... you can have it" Adele quick to retort "No, Bhren!!"
"Its OK, Adele... let him have it, its better than all this suffering"
With that, Bhren threw the book to Mehigan. Mehigan eyes lit up, finally he had the book. "See that wasn't so hard... all this fuss for nothing, HAHHAHA!!!" The little wizard was so estatic he failed to noticed Adele grabbing Ares and signalling to Vespertine and Vector, to get out.

Ogiratem, in a slight panic, was tapping the floating Mehigan on the foot. "uuhhh sir... sir, i think we should run like the others" Mehigan paying little attention, brushed Ogiratem off with a sweeping hand sending him crashing into the wall. Picking himself, Ogiratem shaking his senses back into his head, got up and made a hasty exit.

"oh yoohoo... there's something you should know..." the small boy huskily wincing out from the other side of the room. Mehigan giving a small glance over the tome towards the boy, noticed there was something different about him. Bhren eyes now sizzling out black fumes... "Give me BACK THE BOOK... PLEEEEEASE!!!!!" Mehigan letting off a little chuckle "Begging doesn't become you"

In an instant the entire of Doc Ares Surgery popped like a detergent bubble. The small boy falling a few feet into the ground, the impact causing a cloud of dust which seemed to sudden be sucked back into Bhren like a vaccuum cleaner. Meanwhile Mehigan continued to hover in his spot now with a semi-constipated look on his face. G-Bhren looked up at the wizard and with cyclonic force yelled "THE BOOK....". An energy started to amass around the boy's body, so powerful light could hardly escape it's draw. Mehigan watching in awe, decided maybe fleeing could be a wise option after all.

Deciding to take this boy a little more serious, Mehigan shot into air with shattering speed with his new found treasure in hand. G-Bhren now hightenedly peeved, rapidly charged up. As he launched a large matter sphere at the fleeing warlock, the earth around G-Bhren ripped as rock spires tore from the ground. Nearby houses were shuffled, scattered and torn by the force. The dark ball screamed through the sky toward Mehigan... the flying sorceror looked back at the deafening roar which was the sphere. Zigzagging across the sky, the black sphere seemed to follow... Mehigan stepped up his speed but the sphere matched his velocity baring ever closer to him.

When the ball was within 5 metres it swelled and then with a crack, it sounded like the very sun had exploded from the sky. The initial swelling pushed Mehigan far across the sky before the intense force sucked him toward the vortex of the implosion. Summoning all his power Mehigan tried to escape the rift but was slowly losing ground... articles of clothing slowly tearing away from his body. The book was too much much of a burden to hold and was lost in the dark matter hole. Without warning the compressive force stopped and there was calm. A livid Mehigan floated in the still air, breathing heavy and looking war torn but happy to be alive.

Back on the ground, Bhren crawled out from the peaks of rock formed in the middle of the town. Book in hand, he yelled out for Adele.

ooc: sorry lukey... sort of took control of Mehigan for a bit... but you can't win them all

03-21-2003, 05:07 PM
Vespertine was awoken by the frantic shakings courtesy of Vector. She tried to sit up from the bed she had mysteriously appeared at, but was still too tired from strange ordeal. Vector quickly slipped her a dark red potion which she greedily drank. In an instant, the mysterious lethargy that was plaguing her was lifted. She sprung to her feet and gave her arms and legs a wave to see if she was alright. To her relief, nothing appeared to be missing or broken. In the middle of her examinations, Vector quickly pulled her aside.

"We have to go, something bad is about to happen. Adele knows it." sternly churned Vector from behind his grill-like visor.
"If it's a fight, then i'm in!" Vespertine eagerly replied.
She was shaking with excitement, the opportunity for some hostilities already erasing her short term memory. Vector decided that a fight was the last thing they needed however, and shifted into a cage with two stout legs. He swallowed up Vespertine as fast he could and quickly raced out of the building, with Vespertine angrily kicking and trying to force herself out of the bars. When he had reached a safe distance, Vespertine spat out the raging dark-elf and resumed the shape of a duelist's foil. Vespertine angrily snatched up the blade and growled as she watched the surgery implode on itself.

"Look what you made me miss out on. It'll take another crazy weirdo to do that again." she hissed as she slowly trod toward the crater. The blade gave off a faint sigh and shone a hazy red colour. As the dark-elf was about to turn around, she observed the form of a bedraggled floating man above the ruins. With a sinister glint in her eyes, she started a gentle canter toward his position.
"We might just have our weirdo..."