View Full Version : mobo or cpu?..both??

01-27-2003, 11:54 AM
:rolleyes: Hi all. Have a comatose Amd K-6 500 which has been unstable since I got it second hand bout 18 months ago. Would hang once or twice on a good day,much more on bad days and would not reboot unless the lid was removed and innards tickiled. Still don't know what I was moving right because just before Christmas , it went down permanently One or two days prior it dveloped a new trick! ...spontaneous rebooting from which it never recovered. When I tried the "tickling" then powered on , the HD and CD lights came on and stayed on and thats all...no display etc tho the fan is running
Have put the Hd, Cd, ram and monitor into current Pc, a pentium 11 300 , had no trouble firing it up but it hangs once or twice a week so my questions are would a format help, how can I/ do I need to save my internet etc setting and how could I tell if the Amd thing is mobo, cpu or both? Thanx

01-27-2003, 01:53 PM
Without knowin' the make, model and revision of the motherboard plus it's BIOS version makes this an even harder one to answer. :(

Cough up with the details of the rest of the hardware that ya usin' plus which operatin' system ya usin' and then we'll be a lot closer to bein' able to supply some real answers or more questions. :devil win