View Full Version : pci and agp

01-29-2003, 08:54 AM
I picked up a GeForce4 ti 4200 with 128 megs of ram.
I took out my old card put this baby in and all was great.
Then I started to think about it after a month or so. My old card was a pci card the new Geforce is a AGP card...so I go and take a look if I do in fact have an AGP on my mother board and whala thank god I did but that brought me back to another problem while I was looking at my settings in my Bios.....which was set to pci....so I changed it to AGP...my question is How do I know if the port is actually running my new card at the higher out-put of the agp....because in my adapter settings it still says it is connected to the pci bus....


01-29-2003, 09:09 AM
uninstall your old card completly... if it was an nvidia card use detanator destroyer if u were using the det drivers. I would suggest that u totally reinstall the software for this card using one of the drivers from Nvidia's site. the only way u will know if your card is running properly is run some benchmarks or just try a game like say GTA3 and see how bad or good it is.