View Full Version : windowsXP and raid0

02-02-2003, 05:11 AM
when I ran my system with one harddrive it ran great! now that I have raid 0 configuration it freezes and does a spontaneous restart every now and then. also when installing windowsxp home it said that the raid controller does not pass logo testing. I hope someone has some ideas on making this a stable system with raid 0?

the system: home made by me
windowsXP home
antec sx1040b case
p4 1.6
2 sticks of 256 MB pc800 rdram
(2) 80GB Maxtor harddrives (raid 0)
ati AIW 7500
creative SB audigy EX
40x cd-rw plextor
pioneer dvd-rom
1.44 floppy
d-link network card
nec 17" monitor
monsoon 5.1 speakers
logitech wireless keyboard and mouse

nothing in pci slot #3
abits suggestion