View Full Version : Pixelview PlayTV Pro

02-18-2003, 05:19 PM
I just bought a Pixelview PlaytvPro card for my pentuim III 1.2 gighz computer running on 128 megs ram and OS Windows ME. I am having no problem viewing Tv On the PC and actually capturing video and audio. The problem I am having is how long to set the software to capture 1 hour or longer of video and audio?

I also can not figure out how to set up the VCR . I have the following ports on the card.
RF connector, Audio out, Video out, remote in Jack, and some other type of connector that I am not sure of but it lookes like a connector that you would connect a mouse too?

I thank all of you for your help. I went to the the pixelview site and it gives me no help at all.