View Full Version : my entrance into the mod arena

03-04-2003, 05:36 AM
hey. i've been browsing this site for a little while now. did my first big mod this weekend and figured i'd post a couple pics. all done with jig saw. anyone from forumoc knows me as adorefreak, so dont think i'm reposting his pics (cause he is me anyway :D )

03-04-2003, 05:36 AM
one more

03-04-2003, 05:41 AM
Wow that looks great :thumb:
One question, How'd u attach the window behind the hole cuz i dont see any molding or rivets holding it on?
Anyway u did a really nice job, congrats :cheers: :cheers:

03-04-2003, 05:45 AM
at the moment, its ghetto-fied. i'm using duct tape just because i'm not quite done with it. so it works just fine for now. haha :bounce:

Mr. C
03-04-2003, 10:38 AM
That is a world-class job of cutting for sure:thumb:

Don't worry about the choice of fastener - duct tape rocks.

03-04-2003, 10:57 AM
wana come over to my house and mod my front door like that?:afro:

03-11-2003, 11:10 PM
Forget duct tape.. go down to the nearest decent auto parts store and buy a roll of 3m scotch-mount acrylic foam tape. It comes double-sided, and you can get it in varying widths.

G Smith
03-12-2003, 12:15 PM
3M has that clear double sided stuff now that will hold anything... I use it at work a lot and it withstands lots of abuse!

BTW... nice mod :thumb:

03-12-2003, 05:39 PM
Awesome mod!:wow: