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an evil force
03-18-2003, 09:52 AM
ATI 9700 All In Wonder has been a seriously frustrating experience for me. I screwed up my first mobo with it by not installing the VIA AGP driver bundle prior to installing the card's softwares which causes a pre boot hang up.
Now after following the proper steps on a fresh mobo I get scrambled graphics. From the second I fired up the new card the display has been garbled and virtually unreadable during bootup. At xp logon screen my screen is divided into halves - the left is readable and clear, the right a fine mesh of vertical strips. After installing the Catalyst Software from CD the problem gets worse - complete scrambling of display. I tried every adjustment to settings that I know off and DL'd the latest Display Driver bundle to no effect.

I plan to call their tech help line in the morning, but after experiencing the anti customer attitude of their website (the forced registration for example) I'm likely to be very short fused. Even the suggestion of paying $1.25/ minute for "Customer Care" makes my blood boil.

So if anybody has had a similiar Display Driver experience I would very much appreciate an informed response.

FIC AN19E "Stealth" mobo (8xAGP enabled)
AMD 2600+
(2x)512MB DDRAM 2700
VGA display(using ATI's included pos XGA to VGA adapter):shoot3: :shoot3:

03-19-2003, 12:26 AM
I haven't heard of your specific problem

try here - you may have some better luck


just a thought - if you have a new motherboard & your display is all corrupted w/this video card.....how did you get windows installed?