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02-06-2002, 06:46 AM
Do you know any good applications to test my computers full speed???

Bahamut Zer0
02-06-2002, 07:50 AM
To test your system (CPU, RAM, Mobo, HDD etc) then youll need SiSoft Sandra 2002 (http://www.sisoftware.co.uk/sandra)

To test your 3d card, then youll need 3DMark 2000 and 2001
which you can d/l for free here (http://www.madonion.com)

To tweak your graphics card to get the best possible score in 3dmark, then you should go no furthur than The Guru of 3D (http://www.guru3d.com) . Grab the Geforce Tweak Utility (assuming you have a geforce card of course) and some detonator drivers. (again- geforce only)

For you mobo tweaks, you will need to do a search for your motherboard model on google and hope you find something good.

02-06-2002, 08:07 PM
I look at the site and it said something about proffesional version. Does that mean 2k or the other version of the software. Im also looking for one that has a 30 day trial version or something like that. Thanks

02-06-2002, 08:30 PM
That's the pay for version of the software. ;)
Try the freebies 1st. ;)
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