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Thread: ASROCK ION 330Pro Fanspeed always full

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    Default ASROCK ION 330Pro Fanspeed always full

    I got my ION 330Pro today and I have a problem with the fan, its running on full all the time no matter what I set in BIOS or OC Tuner. So what do I do?

    Here is what I have done. Plugged it in and started it up (already here I was baffled over the fact how loud the fan was), entered BIOS, Load setup default and checked settings. Saw that LAN boot was disabled so I enabled it. I also saw that the default setting for the fan in BIOS was “auto”… saved and exit.

    Did a PXE boot and installed Windows 7. Fan was really loud during the whole installation, and I thought that might be this way during installation. Install went fine so I insert driver disk and installed all the applications and things, fan really started to annoy me…

    In OC Tuner I tested to set to “Ultra silent” but nothing happened to the fan. Rebooted and back in to BIOS and put fan speed to Ultra Silent, but still nothing. Tried to set to fan to other modes but it is still running at full speed.

    I checked my BIOS version and it’s the latest for my model, 1.10. This is the one I bought:

    A friend of mine has one and you can hardly hear it… so mine of broken or I need some help finding the setting I have missed…

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    Default Re: ASROCK ION 330Pro Fanspeed always full


    It'd be worth you checking which fan is making the noise - the chipset fan or the one mounted on the back of the case (I'll bet it's the chipset one...)

    The bios option has NO effect on the chipset fan - only on the case fan (which is nearly silent at any speed anyway!)

    I used a Zalman Fanmate II to slow the chipset fan down - haven't had a problem and it appears to be the way many other owners have gone.

    As an aside, apparently, early models had a different model fan installed and were quiter anyway - could you're friends be one of these ? (easy to tell because yours will have laptop sized memory and his will be desktop sized stuff).

    K10N78, ALIVENF6G-GLAN, ION330-HT Systems Running Windows 7 x64 Ultimate.
    K10N78-hSLI System Running VMWare ESXi 4.0.0 Update 2.

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