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    Default HELP PLEASE! 890fx BIOS NO GOOD!!

    HI guys,
    I just purchased the asrock 890fx mobo and am trying to get my rig up and running. my prob is when im in the bios I can manually set all of my values such as the cpu voltage and timmings of the memory and save them, but when I go to start windows and I check my settings with cpud all my settings are set back to default? (example..... bios says ram is set at 1600 but when I save and exit and start windows ram is running at 800!!)
    ( default vcor for cpu is set at 1.4 in bios which is too high so i manualy set it to 1.325v then I hit f10 which is save and exit. windows starts up and when i go to check it in cpud and the volts to the cpu are back to 1.4!!!!!!!??)

    then I go back to the bios and all my settings are still there?? its like the cmos is not implamenting the manual settings i chose and just using the defaults.

    I have been hitting save and exit through the bios so i dont know what to do???? its like my settings rest to default everytime i exit the bios. Is there somthing im suppose to turn on? or save too?
    I have reset the cmos with the cmos button on the io panle, also I have tried reinstalling both 1.4 and 1.2 versions of the bios.
    this is just fricken stupid
    please help

    my rig

    win 7 64bit ultmate
    amd 890fx asrock mobo
    amd 955 BE cpu
    asus 5870
    g.skill 1600
    500gb samsung harddrive
    asus xonar dx sound card
    pc power cooling 750 watt psu
    cooler master case
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    Default Re: HELP PLEASE! 890fx BIOS NO GOOD!!

    > this is just fricken stupid
    > please help

    You should contact Asrock support

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