Hi all,

I'm trying to revive and old P4V88, and I have a couple of questions about this motherboard.


Is about memory configuration allowed in P4V88 motherboard. User Manual says "Due to the chipset limitation, the actual memory size may be less than 4GB for the reservation for system usage under Windows® XP", and User Manual "4 DDR DIMM Slots Supports PC2700 (DDR333) / PC2100 (DDR266), Max. 3.5GB". Can I put 4 GB (4x1GB) in Windows XP? and in Windows 7?.

User Manual says "2 DDR DIMM Slots Supports PC3200 (DDR400), Max. 2GB", the max amount i can plug is this independent of memory type, DDR333 or DDR400?

Is there any incompatibility with this amount of memory?


Is about maximum hard disk capacity. I want to know witch is the maximum capacity of hard disk supported by P4V88 motherboard, and is the same in PATA and SATA?. I want to mount a RAID1 in SATA ports, the maximum capacity is the same of SATA and PATA?

Many thanks in advance,