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Thread: X58 Extreme + i7-930 + H50 = Overclock to 4.0?

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    Default X58 Extreme + i7-930 + H50 = Overclock to 4.0?

    Hey guys, I just built a gaming rig that consists of the X58 extreme with an i7-930 being cooled by the corsair h50. Also, my case is the corsair 800d. I used the preset overclock settings in the Bios to go ahead and push for 3.6... it was a matter of a drop down menu and selecting 3.6 and I'm there. I have yet to prime95 this setting but I imagine its somewhat stable. I'm currently sitting at 47C idle. I'd like to get to 4.0 and keep it stable... But I have a feeling that I need to manually punch everything in for that to work. Can anyone help me out with the bios settings?

    I have actually already tried for 4.0, but It doesn't last very long in prime95. I had voltages close to 1.4 before I could even get into windows and last 4 minutes in prime... this makes me think my chip isn't meant to hit 4.0 or I have a bad board or something. It tends to cut off around 74C... I also need to change the cutoff temp and raise it for 85C or so... (I think??) But i'm not sure how to do that. Any help would be awesome. Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: X58 Extreme + i7-930 + H50 = Overclock to 4.0?

    I have the X58 Extreme 3 and a Corei7 960. With preset overclock settings I often couldnt pass the OCCT stress test. I tried the settings shown here and now everything is stable at 3.75Ghz:

    ASUSTeK Computer Inc.-Forum- Overclocking Intel Core i7 processors

    Go to the third table and choose the OC you want. Put the corresponding settings in the bios. Be sure to check your RAM settings and put them (mine is a 1600, 9-9-9-27, at 1.65V) in the bios as well. Dont let the bios manage it in AUTO mode.

    I chose the 150 BCLK line settings and so I got to a stable 3.75Ghz (I run OCCT for some hours with no errors and/or overheating). I dont want to push the CPU beyond 3.75Ghz since I have only air cooling (a Dark Knight cooler) and basically becouse I dont need it. My CPUs temperatures @3.75Ghz are between 40C idle and 85C under OCCT stress test load. My room temperature is around 25C. Try to stay on green or black settings. I guess red settings are possible/stable only if you have a good cooling solution (case+case fans+CPU cooler-fan).

    All in all I'm happy with my X58 Extreme3.
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