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Thread: Why won't my ATI Radeon 4670 PCIE card install? ALiveNF6G-DVI

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    Default Why won't my ATI Radeon 4670 PCIE card install? ALiveNF6G-DVI

    I'm trying to upgrade from integrated graphics on my ALiveNF6G-DVI mobo on XP (32 bit).

    I installed a Sapphire HD 4670 ULTIMATE Edition in the PCIE slot yesterday, and reset the primary graphics adapter from onboard to PCI-E in Bios (sorry, don't have my Bios version handy just now).

    Despite installing/reinstalling the ATI drivers multiple times diagnostics are showing this card as a generic card and I have no hardware acceleration or OpenGL functionality. Running dxdiag shows none of the advanced shading/texturing functions are running so despite having a modern card slotted onto the mobo with up to date drivers my system is not picking it up. The card does specify a 400W PSU is needed and I am running a Seasonic 380 W but I think that's close enough.

    Pretty sure I need to update something on the mobo or change a setting in the BIOS. Any thoughts? Do I just need the latest BIOS? The drivers for XP available on the ASRock site all seem to be the latest (e.g. nVidia drivers etc).

    Thanks....stuck here.

    Dave M

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    Default Re: Why won't my ATI Radeon 4670 PCIE card install? ALiveNF6G-DVI

    It could still be related to the power supply. Without sufficient power the card might only work in a basic mode. If you have a chance to borrow a nice PSU with higher capacity, then you should give that a try.

    Something else you can do is use clear CMOS to reset the BIOS (check the manual). Then uninstall all NVidia and ATi drivers. Install latest chipset drivers from NVidia:
    Then restart the system and finally install the drivers for your graphics card again (from ATi website or the manufacturer's website).

    Of course your graphics card might simply be defect (test in other system). Or the PCI-e slot has some defect lines (test with other PCI-e graphics card). Or the PCI-e slot can be dirty (clean with compressed air or a clean dry brush.

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