MB: 770 Extreme 3, BIOS: 1.50

My system includes a SATA drive and an IDE drive.

The IDE drive is set up as Cable Selected in the jumper setting.

When the computer is first powered up, the IDE drive is not detected by the BIOS. However, if the the computer is reset (i.e. press the reset button on the computer case), then the IDE will be detected by the BIOS. I can check the hard drive status by going into the BIOS.

This creates a problem because I have Windows 7 installed on the SATA drive, and Ubuntu installed on the IDE drive. When I first turn on the computer, the GRUB bootloader will look for the IDE drive and which is not detected, yet. The GRUB will subsequently hang on a blank screen with a blinking cursor (i.e., no GRUB menu option). If I proceed to reboot the computer, the GRUB menu will then appear as expected since the BIOS is now detecting the IDE drive.

Anyone can verify if this problem happens to them as well?