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Thread: ASRock Wants the Best Mobo Ideas in the World (Contest)

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    Default ASRock Wants the Best Mobo Ideas in the World (Contest)

    ASRock Wants the Best Mobo Ideas in the World

    I am submitting my ideas and my entry into this contest.

    Idea #1. Super I/O Legacy Port Card

    Super I/O and Legacy port all in one card. That should come when one purchases your boards. Instead of designing the board from scratch around these legacy ports such as IDE,FDD, LPT, and serial on a card supporting the necessary ports can be on this card instead of taking up space on the mainboard. Preferred interface for this card is pci-e. This allows users to upgrade hardware while maintaining backward support for older devices such as CNC machines and other industry equipment while still being useful in the ordinary home or business. Requirements is that devices connected to the card must behave as they were on a dedicated port on the board. The OS must not be able to notice the difference between this and on board hardware. PNP must work and still function in older or proprietary OS such as HP UX. Also it must be able to work with the Bios on the mainboard in both cases ware the card is and is not present. If it does not detect the card options ect for those ports should be grayed or faded out and non responsive to user or os. Must not brick os or apps when it is not present. Must meet industry standards in compatibility. So in short this allows designers to be more creative in their work without having to worry about supporting these older features and there is no shortage of users who do not want them so appealing to both worlds can be an market advantage. Again it must be compatible with generic drivers during instillation of any os.

    Idea #2 OS on chip

    It would be of use to include a small gui based os on board (flash) that is bootilbe containing basic apps such as diagnostics, stability benchmarking, tools such as formatting drives ect. It must be small and non obstructive to other components. Size needs to be keept fairly small while being very little expense to manufacture. Keep it under 512mb total or less with the GUI under 256 colors, Res small and not requiring a device specific driver for video (generics).

    Items desired as price

    CPU bundled Series 2Core1333DVI-2.66G

    Link to Item
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