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Thread: ASRock Wants the Best Mobo Ideas in the World (Contest)- My idea

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    Default ASRock Wants the Best Mobo Ideas in the World (Contest)- My idea

    Serial, firewire, IDE and floppy port shouldn't be on the motherboard. Put them on a PCI or PCI-X boards, or even better a USB insert. There should be plenty of SATA 3.0, USB 3.0 in the front and the back of the board for easier cable management and connecting to the case. There needs to be more room between the PCI-E slots as one slot isn't enough. I am currently running in crossfire mode and the first card is a good 10-20 hotter idle.
    Now for my revolutionary idea that popped into my head. Male and female motherboards. I was looking at the interconnect on the back my laptop and got the idea that if you had two motherboards back to back in a new style case that you could slowly upgrade a system by having two motherboards working together. Each with their own RAM, CPU, cooling system and power supply that people can buy slowly making it easier to put together a high end system without always hitting the cap. The Male and female would still work normally in any normal case so you can still sell to people who don't want to spend that kind of money but give them the option instead of selling the old computer to basically add another one at a much lower cost.

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    Default Re: ASRock Wants the Best Mobo Ideas in the World (Contest)- My idea

    I totally agree with the first part of your post. thou i was thinking of the higher end / gamer/enthusist type boards ....

    Drop Com 1&2, LPT1, PS/2s, and FDC. Add 2 usb 3.0 in the front for 13-in-1 card reader and /or usb 3.0 hub for the 1-2 external 3.5" bays and 2 more in the rear to replace the now removed PS/2 ports. Basicly Thisbymaster said. If the IDE is on a diffrent controller than Serial you may want to keep it for the DVD rom's. Perhaps instead of a FDC and a ram drive or a Fasttrak Controller. Or perhaps fibre channel (it just sounds cool) running iSCSI or just SAS. Has anyone clogged the sata3 pipe before the pci bus yet?). And for those ITX / Micro ATX media type mobos add ram slot(s) deadacated to the on board video.

    Tyan and especially Sun Microsystems (now Oracle) have configurations like that. you can add a cpu board that has 1-4 cpu slots each with there own ram. (they use 16 core cpu's and have 512GB's of ram with a price tag to match.) Or get a muti-cpu socket board like an opteron. Back in the 1990's a web search engine operated like that i forget the name spyerbot or "something" bot would daisy chain alot of computers together and share the work load. Then a company called Google came along and built massive computers and did alot of 'pre-fetch' and 'pre-search' with smart software spyders. Sorry if i got off on a tangent. More feasable for home users would be to make something like a slot 1 / slot A cpu that could plug in to and existing pci slot.
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