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Thread: deleted system raid 0 in bios by accident need to rebuild. bios will only delete data

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    Default deleted system raid 0 in bios by accident need to rebuild. bios will only delete data

    I have an Asrock AliveNF7G-FullHD rev 3 motherboard. I had a striped raid 0 on two 750gb hd's. I added two 1.5T and could not recognize them in xp because the bios was set to "raid" mode. I tried to make 2 one drive raids and that failed too. In the process of deleting those raids, I accidentally deleted the main system drive raid. The bios utility has no way to rebuild the array. It only asks me if I want to make a new raid and delete the old data. the drives have not been touched yet. The drives work fine and the data on them is still intact. I am trying to find a way to either dump the data on another single disk (one of the 1.5T's) and make that disk bootable or to rebuild the array and make that bootable. I have unpluged them and installed a version of winxp on one of the 1.5T's hoping to find software that will either recover the array intact or to pull the data off of it. I know I'm a dummy for using raid 0, but the 1.5T's were intended to replace the raid 0 array to a single disk and to mirror it.

    I have run testdisk and it does not see anything on one of the drives so I don't know what to do there. I downloaded a program called ReclaiMe Raid Recovery. it made a xml file of the raid information and then dumped all the data in a file on the other free 1.5T called array.img. I can access the original drives with ReclaiMe (the way not free program from them in evaluation mode) and see the file structure and folder / file names, but the img file is just numbers. it took a week to get that img file and I'd like to make it bootable on the 1.5T if possible. if not I'd like to make the original raid 0 work again so i can at least get the data. I can see it all with ReclaiMe. How do I make it bootable again.

    I don't know much about mbr's or fat's or mft's. I know this was a hardware raid 0 and the data is all there. there is no hardware failure and it should be possible. xml file is as follows:

    ?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

    RAID0 blocksize="128">
    disk path="\\.\PhysicalDrive0" offset="0" numsectors=" 1465149168" />

    disk path="\\.\PhysicalDrive2" offset="0" numsectors=" 1465149168" />


    BTW: I've changed the bios from raid mode to normal mode to install this win xp (which is not exactly "windows genuine" but I was afraid to use the XP disks originally on the raid in case I have to re-install fresh and recover data (didn't want to re-activate on a temp situation). This is a one time borrow from a friend, and I'm not afraid to wipe this 1.5T to get this problem fixed. The other 1.5T has the .img file on it. windows xp disk manager reports that one of the disks in the array is not initialized. does that erase data and would it fix the problem??
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