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Thread: Asrock P55 Extreme Sound Issue, Sound only for one speaker? (2.1)Trying to get 5.1

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    Default Asrock P55 Extreme Sound Issue, Sound only for one speaker? (2.1)Trying to get 5.1

    Hello here everyone, im new here :)
    I got a issue with my Asrock P55 Extreme motherboard, or its not a issue, is something tard that Realtek have made.
    My soundcard Realtek ALC890 gives only out sound via the Green port (as usually) and the front, ok no problems

    Now i want to add in 2 other speakers so it will be 4.1 sound, and when I play music i only get sound from the "front" Speakers, i have tested all the other ports, set in "7.1"/5.1/Headphones/Stereo in Realtek software but nothing helps

    But when i press the speaker pictures to test the sound, i hear from my "new" 2 speakers but no where else.
    lets say i plug-in it 2.1 in green (front) and my other 2 in black (rear speakers) and press rear speaker in realteks **** i hear sound and same with the rear speakers

    How do i solve this? i have asked around in 3 different swedish forums without any answer, they tell me just to install Realteks own software/driver that i already got.

    i got Realtek 890B sounddriver: if that helps.

    my old computer with Asus p5w dh deluxe got integrated Realtek too but when i putted in something in like Brown port and i can choose what it was i did put in, if it was a Microphone, rear speaker, front speaker etc...

    any solution? SOrry for a very very baad english :( i try my hardest :P

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    Default Re: Asrock P55 Extreme Sound Issue, Sound only for one speaker? (2.1)Trying to get 5.

    Hi there,

    You mentioned that you tested the functionality of the rear speakers by playing a music file, right? Typically, many audio players will only play music files as a stereo file - that is, through the front left and front right speakers - unless you use a specific "sound expansion mode" or effect for your particular audio device, which expands the playback to additional channels and speakers. A more accurate test would be a source that supports multiple speaker setups, such as a Directsound 3D-enabled game or a DVD played through software with full surround sound support. I believe there is also an audio site that allows you to test specific speakers using specially-encoded multi-channel audio files that play over exactly one speaker at a time - it may be worthwhile to do a search for that site/utility if time permits.

    Good luck!

    Edit: Try the utilities here: :)
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