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Thread: PSD1G400H, AMD 64 3000+, Asrock K8A780LM

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    Default PSD1G400H, AMD 64 3000+, Asrock K8A780LM

    Memory: Patriot PSD1G400H 1GB PC3200 CL3
    Motherboard: Asrock K8A780LM with onboard VGA (in BIOS Video sharing memory set to Auto)
    CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3000+
    OS: Windows XP SP3

    I got 4 stick of new Patriot memory from local shop: PSD1G400H 1GB PC3200 CL3 PS198-0044xx (last xx are different numbers). Motherboard accept 2 stick. I installed 2 sticks at once and got some weird hickups in my OS, so i decided to check my BIOS settings before reinstalling OS. BIOS is up to date (as there is only version 1.00 for motherboard). Memory settings were set to Auto and only one stick of RAM installed. Then I run memtest86+ version 4.10 It show memory is DDR333 CAS: 2.5-3-3-7 I performed two passes per stick and stick location (stick in slot 1 and then also in slot 2). There is a rare pass without any errors, but mostly errors are in test 5, 6, 7 (only one stick in one slot) and 8. In average i got 8 errors per stick in two passes, but in one case i got 825 errors in one pass (that stick was tested again next day with less errors in same slot). Errors are alost always in different memory locations.

    I changed settings from auto to 2,6V DDR400 CAS: 3-4-4-10 and repeated the test for one stick in slot 1 for almost 7 passes:
    pass 1: without error,
    pass 2: 2 errors in test 8
    pass 3 without error,
    pass 4: 1 error in test 8
    pass 5 without error,
    pass 6: 2 errors in test 5 and 2 errors in test 8
    pass 7: without error till test 6 then in quit testing

    I took "worse" stick (with highest error number reported in slot 1 and slot 2 combined) to old Intel based computer (Celeron 1,2GHz i845 chipset; i bring it from basement to use it for test only) and with auto setting in BIOS i'm testing the memory for almost 3 passes (still running the test) with 0 errors. I don't see CAS settings, but RAM is running as DDR266 (data from memtest86+ 4.10)

    I belive memory is OK, i just need to make some tweeks in BIOS to get 0 errors (and thus stable OS). I could be wrong here. I really need some advices how to proceed (should i try with 4-4-4-12). I would like to keep the memory, please help me finding right settings.

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    Default Re: PSD1G400H, AMD 64 3000+, Asrock K8A780LM

    Saga continues:
    - third pass in Intel system in test 7 find a lot of errors

    Tried next stick in Intel system: errors in first two passes.

    Hmmmm I guess i should RMA them.

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