Respected forum members,

I have examined the manual very carefully found here.

But sadly found no answers to my dilemma. Could some kind owner of this board please confirm or disprove my doubts? Manual is clear about procedure about integrated onboard graphics. What troubles me is the nature of primary/secondary limitation, when additional graphic card is placed on this motherboard.

I want to have four monitors and surround display feature seems to be kind on such prospect. But, my problem - provided there is one - is that my main ATI AIW has to be used as primary card, due to limitations of TV tuner working only on primary graphic card adapter.

Manual (page 20) describes that cable connections should be first made from onboard, and then, with add-on PCIe card. This troubles me and makes me wonder - does this means that BIOS offers no choice in choosing which cards should be primary?

Provided add-on PCI-e card can never be primary with onboard graphics, while attempting to use Surround display feature… then sadly, I have no use of onboard graphics and would gladly look for motherboard without one.

If this is not possible on this board; is this true for all onboard Radeons on other Asrock motherboards as well? If so, is this limitation on part of logic’s side : onboard Radeon or chipset integration implementation?

much obliged for your attention