(for those in the UK...)

Just thought I'd mention in case anybody's interested, the web company
mrtronics.co.uk is offering the Asrock P55 Deluxe board for just 75 UKP
(and shipping is free with 5-day economy delivery):

P55 Deluxe from Asrock from MrTronics.co.uk

This is more than 50 UKP cheaper than the price charged by most other
sellers (eg. 128 at Scan), ie. an excellent buy. They had a stock of 7 last
week; I bought 2, the rest sold out by morning, but now they have another
16 in stock. The boards I bought arrived well-packed, all ok:


For X58, I found the Asrock X58 Extreme6 for only 177 UKP here: