I am having some strange hd issues with a new build. x58 extreme 6 board, win7 64, with 2 ssd's in a raid 1 configuration on sata3_1 and sata3_2 for os which are running fine. I have 2 WD sata 3 1TB drives on sata3_3 and sata 3_4 for storage which worked briefly before one of them was no longer recognized by windows. Disk management showed the second drive as RAW and wouldn;t let me format or do anything else with it. I pulled the drive and formatted it on another machine just fine. Back into the new one and it shows in bios but not in windows. I pulled the other drive and I can then see and access the one that was not showing. Replace second drive and only one will show up and work. If I place the second drive on a sata 2 connection, it shows up and runs fine but I can not add any other drives to either sata3 or sata 2 ports. If I have both drives on sata 3, and add an additional drive to a sata 2 port, one of the sata 3 drives and the sata 2 drive show up and work and I can then add an esata drive which is connected to sata3_6 according to the mb manual. But, the second 1TB drive still does not show up in windows disk management.
Anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong here?