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Thread: Official bios for N61P-S to support Sempron 145 ?

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    Default Official bios for N61P-S to support Sempron 145 ?

    Is there any bios even beta that officially support Sempron 145 on ASRock N61P-S?

    The 1.60 bios (latest bios I can find on ASRock site) does not officially support it. I tryed a couple of things with the 1.60 bios (better said to update the microcode (here is the result: 2shared - download N61PS1.rar IF ANYONE IS USING THIS BIOS TO FLASH HIS MOTHERBOARD I CAN NOT BE MADE RESPONSABLE FOR ANY DAMAGE THAT MAY CAUSE! )) but I'm unable to make the bios display the right name of the cpu:

    I think the AGESA needs to be updated and I don't really dare to attempt to do that cause I can break the motherboard (better said to make it unusable until I replace the bios chip with one with a good bios and I don't have what I need to be sure I can recover a motherboard dead cause of a bios update) .
    Btw I wrote a message to support using the link from ASRock site no answer about a bios that support Sempron 145 :( .

    The Sempron 145 is stable on ASRock N61P-S.

    IntelBurnTest finished without problems:

    Prime95 is running atm but well no problem in the first hours (usually if there are major cpu problems you will see them in the first hour (in this case the errors from Prime95 will be caused by incompatibility beetween the cpu and the chipset (shouldn't be the case cause there are motheboards AM2+ and AM3 based on nforce 430 that support this cpu )) ).

    Here is a screenshot from CPUZ:

    the vcore is a bit unsable 1.32-1.37 (it may be cause I don't really have a decent PSU).

    Here are the temperatures:

    In full load the CPU was around 36 C .
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    Default Re: Official bios for N61P-S to support Sempron 145 ?

    Wrote to support using the asrock webpage no answer. Wrote an e-mail to asrock using the mail provided on their website no answer. Wrote this topic no answer.

    The only thing that I can understand from this is that for some sort of "unknow" reason (not that hard to guess) asrock refuses to make an bios update for this motherboard to support new cpu dispate the fact that the mb is able to support them.

    Atm for me ASRock means 0 supports and this will count next time i will buy a new mb. If someone will ask me about asrock I will say him that if he needs any kinda of support he is on his own and he has to do it himself cause in my case all the attempts to get support from ASRock failed due to the fact that noone from ASRock respond (think 20+ days is way more then the time needed to answer to a problem).

    Bios 1.00 9/26/2008 (first bios)
    Bios 1.60 4/17/2009 (last bios)

    Hilarious, only 7 months this mb received bios updates...
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