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Thread: ASRock 870 EXTREME3 Price Rise

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    Default ASRock 870 EXTREME3 Price Rise

    Alright, I'm a little miffed about the price rise in the ASRock 870 EXTREME3. I was planning on building a gaming computer in a couple of weeks and I spent hours of studying finding all the sweet spots (price-wise) for all the different parts for my computer. I found the 870 to have the best bang 4 the buck being decently future-proofed and having all the features I need for the great price of $89. It seems to be the market sweet spot having the best ratings of any mobo in its class on Newegg.

    Then suddenly, out of no where comes "black November", Newegg then uses the clever underhanded tactic of cloaking the price rise with a "10% discount on all motherboards". I then think, "Okay Newegg you're not getting my money" before going straight to Amazon to find the same motherboard at $89.99. Within the next few hours I refresh the page to find the price at 109.99 - the same as Newegg. I then knew that it was ASRock giving the orders.

    Now I'm not here to dispute ASRock's rights to raise or lower any price as they see fit, but come on! That was a real sweet-spot! And don't you think ASRock would make much more money having competitive prices rather than conforming with the other manufacturers? Isn't the price of technology supposed to gradually decrease? I believe that it would be very much in ASRock's interest as well as the sweet spot/bargain hunters. This is my plea to ASRock as it will keep the market competitive, people in hard economic times are looking for the sweet spots and if someone delivers they will get the money.

    EDIT: Wow, it looks like Newegg reduced the price of the 870 to $99 don't know if this post had anything to do with it but they seem to be changing prices at the speed of lightning. o.O
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    Default Re: ASRock 870 EXTREME3 Price Rise

    I had the same problem. I'm curious as to what day this happened and if this is a scam. On 11/9/2010 It was late so I put it in my cart and it was late so I thought I would just order it in the morning. Well I went back in to my cart to order it and it went from $84.99 to $99.00. I call them and they told me that the prices flutuate with the market. Bullcrap! I would assume this happened to you a few days before me. So my question is. How was it that the price was that low for you a few days ago and then went up, but for me it was still low and then it went up after yours did? This really sounds like a scam. I went to amazon and got it for $84.99 with free shipping and it arived the next day.

    Another thing they pulled with me. I ordered memory. Now if you go to the cart it has the shipping methods. Nowhere does it say anthing about eggsaver. It was just either UPS or Fedex. I chose the default which was UPS GUARANTEED 3 DAY SERVICE. They sent it out DHL 4-7 Days. I called them and totally flipped out on them. They plain out lie about thier shipping method. I told them if I was given a chance since DHL is the worst shipping ever that I would have rather payed 2nd day shipping than wait over a week. They tried telling me that it is eggsaver DHL. I insisted she go to the cart as a customer and put something in there and tell me what it says. She did and apologized because I was right. I told them I am done with them. Bad business practices.

    Looks like I jumped the gun and only read half your post before I got so pissed and replied. Didn't see amazon did same thing to you.
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