I have PC with MB K7s41 just started to try Skype. I can hear other party but my speech is Very faint. I have followed faithfully the directions from Skype to adjust properly the setup for Speakers/ Microphone.Have two mics both work in other PCs- both faint on home PC.In Control Panel appears icon:- Sounds and audio" ( CMedia AC97 Audio Device) and "Cmedia 3D Audio Config".In Add/Remove programs Cmedia AC Audio Device is all that is present! The only use that I can find for CMedia 3D... etc is to adjust the setup for multible arrangment of speakers. I can play Cds and listen to sound incoming from web. I have purchased a "USB to Audio model" with input and output sockets but it has the same problem- no speech to Skype. If I "unmute" the mic in Volumne Control ( sound setup) I card hear speech from mic to my speakers!
Found in other support site that AsRock have been known to supply "Fix" to overcome Microsoft KB9020872- namely C-Media_ Patch.zip. Is this available for all AsRock motherboards?