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Thread: N68C-S UCC - No UCC option in BIOS

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    Default N68C-S UCC - No UCC option in BIOS

    My darn PCIe slot went west a couple of days ago so i went out and got a replacement board. i spotted one that had a big advert on the box saying it had UCC technology which states quite clearly that with the uPro that im using i can unlock the cores and make my x2 into a x4 core but after swapping out the MoBo and getting everything working again I went to the BIOS but the option to unlock my processor just was not there !!! what a con !

    Iv been in contact with Asrock and have not really got anywhere as yet :-

    Name: Jack
    E-Mail: xxxxxxx
    Language: English-Europe

    Country: United Kingdom

    Model Name: N68C-S UCC
    BIOS Version: P1.00

    Purchase Date: 2010/11/02

    Serial Number: 03M0X1xxxxx
    CPU: AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual Core
    Memory: 3G DDR2

    Video Card: GF 9500GT,PCIE


    OS: Windows XP Professional SP3
    Other Devices:
    Subject Unlock CPU Core ,
    Problem Description

    I brought this Mobo because it had this
    UCC ability but after carefully watching the video clip
    on the N68C-S UCC page on your web site i go into the
    BIOS and find that the ASRock UCC option does not exist ?

    What do i need to do to access this feature ?

    Many thx,

    Thanks for contacting ASRock.

    If you want to enable UCC function, please kindly
    adjust "Unlock CPU Core" option to [Enabled] to try.
    ( BIOS/ OC Tweaker/ CPU Configuration )
    * Please understand that unlocking cores are a
    kind of overclocking, as overclocking depends on
    configuration,whether the 2 disabled cores can be unlocked or
    not depends on CPU Quality.

    Thanks for your e-mail.
    Have a nice day
    ASRock TSD

    Sorry but I already stated that that particular option is missing from my BIOS ! that was my problem.


    Thanks for your reply.
    Please kindly update the latest BIOS P1.40 from
    below link to try.
    After you update BIOS P1.40, please kindly find
    "Unlock CPU Core" option under BIOS to try.
    ( BIOS/ OC Tweaker/ CPU Configuration )
    If you still cannot find the UCC option under
    BIOS, please kindly refer to below link to check your model

    Thanks for your e-mail.
    Have a nice day

    Thx for your quick response,

    I have upgraded the BIOS to P1.40 but still do not have the UCC option ?

    here are some pics of all the info concerned with this question (the dates on the photos are not correct, please ignore them)

    as you can see there still is no UCC option, I was sure it said it should work with my uPro ? I don't want to overclock it but i did want to unlock the cores.

    I did try the CPU Active Core Control [Enable] but it didn't unlock
    my uPro's cores (truth is i dont know what this setting is for but i
    tried it anyhow)

    any help appreciated,


    Im aware that there was some litigation between AMD and ASRock but i dont see how all that would affect me as the mobo i brought does have the UCC chip and has this ability advertised all over the box and manual.

    Anyone know anything about this ?

    Thx all,

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    Default Re: N68C-S UCC - No UCC option in BIOS

    If your CPU is an Athlon 64 X2 and not an Athlon II X2 I believe it only has two cores and would have no possibility of being unlocked. My guess is that the UCC option is only displayed for CPUs that have the possibility of being unlocked.

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    Default Re: N68C-S UCC - No UCC option in BIOS

    O well thats a big pity :(

    Are you sure that the Athlon 64 X2 does not have the extra cores ? as ASRock know my CPU model but have not said anything about that , i would have thought that would have been the first thing they mentioned.

    Thx for you input,

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