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Thread: 880gm-LE, can it unlock a third core? (Fourth known to be faulty)

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    Default 880gm-LE, can it unlock a third core? (Fourth known to be faulty)

    I have this processor Phenom II 555be. I was able to unlock it with my previous Asus mobo up to third core. I decided to buy a matx asrock mobo which is 880gm-LE. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to unlock the third core of this same exact phenom II 555be. I noticed something that my previous mobo had that this asrock didn't. The separate core tuning, enable/disable core. Will asrock release another bios for this mobo regarding that function? The CPU active control could've been of help with solving my concern. Unfortunately again, the option only allows core 1 to be enabled/disabled (core 0 being always enabled).

    I tried a lot of combination with the ACC already, from 0% to -12%, no luck of unlocking the proven unlocked third core.

    I hope someone can help me here unlock this third core, or better yet asrock could release a bios update for this :D

    Have a good day thanks for reading :D

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    Default Re: 880gm-LE, can it unlock a third core? (Fourth known to be faulty)

    I have the same mobo with the 560BE cpu having the same 4th faulty core issue.

    Active Cpu control is the solution: after you activated the ACC set to Auto or all-core (it makes not difference), activate active cpu control, then, save and reboot the system, you will see the options to control separately the activation of cpu.

    After i did a little overclock on my cpu at 4.0 ghz on first core and 3.8 the others two at 1.35 vcore stable tested with stock dissi.

    Try and let me know ;)

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