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Thread: ASrock 890FX Deluxe 4 Faulty CPU temp sensor?

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    Default ASrock 890FX Deluxe 4 Faulty CPU temp sensor?

    i'm getting weird temps at stock settings with my 1090t. At stock voltage at idle temps are at 30 degrees but at full load i'm going upwards of 60 degrees read by HWmonitor CPUTIN. I've got a hyper 212+ with push pull config and excellent case circulation. my core temps are 30 degrees at full load which seem normal.

    Can anyone else with this board please post up pictures of their CPUTIN temps from hwmonitor? i'd like to compare them before i RMA the board.



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    Default Re: ASrock 890FX Deluxe 4 Faulty CPU temp sensor?

    I just finished up a build with a similar board (ASRock 980FX Deluxe 5) and processor (X6 1100T) and am running on the stock heatsink (Waiting for the paycheck to upgrade $$$ ), stock voltage, stock clocks (although I did hit 4 Ghz just for the hell of it and ran Prime95 overnight). I noticed upon first boot and entry into the BIOS my CPU Temperature went from 27C to 57+ C in a matter of minutes. I Immediately shut down and concluded that I used too much thermal paste. I cleaned up the CPU and HSF and also lapped the heatsink on glass to 2500 grit just for the hell of it; using less thermal grease this time (Arctic Cooling MX-4 which is NOW my personal favorite, even over AS-5 !!) I crossed my fingers, and booted up into bios. What the F#$*!?!?!? Same thing only about 2 degrees less. Nonetheless, I knew I could still install my OS and drivers hovering around 58C. After getting win7 ultimate installed I instaled the "ASRock Extreme Tuning Utility" and noticed the same temperature's as the BIOS was reporting. Under load it would jump to 59-60C (Yikes! ). After installing and updating drivers I came across AMD's "Overdrive" program, so I figured I'd check it out. When I went to the status monitor I was pleasantly surprised to see all 6 cores idling along around 30-35C!!! I Fired up Prime95 and after 5 hours overdrive is reporting 51.5C continuously! I double checked these temperatures with HWMonitor and they all matched up, however, my "CPUTIN" was at 62-63C. I did an hour or so of research and all I could conclude is that everyone says you ONLY need to worry about the CORE TEMPERATURES. I Also have seen a few other posts in various forums about CPUTIN numbers being - temperatures all the way to 100C temperatures. My guess is that there is a bug/bad coding in the BIOS, or some kind of sensor malfunctioning (once again, this is just my guess/.02). So I would say as long as overdrive/HWMonitor reports stable, acceptable CORE temperatures, and your system is stable, you are perfectly fine and your RMA board will most likely have the same CPUTIN readings!


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