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Thread: 890FX Deluxe4 P1.20: SATA3_7,8 mistake SATA drives for IDE

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    Default 890FX Deluxe4 P1.20: SATA3_7,8 mistake SATA drives for IDE

    Storage config in BIOS:

    Onboard SATA Controller: Enabled
    SATA Operation Mode: AHCI
    AMD AHCI BIOS ROM: Disabled
    SATA IDE Combined Mode: Disabled
    SATA3_7,8 Operation Mode: AHCI
    Compatible Mode: Auto
    Onboard IDE/1394 Controller: Enabled

    (I won't be using the built-in RAID. I prefer mdadm instead for this particular setup.)

    First try:
    * Connected 6 2TB SATA 3.0Gbps drives to SATA3_[1-6].
    * Connected 1 32GB SSD to SATA3_7.
    Result: BIOS recognized the 2TB drive properly, but saw the SSD as IDE

    Second try:
    * Swapped out the data cable for the SSD.
    Result: BIOS still saw it as IDE.

    Third try:
    * Moved the SSD's data cable to SATA3_8.
    Result: BIOS still saw it as IDE.

    Fourth try:
    * Connected the SSD to SATA3_5.
    * Connected the displaced 2TB drive to SATA3_7.
    Result: SSD was finally seen as SATA, but the 2TB drive showed up as IDE.

    I've tried a few different config combinations in BIOS, but it seems that no matter what I try, any SATA drive connected to SATA3_7 or _8 shows up as IDE. And then at the beginning of OS installation (Fedora 14 64-bit), whichever drive is in SATA3_7 or _8 shows up as SATA 1.5Gbps. Drives in SATA3_[1-6] are recognized just fine.

    Recommendations, anyone?

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    Default Re: 890FX Deluxe4 P1.20: SATA3_7,8 mistake SATA drives for IDE

    Dear br41n,

    Please refer to below link to contact us, we will provide the latest L BIOS for you to try.
    Link: ASRock > Support > Contact Technical Support


    ASRock Tech Support Staff

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