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Thread: ASROCK M3N78D Windows 7 install issue

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    Default ASROCK M3N78D Windows 7 install issue

    hi all

    i recently bought the M3N78D with a athlon II x3 450 3.2hz CPU, with 2 x 2GB kingston hyper X ram, i already had a ATI radeon HD 4500 garphics card and 3 IDE harddrives

    my issue is that when i go to install windows 7 ultimate it randomly reboots or it will do initial install rebots to finish and wont restart i either get the black screen with white writing telling me to start windows in safe mode(which i do but still wont boot) or i get the blue screen telling me windows has shut down to prevent damage to comp

    is the CPU im using compatiable with the motherboard?

    as far as i know it is but according to asrock it dosent i am waiting on a reply fom there support team

    ASRock > Products > M3N78D > CPU Support List

    if some1 can pls advise as to wot i have done wrong and pls point me in the right direction

    i have tried using only 1 stick of ram in all 4 slots on the board then using the other.
    ive tried installing on a number of IDE harddrives and 2 sata with no positive results
    also ive updated the bios

    my old system which was an asrock MB 939n68pv-glan with an athlon 64bit cpu ran windows 7 fine installed 1st time no problems so i am at a lose so any suggestions would be great
    many thanks
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    Default Re: ASROCK M3N78D Windows 7 install issue

    Your HDD is Bad IDE stuff
    Moving parts and all, You know.
    This is how i know you have a blue screen to prevent Comp damage. You already have the damage it is you hdd x3. Need to get New drives. The data might still be recoverable if you place in an external case uSB or IEEE 1394 Or Esata...
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    Default Re: ASROCK M3N78D Windows 7 install issue

    Hey guiguy

    I kinda understand wot ur saying iv damaged the harddrives but I did try various other drives and Satas with nothing.

    I contacted the company I bought from and the director took the call long story short theyre gonna replace mobo install win7 service the machine all for free all I have to pay is difference between the mobos,

    Couldnt ask for better, normally if u buy the wrong item or if theyre incompatible it's down to u and the company has obligation to change it especially once they've been opened but this guy was really decent, true gent

    So my thanks for the advice given
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