Hi all,

I have an Asrock 890gx extreme 3 board and am trying to overclockmy 1090t. Unfortunately i cannot find the options for CPU/NB voltage in the bios. The only options i can see are NB voltage which is underneath NB frequency multiplier. Can anyone confirm if the NB voltage options is the option to calibrate the NB frequency multiplier voltage.

I have also read in madshrimps review that the northbridge heatsinks may not have a thermal pad in between the heatsink and the mosfet chips.
I am experiencing high CPU temps but low core temps so i believe this may be due to an absence of a thermal pad. However i unable to remove the northbridge heatsink as 2 of the pins holding it would not squeeze through no matter how hard i squeeze the plastic clips.
Should i just rma the board? I'm just afraid my rma would not be succesful as the CPU temps would only reach 50-60 C when it is overclock to 3.3ghz and above. I am under the impression that the people checking the boards during rma would only test the board under stock conditions and so the board will not prove "faulty" that way.

Can anyone help me?