Hello, this is a new comp Im trying to build. All new parts. The problem is simple...the computer will not post.

Im using an i3 550, OCZ3G1333lv3gk (4 gigs) 600 watt thermaltake PSU, ASrock p55 pro mobo, ATI 5750

There is a debug code on the bottom of the board. When I turn on the system the fans spin etc, but the debug reader remains blank.

Tried with 1 stick, 2, 3 etc. Switched psu to no effect. This same exact problem happened with my last motherboard, an H55 which would not post with the same equipment. I tried all 6 of the ram sticks I had with no luck. Cleared cmos no luck pretty much everything i have tried has failed, it is a mystery to me. I don't understand, and this is not my first build. All power cables are connected correctly.