I am looking for an extremely quiet small PC to drive my TV in Cyprus. Via VPN I can access BBC iPlayer and similar sites. At the moment I am using an ageing XP Shuttle Pc. I does the job (except HD) but is rather noisy.

I am looking at the ION 330. I seems to come in various versions. The "Pro" has no remote control, so that's not for me. Bluray disks I will never play, so the BD is unnecessary which leaves the HT and the RET. What is the difference between them?

Is the ION 330 as quiet as a good laptop? Does it get much noisier when it gets hot? In Cyprus it will need to cope with temperatures over 30Celsius in the summer months, but when I have the aircon running a little noise from a PC is not an issue!

I will connect to the TV by HDMI and to a very competent DAC and HiFi by optical link.

Any advice on this my first post would be valued.