Hello Guys,
I need yr expertise regarding few issues I have to address before I move on and get ION 330HT/W7HP ( I'm a "breath" away of buying it).

I would like to use two external TV (MPG4)tuners (USB) - to be able to (also) receive the available digital channels, taking advantage of Windows Media Center specifications (PVR - Timeshiffting) without "losing" the reception of analog channels.
So what is the most suitable way of connecting the ION 330HT/W7HP to the TV, so I canwatch, record and play back material from from both, analog and digital channels?
- RF goes to RF IN (TV)
- 2 USB MPG4 TV Tuners go to
ION 330HT/W7HP,USB ports.
ION 330HT/W7HP connected to TV ? Via HDMI ? ! ? ! ?
Would you be kind enough to put some lights on the above mentioned issue(s) ?
Maybe is so simple that I can't "get" it but right now i feel like dazed and confused, in a way.

Thanking you in advance