I have an older spec PC with a K7VT4A+ mb (Sempron 2400, 1GB ram, Vista Ultimate) + an ATI Radeon 9200 graphics card. I am aware the card isn't DX9 compatible so 7/Aero are no go areas. Have just set this up as a basic HTPC (just for Satellite TV) and eventually got it working ok in WMC. Trouble is, after half an hour or so the picture gets delayed/scrambled, or often just gives up completely. Some channels are better than others (have tried other DVB software and they don't seem to capture anything at all). I know the signal is good (tried a sat box), the Pinnacle PCI TV card seems to work (though could be dodgy?) so I am suspecting the Graphics Card not being powerful enough.

Any views on this?

And if so, any recommendations on a replacement card - have only PCI or AGP available slots.