I'm interested in purchasing an asrock h55 board that supports the intel integrated gpu. Something like the h55 usb / pro /extreme.

I have 3 monitors and I'd like to know if I connect two monitors via the integrated gpu (which as far as i understand should work fine) then connect a pci express geforce 8500 to the pcix16 port, i should be able to run a third monitor and extend the desktop amongst all three.

Is this correct? will each monitor be able to show a different application at once?

At the moment I have acheived this using two video cards on an asrock board that has two pci-e 8x slots for video cards. I figure it'd be good to make use of the gpu since i'm getting the i3 560 and from the looks of things, none of the asrock boards come in 8x 8x pci e configuration anymore, they only come in 16x 4x config, which might be too slow? i dont know.

Any Ideas?