I have been having framerate problems with my video card and currently have no idea why. I have searched forums and tech sites up and down to no avail. im currently running my own build. asrock x58 extreme, i7 920 at 2.8ghz, 6gigs Gskill ram, and evga gtx 285 2gig video. I dont really know how to explain it, but any game that I run compared to a relatives build with the only diffrence being a evga board with the 1gig gtx 285, he is getting over 50 frames per second faster than me. is there something wrong with the drivers working together or does my motherboard just not like the card? I built this system back in november of 2009. but it has been in storage for the last 10 months due to being restationed for the military. any sort of insight on this issue would be great.