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Thread: ASRock P43DE BIOS settings

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    Default ASRock P43DE BIOS settings

    Hello All.... I'm hoping someone can help this complete OC/Bios settings noob....

    I've just assembled a new PC using an ASrock P43DE, E6600 Wolfdale (3.06Ghz, 1066 FSB) and 4Gb of Kingston PC8500.
    I've got the memory running at 1066Mhz ( I think!), but the CPU is only running at 1600Mhz, and the FSB is 266, with a multiplier of 6. (according to CPU-Z and the ASrock OC tuner.)

    What do I need to tweak in BIOS to get the CPU and FSB running at 3.06Ghz and 1066Mhz respectively...??



    Edit: I've now upped the multipler to 11.5, which gives the correct CPU speed, but CPU-Z still says the FSB is 266.. SiSoft Sandra reports it as 4x266, so is it actually running at 1066, but CPU-Z doesn't see it..?

    Sandra also reports that my RAM is running at 800, but when I did a benchmark, is said the memory was being restriced by the FSB..?!?!

    very confused now....

    Edit 2.... ok, I think this is resolved. Asrock OC Tuner and CPU-Z ( the first 2 programs I installed), say the bus speed is 266.7. Now I've installed Sandra, Core Temp and Speccy, they all say its 4X 266.7, so running at the correct 1066.
    Sandra actually says the max RAM speed is 800, but then reports its running at 2x533..

    Anyway, I'm now fairly confident that everything is running as it should.....
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