I am running the following:

ASRock 775iG65 (BIOS 3.30)
Intel P4 3 GHz Prescott 2 MB L2 cache (SL7Z9)
2 GB G.SKILL 2-3-2-5 DDR400 PC-3200 (2x1GB dual chan)
PowerColor HD 4670
Windows 7 Pro

Suspend to RAM is enabled in the BIOS. This PC performs beautifully in every way except that when I go into standy (sleep in Win 7) the PC enters sleep, the front power LED blinks as expected but the power supply fan remains on, the CPU fan remains on, and the hard drives continue spinning.

I found two old forum posts elsewhere where users had asked ASRock about this and they reported that they were told by ASRock that this board was not capable of turning off the fans even though the board otherwise seemed to be able to enter S3 mode. Is this true? I was hoping that something like this would be fixed by BIOS update 3.30 which was issued as recently as 12/3/2009. Is there a modded BIOS out there somewhere that has fixed this?

So since the PC can't sleep properly I've been hibernating it instead. The power LED works fine except: when I press the power button to bring it out of hibernation the power LED lights up while the motherboard boots but as soon as Windows begins to resume from the hard drive the power LED goes out and remains out until I formally shut down and reboot the PC (thereby loading Win 7 from scratch rather than resuming from hibernation) - Windows resumes from hibernation without problems except that the power LED is no longer on. Why is this happening?

I really like this mobo and would like to figure out these sleep/hibernate/power LED issues - can anybody provide any help?

John D.
Asheville, NC, USA