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Thread: Bios problem, please help :)

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    Default Bios problem, please help :)

    i recently tried updating my bios but we had a power cut
    in our street so in the middle of updating it my computer shut down.
    when i tried booting my computer up after the power came back on, the computer just showed the lights the fans worked but nothing came up on the screen i too it to the computer store and they said i had no bios.

    my motherboard is an Asrock n68c-s ucc, geforce 7025

    AMD Phenom II x4

    x2 2GB ram (4GB)

    Operating System is Windows 7 64bit ultamate

    i use it to record artist and bands on the day this happend i was supposed to record a band so i had to cancel it, not a very good thing with your trying to premote yourself to other bands & artists :/

    im really bumed about this so if anyone could help it would be great !

    thank you :)

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    Default Re: Bios problem, please help :)

    You have to re-flash the BIOS. Problem: You won't be able to do it personally since the computer doesn't start up.

    Solution: There are companies that can do that for you. Usually that means that you send in your BIOS chip and the BIOS you want on it and they flash it and send it back. The shop I use for such occasions takes about 5$ for the service, so it's very affordable. In case the chip was fried, they usually also offer sending the BIOS on a replacement chip. This is a little more expensive then, but still nothing to worry about. Your biggest problem will be to find such a company and to get the BIOS chip out of its socket without breaking it. For the latter problem you can get special prongs that were specifically designed for this purpose, but those are usually more expensive than the whole above described procedure.

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