I have recently switched from VGA to HDMI on my 330HT, this has introduced a problem in that when I restart the PC (from S3 State) the PC locks up (no bios screen no attempt at OS Boot) the Blue power LED is solid but no HDD activity.
If you press the Power Button until it powers off and press the power button again, the PC locks up straight away.

Only removing the Power plug and pressing the power button to discharge the power in the pc allows it to be re connected and powered up.

I can only think it is linked to not seeing a monitor attachment over HDMI, possibly due to the sequence of turning on the AV amp and TV. If you turn on the TV first then the HDMI see's that as the monitor but if you turn on the AV amp if then pick's up the EDID of the amp and uses that as the Monitor.

Also Audio over HDMI is really tricky, stereo is fine but DTS is problematic (unless you use XBMC which works perfect) sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. The only fix is to disable MS audio codec using "Shark007's FREE Codec solutions" and allow FFDSHOW to hadle all audio passthrough.

I see similar conversations about the new Asrock 3D Nuvoton which Asrock have been quick to fix with new Bios releases, I'm hoping the work they have done with that bios will filter into this product to.

Anyone else seeing these issues?