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Thread: ASRocks P55 PRO/USB3

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    Default ASRocks P55 PRO/USB3

    Ive been looking at building a new server to contain all of my dvds. Because of the amount of time it will take to rip everything (over 600 disks), I want to make sure everything is redundant. I am wanting to go with Raid 5 with 3 drives now.

    I am curious considering there are 7 sata ports I am wondering if the following will be possible on this board.

    SATA Ports:
    1. RAID 5
    2. RAID 5
    3. RAID 5
    4. Future RAID 5
    5. Future RAID 5
    6. Future RAID 5
    7. DVD Drive

    I want to be able to use (3)2tb drives now, and then add 3 more later when larger sizes become cheaper/available and do another RAID 5 setup.
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