hi :) my name i victor
my problem is that my videocard that i described above is not properly working... last day when i turned on my computer my video card FAN forced itself 3 times and and then my windows loaded .... i heard the windows start sound but my monitor was only showing "Digital - Power saving mode" ... when i pluged my monitor on the analog ch. on the video card on my motherboard described above ... it showed a picture ... but my video card kept not working even when i restarted my comp. 3 ... 4 .... times also is that my FAN on the card is normaly forcing it self on max RPM every time i turn the computer only once ... also :P i tryed reinstall the windows ... instal new drivers .. but nothing ... i opened the computer ... tryed to reattach the card ... NOTHING ... i have a UPS and i have shock defense on my ruter ... that means nothing has burned out ....i suspect the north bridge (where my card is) is not working properly and i'm asking if someone has had this kind of a problem tell me what to do or atleast someone show me where i can find a diagnostic's program to examen my motherboard and viedo card :)