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Thread: Problems with reboots during install of windows in new pc build.

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    Default Problems with reboots during install of windows in new pc build.

    Hello all, short list of components to kick things off.

    • MB: ASRock P67 Extreme 4
    • RAM: Corsair 8GB (2x4096MB) 1333MHz XMS3
    • HDD: 1TB Western Digital Caviar Black 64MB SATA III
    • CPU: Intel Core i5 2500K 3,3GHz
    • GFX: Gigabyte 460 1 GB OC
    • PSU: Hiper 580 W

    I have a major problem with my computer atm, and I'm not sure what can solve it. If it is some bios setting or hardware fault.
    I have ordered a new PSU (but should mention it works fine in an older pc) because I recently heard there was some problems with the brand i got.

    I am trying to install windows 7 professional from a usb bootable flash drive (100% original.)

    For some reason the computer "randomly" reboots during install.

    I have tried both rams running solo and still get the same problems.
    Unplugged every single cord to the mobo that isn't essential.

    What is the mostly likely cause ?
    Is there some bios setting that might interfere or is the most likely cause MB, RAM or PSU ?

    Thankful for suggestions.

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    Cool Re: Problems with reboots during install of windows in new pc build.

    "IS there a Bios setting?" I dont know, did you change any of the Bios settings? Here is the thing if you feel that the Power-Supply is the problem, It probably is the problem. 700 watts output is what you want to Aim for because your doing alot. 1000 watts on the safe side any more and your showing off :). Now The trick my be something like grounding with the power supply. The only other thing you might want to try is installing from different media, ie: from flash iso windows 7 has a tool for download or hdd Iso. This option is Faster NO COOLING trouble because it is a simpler faster transfer. Have a nice day.
    Edit: HI jus saw the thing about using the USB :) keep trying! <div_prefs id="div_prefs"></div_prefs>
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    Default Re: Problems with reboots during install of windows in new pc build.

    To me that looks like overheating or PSU problem(random reboots). Try look in BIOS setup H/W monitor if your cpu is going too hot, it shouldn't exceed 30-40 degrees centi. Also try to see if voltages are somewhat dodgy. If cpu is overheating you should check your cpu heatsink and fan installations.

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    Default Re: Problems with reboots during install of windows in new pc build.

    I don't really think wattage from your power supply is an issue. I'm running a very similar build power draw wise and I've had zero issues. I'm using a Cooler Master Silent Pro 600watt power supply. I've even done plenty of estimates and even if I added a second GTX 460 SLI the recommendation on the power supply is a minimum of 553 watts. That's using a calculator taking figures of each exact model of my hardware at load. I really feel like people go massively overboard on power supply wattage. Yes components have got more powerful but at the same time they've become incredibly more energy efficient. I've read a couple articles on toms hardware related to power usage as well and those 1000watt power supplies are massively overkill unless you're running an insane system with SLI and tons and tons of hard drives / fans/ etc. The only thing you're doing is utilizing a very small portion of the power with actually gets you a lot more energy loss as they're not even remotely as efficient at lower yields.

    Maybe your powersupply is an issue (like defective in some way now) but I find it hard to believe the wattage is your problem D:

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    Default Re: Problems with reboots during install of windows in new pc build.

    get memtest86+ and leave it running for a whole day on your PC
    perhaps you have some faulty memory installed on it, but as I've a H67 board with a very strange behaviour in bios, sometimes is just does't boot up or reboots in a loop, I won't be surprised if your board suffers from the same issue as mine does

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