first of all sorry for my bad english,im from spain.i recently bought my sixth asrock mobo to build an htpc and im having a lot of issues.
first drivers dvd dont work in any dvdrw...incredible
then i build the computer,heres my specs
ixium blaze cube case
psu gigabyte superb 550w
lg ide dvdrw
ati 4670 powercolor 1 gb ddr3
2 sticks ddr3 1333 kingston
card reader
athlon 250
sata hd seagate 250 gb
zalman cooler
win 7 64 ultimate

well after build it works great.but if i disconect power cord if i try to boot up freezes at start up.
i tried with a semprom 140.
with ahci mode and ide mode of hd.
setting ram to 1.5v (i dont know why mobo puts ram at 1.7v)
tried bios 1.0,1.1 and 1.2
problem persists
someone can help me?
thanks in advance